Located on 3 square miles in in south central Tennessee, The Farm is home to approximately 200 persons today. Founded in 1971 with a spiritual commitment to simple living and self-reliance, The Farm has pioneered a wide range of social and physical technologies appropriate to low-cost, high satisfaction community living. The community offers examples of solar building design, micro-enterprise, mushroom cultivation, large scale composting and food production, and regenerative hardwood forest management.

William Meyers, (pictured) is an occasional contributor to the Spring's Farm Conference.  I lived with William and Mary (now deceased) when they had a picturesque little place in Sonoma County on Mays Canyon Road.  Mary, at the time, was studying pre-med and she later became a Doctor and had a practice in Connecticut.  William was instrumental as a typesetting ace in getting Stephens words transcribed and put in to book form.  William now hangs around Columbia University, where he works and pursues his causes (nonviolence, Huichol Indians, Tibetan Buddhism) and friendships (Richard Gere, the Dalai Lama).  William was the first host for the Spring's cultures conference, which still continues and has many topics of interest to him.  William has an unlisted website under incubation, more on that later when it goes public.  His daughter Christine Meyers is in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan in central Asia and we hope to hear from her or at least about her progress.  His new girlfriend Marion Gehlker is attractive and brainy, seeming to be quite his equal though I haven't met her yet.  William may be one of the most eloquent human beings on the planet.

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