Jane Austen ~ (Dec 16, 1775 - July 18, 1817) is best known for her novels Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Persuasion, and for her wit and social observations.
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This site provides a good starting point for people interested in Jane Austen.

    Dot   On the Works of Jane Austen page, there are links to each of her six novels, as well as much of her Juvenilia, and some of her letters.

    Dot   The Links To Jane Austen On The Web page provides links to many sites with information on Jane Austen, her life, and Jane Austen societies around the world.

    Dot   Off-Line Jane Austen Resources gives some links to societies, books, and tourist sites which exist in the real world.

    Dot   The Links To The Regency On The Web page provides links to historical sites which describe the times in which Jane Austen lived.

    Dot   Finally, the Derbyshire Writers' Guild provides a place to post and peruse Jane Austen-based creative writing--with well over 1,000 stories available to read.

    Dot   We are also a member of a Webring or two. Rings are a way to link many sites with similar interests. The list of member sites to the webring is particularly helpful.

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Suggestions and comments are very welcome. If you have information on internet links or real-world information sources, please pass them along so that everyone can make use of them:

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Acknowledgments: Thanks to Kathlyn for setting up the bulletin boards, and to Jimmy, Kathlyn and Spring for help in archiving and editing the stories!

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