Paul Terry Walhus

At the left is a changing picture, every 30 seconds it refreshes in most browsers. It's a random capture out of one of the many videos I've taken of Austin and the Austin social scene.

This changing picture with accompanying streaming sound is also featured on the main page of the Spring.

I'm working on a family album and these are some pictures of me, my family, and friends. This takes you to a directory where you can click on the various images and trip down memory lane.


My current resume is available online. I am a veteran of the high tech industry in Austin, Texas starting with my first high tech job at BPI Systems, Austin. BPI was the first software company to go public (yep, it wasn't Microsoft, it was BPI). Starting in 1988, I built and managed the computing infrastructure for Sematech, a consortium of semiconductor companies including IBM, Intel, AT&T, Micron, Texas Instruments, AMD, and Motorola. I sold over $6 million on products and services to Sematech in the first 32 months of the consortiums existence as an empty warehouse evolved in to a class-one, cleanroom facility. Del Doerr, director of purchasing, noted that "Paul Walhus created a world class computing facility for Sematech."

Most recently, I have been working in the Internet industry with Haystack Labs and Tradewave/Cyberguard Corporation. I founded Spring Internet Service, which hosts several major websites. Check out the Spring, which is my main website, and it's sisters sites and .

Currently, I am working at Tivoli, an worldwide, billion dollar enterprise networking and enterprise management software company based in Austin, Texas.


Austin's Virtual Community is The Spring. The Spring is a place where you can talk about culture, politics, love, generations, movies, tv, performances, sports, food, books, science fiction, and many other topics. Jump in, the water's fine, add your own comments. This is the place I created on the net for Austinites and folks around the world to have a conversational party. It's not the only virtual community on the net. There are some other great ones.

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Pictured is the house I built in the country outside of Austin, Texas. . It has 15 rooms, including 3 bedrooms, a laundry room, 4 baths, and 4 rooms suitable for offices or spare/guest bedrooms. It sits on 2 acres and it is in a stupendous location about 15 minutes East of the new airport. Call 512/303-4000 or 699-4000.

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