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Last update: January 10, 1996

Basic Instructions for Hosts and Users

The purpose of this document is to explain how our web conferencing works. You will be introduced to all the options you can see on this system. We will attempt explain what the options are, what they do, and something of why they're there. This includes documentation for the first-time user, host, and first-time users of conferencing.

Introduction to Online Conversations
What is online conferencing?. . . Online etiquette. . . Conferences vs. topics
The Welcome Screen
Why do I have to register?. . . Choosing a password . . . Logging in
The Main Menu
What is a conference list?. . . Adding conferences. . . Changing your information
Browsing a Conference
What do these commands do?. . . Seeing new activity only. . . Catching up
Reading Topics
Navigating topics. . . Analyzing responses. . . Options after reading
Adding Your Response
The text-entry box. . . Adding html to your response. . . Etiquette
Creating New Topics
When *not* to create a new topic. . . The subject line. . . Hosts
Conference Hosts
The roles and power of hosts

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