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182 Clover Road, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

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News Flash 5/29/02 - the cottage is rented but we do have another option:


If you're a builder, electrician, plumber, sheet rocker, remodeler, carpenter, or construction worker, here's how you can get one years rent in exchange for either finishing 1,200 square feet of this 4,000  square foot home and/or providing materials.  Come tour the property then work up a labor and materials estimate. 


How does this work? The picture on the right shows the second floor, which consists of 4 12x14 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 closets, and a large central 17x32 with cathedral ceilings and lofts.  This is the space you would need to finish out.  You would need to initially put in a bathroom and section off two 12x14 rooms for a living space and put in a kitchenette.  And you would need to install a 220 air conditioner in one of the walls to stay cool.   Then you could proceed to finish out the rest of the 3,000 square feet, you would do the top floor first, which would be your living space, then the first floor which is an identical floor plan replica of the second floor without the lofts and high ceilings.


You can view a partial sample bid here and here's a form to submit your own bid. Here's a place for your comments or questions!


See Windows video tour of the project.


Get started now. Fill out an application form and arrange for an inspection tour.  After you have toured the property we need to get a bid sheet from you, plus a detailed floor plan of both floors, materials list, timetable of when each sub job starts and ends and a written statement of work.  If you have the capability of paying for materials, we can apply your material purchases as credit toward rent which would be $800 per floor per month.  

 We already have all the materials on site for electrical and some plumbing supplies. The job basically involves two phases or a single phase. In the two phase plan, the first phase finishing out the first floor addition consisting of 1,472 square feet and the second phase involves finishing out 2,016 square feet.

By doing this work, you would be entitled to two years free rent on one of the floors of the new construction area, exclusive of the efficiency and the cottage. This would be 4 12 x 14 rooms, two bathrooms, four closets, and 1,088 square feet of recreation room / living room / kitchen area.                                                                    

There is the possibility of having more than one party involved with this project since there are 2 living areas that would be available for rent.  In that case the work load would be divided by task or by some other equitable means and both parties would be credited free rent for 2 years,  one taking the first floor and the other taking the second floor.  The value of this plan is that the work load would be cut in half for you and we would be feel you could do a better job and get it done sooner.

Pay  for material plan - Alternatively, you could also do a combination plan, where you did some work, paid for some materials and got a combined credit toward rent for both.  We actually would prefer this approach.  We would pay for materials as our budget allowed but would not necessarily be the exclusive provider of materials on the job.

Please print this rental application and fill it out and bring it with you when you come to visit the property.


Directions to Cottage and Efficiency Rental

1. Take Highway 71 East past the new airport.
2. Drive about 14 miles till you get to
The Diamond Shamrock Station!
3. Turn right on Hwy 1209 (to San Marcos).
There's a sign that says Utley, San Marcos
4. Cross Hwy 21 (don't turn on to 21!),
5. Continue across 21 to N Gaines Rd or County 81. N Gaines (County 81) ends at a "t" intersection.
6. Turn right at the "t" on to Shiloh Rd or County Rd 82
7. Go about 1/4 mile
8. Turn left on Clover Rd
9. Go cross the creek and go to the last house on the road.  It's a big green house with a pool and two level decks.  The cottage and efficiency are down the hill in back of the three story green house.
Look for the big blue mailbox, it's the only mailbox on this road.


call 512-699-4000 cell phone or 581-9617 home




months rent credit



 framing touchup









 inside trim






 siding touchup


 paint outside




 total months

sq feet 


 total efficiency, cottage and addition



 first floor addition


 second floor addition


total remodel area







 cottage expanded


 efficiency expanded


The pictures above - The picture at the top of this page is of the South side of the project, showing the scaffolding for the three deck levels.  The second picture is inside the second floor looking toward the south elevation. The third picture is of the Northeast elevation and shows the north entrance and stairway to the second floor.   The last two pictures are of Paul and Dorothy's home next door with their pool, this gives you an idea of the kind of decks we'd like to build.


If you prefer city living, we have rooms for rent in North Austin, visit our Quail Creek house room page.   Call 512-699-4000 for more details or inquiries.



Our present two rentals, the cottage & efficiency, are both rented


The cottage has 2 bedrooms with a kitchen, bath/laundry area, living room and back deck. The cottage has central air and heat and a master bath/laundry room with a washer and dryer.  The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher.  There are isdn internet connections and satellite DirecTV connections as options. $600/month plus electric, satellite and internet. Every room is wired with Ethernet connections for Internet and coax connectors for satellite DirecTV. The cottage is located in the woods above the banks of Cedar Creek at the end of a winding road through meadows and woods. It is surrounded by immense ranches and farms, so it has a very spacious feel in the neighborhood. Terms: first, last and $200 deposit prior to move in. Rent $500/month.  This is currently available as part of our work trade if you need a place to stay in the early stages of construction.


The efficiency has a kitchenette, shower and bathroom.  It is on a second floor adjoining a huge add on space that is nearly complete.  It comes with high speed Internet (Ethernet) access and satellite TV.  There is a swimming pool, hot tub and hundreds of acres surrounding where you can hike and trail bike.  It is next to Cedar Creek down the hill, for which the area is named.  Terms: first, last and $200 dep.  Rent $300/month.


The Internet connection through WorldCom is consistent and reliable so you would be able to run multiple workstations with dedicated ip addresses or web servers. In addition to the DirecTV dish, there is also a connection available to a C-Band/KU-band satellite system.


Call 512-699-4000 now for more details.