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Topic 14 of 64: The Mayor's race

Sun, Apr 20, 1997 (16:34) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
The mayor's race features Ronny Reynolds, Kirk Watson (the current frontrunners),
Max Nofziger (former street corner flower salesman and two term council member),
and the futuristic Ted Kircher. If you listen to the morning Sammy and Bob show
on FM 98.1 KVET) you'll get a good sample of the political debate going around the
Mayor's race and hear many of the candidates.
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 Topic 14 of 64 [austin]: The Mayor's race
 Response 1 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Apr 20, 1997 (16:43) * 4 lines 
I like Ted. He's the "internet candidate" who may be way ahead of his
time. His plans for setting up neighborhood telecommuting centers make
sense and he's behind efforts to enhance Austin's status as the most
internet connected place on the planet.

 Topic 14 of 64 [austin]: The Mayor's race
 Response 2 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, May  3, 1997 (09:44) * 62 lines 
eply-To: Ted Kircher
Subject: Re: Good Luck on May 3rd
To: George Cummings

George, I really appreciate your note. I hope that the minimum outcome of
this election is a realization that the high tech community can and should
be involved in the issues - including taking 'votes' (Mike Byrnes has
found some technology to do this electronically) that can be sent to the
City Council and the various media - *before* they formally vote.

The MM and software industry in general should be the bow wave of the
economic growth of Austin, and for our sake as well as all citizens, we
would be remiss by not using our influence to the fullest.

Also, we should have something like the MAIN web-raisings to get all
Neighborhood Associations (NA) on-line - with storage allocated by the Austin
City Connection along with an Internet account to allow for updating their
web pages. This would be a minimal cost to the city - or, better yet, each
NA could cover the cost of around $100/year.

This also means using KVET, ACAC, ... on a *continual* basis to raise the
ambient level of understanding of all citizens that we are not talking
about way out stuff if Austin is to continue to be near the front of the
pack in high tech as we enter the 21th century.

PS: If I get elected, there will be *no* closed doors, and I will *expect
citizens to develop solutions* as well as 'vote' on the major issues.

Btw, if no candidate gets a majority on May 3rd, then the two top vote
getters will have another go at the end of May. The more votes I get,
the stronger will be *our* position to expect the two leading candidates
to listen to *our* views.

Candidate for Mayor of Austin

On May 1st, George Cummings wrote:
Sorry I've been so lame at helping with your campaign, (weak excuse of
swamp of alligators with our MM projects). I have been talking up your
issues with lots of friends and several discussions with Sammy (KVET). I
see him or talk to him several times a week (cd extra client). I just
wanted you to know I truly appreciate your effort, and I know it has made
all the candidates and public much more aware of where Austin -- should
and could be headed -- but time will tell which way we go.

Your ideas of community education via net/neighbor hood centers is right
on target. No matter what happens tomorrow, I would like aama to consider
a special area added to the web site where every issue council votes on
and especially those that effect our industry the voting record is posted
by council member so that at every election from now on it will be easy
for aama or any interested party to see exactly how or elected officials
on every issue.

Again good luck

 Topic 14 of 64 [austin]: The Mayor's race
 Response 3 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Sun, May  4, 1997 (01:17) * 3 lines 

 Topic 14 of 64 [austin]: The Mayor's race
 Response 4 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, May  4, 1997 (01:27) * 2 lines 
hhops that got messed up! Kirk and Ronny in a runoff. Then Max. Then Ted.
Four folks tailed ted.

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