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news flash Karen Flaherty died on Februrary 4, 2002. February 10 has been declared Karen Flaherty Day in Oakland, California by Mayor Jerry Brown.

The Farm Conference

A discussion place about the Farm in Summertown, Tennessee and Plenty, worldwide relief organization. Located on 3 square miles in south central Tennessee, The Farm is home to approximately 200 persons today.

Founded in 1971 with a spiritual commitment to simple living and self-reliance, The Farm has pioneered a wide range of social and physical technologies appropriate to low-cost, high satisfaction community living.

Karen Flaherty was editor and publisher of the Farm Net News before she died.

Farm Net News was a quarterly newsletter that kept former and current Farm residents connected with each other. It was published by Karen Flaherty in Florida and had been in continuous publication since 1984. FNN had included letters and photos from members of the Farm Tribe all over the world and information on Farm Net reunions and other activities. Each issues also contained a special youth forum, "Whirling Rainbow News," which featured letters and photos from second generation Farmsters.

Farm Net News also maintained a database of names and contact info for Farm-Netters everywhere and would appreciate hearing from you if you ever lived on The Farm.

The Farm Community offers examples of solar building design, permaculture, micro-enterprise, mushroom cultivation, large scale composting and gardening, and regenerative hardwood forest management.

There are a few good places on the web to get connected with the Farm.

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