Directed and edited by Pat Falconer
Written by Lisa Fancher, Sarah Eckhardt and Fred Williamson
Produced by Lisa Fancher
Cinematography by Pat Falconer and Caroline O'Connor
US (Austin, TX), 2001
3:30 minutes, color, 1/2" video
In this animated short influenced by Busby Berkeley, THELMA AND LOUISE and THE WIZARD OF OZ, four women in a bar lament the loss of their man (and his trailer home).
Pat Falconer is a painter from Austin, Texas who worked as an animator for Flat Black Film, creators of the film WAKING LIFE. She also teaches drawing at the Austin Museum of Art. TRAILER OF TEARS is her first solo effort.
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Listen to a snippet of the soundtrack, written by Lisa Fancher, Sarah Eckhardt and Fred Williamson, arranged by East Side Flash and performed by Uberwench, Robert Kraft, Redd Volkaert, Earl Poole Ball, BB Morse and Tom Lewis. Copyright Pineless Publishing 2001, ASCAP.

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