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Tue, Nov 19, 1996 (20:52) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
For those of you who don't know what a 'zine' is, you may be left in the dark. I don't have a good definition. Maybe someone will come up with one. They are those homegrown publications, usually desktop published and sometimes hooked up to a website dealing with all kinds of kooky, kinky, offbeat stuff. I wish I could offer a better description.
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 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 1 of 22: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Tue, Nov 19, 1996 (20:58) * 23 lines 

If you talk about the Austin zine scene, there's only one logical place to start. And that would be at:


This little bookstore / ufo paraphanalia outlet is at 2716 Guadalupe, right across from Blockbuster Video (hours: 11 to 11 M thru S, 12 to 10 on Sunday).

Thanks to Paco Xander Nathan's guiding force, this is a cool, cool place. They are unrestricted and a haven for the free press. There is no censorship of any zines. They carry over 100 zines. The manager is Patrick. Scott Casey, who I talked to just a little while ago, gave me the rundown on the hottest Austin based zines. His webmail drop is at

The more popular Austin titles:
- Apathy Trend - underground culture
- Alcohol, Durgs, and Driving - pretty humorous lampoon of people in positions of power. It also has music reviews and some book reviews
- Checkout Time - selling well, about a woman's travels, Lucy Friedland, who eventually came back to Austin.
- Snake Oil - hilarious send up "kooky kontemporary kristian kulture" picture of Tammy Fay on the cover in a leather suit with her foot on Jimmy Swaggart
- Pool of Sick - the poltical zine, it undeservedly has lost popularity but it is the best of the political zines still.

What happened to Europa Books? The Chicago owners closed it down. So Fringeware is now the best game in town. It used to be the hottest zine haven, but it went the way of the Armadillo World Headquarters and is in the sentimental favorites from the past graveyard.

What happened to IO? According to Scott, Sean said they were doing online stuff. Issue 3 isn't out yet. And no one has heard from Ben. Melissa, as I already mentioned, is betrothed. And Staci L. Stewart is working for the search engine folks, what used to be called Galaxy.

Book People also has a pretty good zine collection.

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 Response 2 of 22: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Tue, Nov 19, 1996 (21:01) * 1 lines 
Got any good durgs?

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 3 of 22: Doug Larue  (del) * Fri, Jan 31, 1997 (19:19) * 1 lines 
All my durgs dried up!

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 4 of 22: aubrey  (aubrey) * Tue, Apr  8, 1997 (14:27) * 1 lines 
Well, I don't let my complete lack of knowledge about a topic hinder my flying fingers! Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was at UT (81-85), zines were just starting up in a biggish way. I even had ny own little publication, Out of the Vault, distribution limited to The Virgin Vault (Andrews Dorm). Sorry I have no further comments!

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 5 of 22: Doug Larue  (del) * Fri, Apr 18, 1997 (16:49) * 20 lines 
Free Food € Free Drinks € Live Music
Capitol City Magazine's 1st
Networking Party ( get ta know ya! )
Tuesday, April 22nd € 5p.m. - 8p.m.
Free Food € Free Drinks € Live Music
@ My Friend¹s Place
(Gourmet Sandwich Shop)
- - - - - - -- --- -- - - - - - - - - -
2700 W. Anderson Ln., Suite 211
Next Door to Flores Restaurant
512 € 419 - 1111

**Come visit with the Publishers, Editors, Artists, Designers, Writers & Photographers
that are responsible for Austin¹s premier A&E magazine.

Please RSVP @ 219-1433 by April 21st.


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 Response 6 of 22: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Apr 19, 1997 (00:57) * 1 lines 
I'm rsvp'ing. Take note, Doug, when you check back in.

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 7 of 22: Doug Larue  (del) * Thu, May 15, 1997 (00:03) * 34 lines 
Sharon Jones, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief of Mike's Feedback Magazine,
Joins Forces, with Capitol City A&E Magazine!

Capitol City Arts & Entertainment Magazine is proud to announce the
addition of Sharon Jones, the Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief of Mike's
Feedback Magazine to our growing staff. Soon after the painful decision
was made to discontinue publication of the popular Austin music magazine
Mike's Feedback, Capitol City Editor-in-Chief, Douglas E. La Rue recognized
the unique opportunity this presented and persuaded Sharon to bring her
style and expertise on board as the new Music City Editor.

As publisher and editor of Mike's Feedback, Sharon Jones has spent the past
two years writing about the extensive and diverse music community that
abounds here in Austin. Jones has earned the respect of local musicians and
music industry professionals alike with her positive and upbeat reporting
and her experience and knowledge is sure to enhance the already extensive
coverage Capitol City A&E Magazine has been providing the local music

With double the circulation and printed in a true "gloss" magazine format,
Capitol City A&E is very attractive to Jones, as it gives her an
opportunity to still obtain a major goal-to help create a quality magazine
for Austin and Central Texas. Jones will be bringing several creative
people with her from the Mike's Feedback staff, such as writer/copy editor
Kelly Kaos, writer Lindsey Eck and photographer Ursula Coyote, amongst

In order to allow time for the smooth reorganization of their growing
company, Capitol City Publishing, L.L.C. will be delaying the next
publication of Capitol City A&E Magazine by two weeks, which is now
scheduled for June 1st. Call today to reserve your advertising space in
Austin's most comprehensive arts and entertainment magazine.

For further information and/or interviews, contact: Doug La Rue: 219-1433

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 8 of 22: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Sep  7, 1997 (09:21) * 53 lines 
Anyone know any more details on this:

Sent from: FringeWare News Network

Dear Friends,

If you've wondered why you haven't heard much out of
FringeWare over the past few months, here's our story:

The Earth is a harsh mistress, and consequently we have
lost everything, even the backups. Four years worth of
everything -- but we've come back, perhaps even stronger
than before.

End of story. Or, rather, a nuther beginning...

Now we'd like to make contact with all the kind beings
who've participated in this Internet discourse over the
past few years. All that we have to start from is a very
old version of our email list and press release list.

You may receive a couple copies of this message, depending
on whether we've known you by different email addresses in
the past.

Please disregard this message if you don't wish to hear
>from us further.

If you do wish to hear from us further, then take a
peek at:

or send the message SUBSCRIBE to our infobot at:

Quite obviously we're going to miss contact with many
assorted sentients who might care to be included -- so
please tell your friends and help spread the news.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and welcome your
resumed participation in the fray.

Thanx -

FringeWare Inc.

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 Response 9 of 22: Doug LaRue  (doug) * Tue, Nov 25, 1997 (18:51) * 7 lines 
Austin Songwriter Group has recently announced that Doug La Rue of
Glaze Studio
and Capitol City A&E Magazine
has been picked as the new Editor of Austin Songwriter Magazine
and Webmaster of "Songwriter Online"

" will take on a new style in the next few months as I work it over and expand its content. I had a hand in on the redesign of the Dec. issue of Austin Songwriter Magazine which is out now. Check out the music section of to get the latest scoop.

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 10 of 22: wer  (KitchenManager) * Sat, Jul 25, 1998 (02:46) * 2 lines 
check out

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 11 of 22: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jul 25, 1998 (06:56) * 2 lines 
What's the scene there?

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 12 of 22: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Sat, Jul 25, 1998 (06:56) * 1 lines 

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 13 of 22: Ray Lopez  (ratthing) * Thu, Aug 13, 1998 (19:27) * 1 lines 
terry, have you ever had anything do to with the creation or publication of any zines?

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 14 of 22: wer  (KitchenManager) * Thu, Aug 13, 1998 (22:12) * 1 lines 
I have, I have!!!

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 15 of 22: Ray Lopez (ratthing) * Thu, Aug 13, 1998 (22:39) * 2 lines 

how cool! what have you done?

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 16 of 22: wer  (KitchenManager) * Fri, Aug 14, 1998 (00:25) * 1 lines 
this and that, co-published my own, stayed broke.....

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 17 of 22: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Aug 14, 1998 (08:49) * 4 lines 
Only one, the Farm Net News, which reached a paid circulation of about
250. I still have a few of the original copies, it was a nice
publication done up with Pagemaker and had a lot of good graphics and
photos. Pre-web days.

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 18 of 22: wer  (KitchenManager) * Fri, Jan 15, 1999 (12:52) * 6 lines 
check out
as I've invited both publishers to
come and participate here...

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 19 of 22: _cosmo_  (aa9il) * Sat, Feb  6, 1999 (21:28) * 15 lines 
A couple of good zines I have enjoyed (although only one
copy...) was Reign of Toads, Crash Collusion, Twisted Times,
and Iron Feather Journal. Of those four, only Iron Feather
is the only zine I have multiple issues (3 so far...)
I also liked Mondo 2000 but they seem to be puting out
one issue a year. I liked them alot more when they first
came out and were kinda cybergeeky and oh-so-optimistic
about the house music scene, computer stuph, the net, etc.
Later issues got kinda glossy and pretentious but still
fun to read. Id buy the next issue if and when it ever
comes out.


 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 20 of 22: wer  (KitchenManager) * Sat, Feb  6, 1999 (22:50) * 3 lines 
all four you mentioned are great zines, cosmo,
ever seen an issue of Crank? bet you'd like it,

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 21 of 22: _cosmo_  (aa9il) * Sun, Feb  7, 1999 (18:34) * 34 lines 
Hey There

Nope, never seen the zine Crank but the name rings a bell.
I wonder if it was at Fringeware? Or maybe mentioned in
a zine review section. BTW, is Factsheet5 still around?
A couple of other rags I forgot to mention was .tiff and
Maximum RockNRoll which appears to be the only zine which
gives due credit to DIY punk and just good old hard assed
garage rock. Last MaxRNR I read was from a while back
which covered the Pirate Radio scene. BTW, there was a new
rag - Hobby Broadcasting which came out which is dedicated
to the LPFM and pirate movement. Only up to issue 3 but I
hope it can make it being that LPFM is a pretty good concept
which just might bring back true community radio.
One thing about the zine scene is that it kinda peaked back
in the early 90's when alternative was in force and did
not de-volve into 'alternative' (as in Madison Ave and El Lay
marketing dweebs suddenly realized they could make some
money off this movement). Its kind of funny but Chicago
has a radio station it calls its 'New Rock Alternative' which
plays the same crapola as several other stations - i.e.
main stream alternative. Hows that for an oxymoron...
Still the only true 'underground' (another overused term...)
music is coming out of the campus stations that play the
stuff on 7 inch singles, metal tapes, home dats, etc. The
same goes for those basement photocopy zines and limited
distribution rags that you might only find one or two issues
of at a book store then it will wink out never to be heard
from again.
To quote Stills and Young...
'Long May You Run...'

Mike aka _cosmo_

 Topic 10 of 64 [austin]: zine scene
 Response 22 of 22: wer  (KitchenManager) * Sun, Feb  7, 1999 (22:32) * 4 lines 
yep, Factsheet 5 is still around, but they are down to two issues a year
the last I checked...
my name and address is still making the rounds, as I got in an issue of
Phantom Gambler the other day...

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