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Topic 18 of 64: events and happenings around Austin

Mon, Sep 8, 1997 (06:45) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Events and happenings around Austin.

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 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 1 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Sep  8, 1997 (06:46) * 4 lines 
Charitech is featuring Ben and Jerry with free ice cream, Steve Taylor?
is heading up this event. I wonder if these guys need any SQA Engineers?

8:30 am to 2:30 pm Wednesday at the Austin Convention Center.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 2 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Wed, Sep 24, 1997 (11:29) * 2 lines 
Wish I lived a 1000 miles closer. I LOVE ice cream!
How was the presentation?

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 3 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Sep 24, 1997 (19:33) * 9 lines 
I missed it, but it was great from what I've heard, they carry B&J ice
cream nearly everywhere now, we're talking HEB and Walmart in *Bastrop*
for godsakes. I'm sure you have it most places in mile-high-ville.

By the way, the web cam is recording a gorgeous Texas sunset right now
for those lucky enough to be viewing and seeing it

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 4 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Thu, Oct  9, 1997 (12:28) * 4 lines 
What else is happening around Austin. I'll be back in December if not sooner.
Some friends of mine just got married (on a cruise) and are having a reception Nov. 1. I'd love to be in Austin for Halloween and at their reception. We'll see
plane tickets still have not started that merit system thing. Hell, I'd offer my drink serving services for free if they'd let me hop a plane. A temp flight
attendant if you will.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 5 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Oct  9, 1997 (19:37) * 13 lines 
Events around then, hmmm.

60,000 plus costumed folks revelling on Sixth Street
on Halloween.

Around Christmas there's the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.
Ballet Austin will be doing the Nutcracker Suite.

Steve Winwood is playing November 7th at the Austin Music Hall.

Green Day at Liberty Lunch, Oct 31st.

Does this give you some ideas?

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 6 of 73: George Frimpter (legaffe) * Sun, Oct 12, 1997 (11:11) * 1 lines 
I wonder if there's a football game around then? Hi Stacey.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 7 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Mon, Oct 13, 1997 (13:02) * 5 lines 

I called on tickets Friday. $365 rt. UGGGGHHHH! It doesn't look good for an
interim visit. But winter holidays is a must so, regardless of the price, I'll
be back in the central time zone in a couple months.
Kim Phung, Magnolia, Mushoshino, Dog&Duck... HERE I COME!!!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 8 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Mon, Oct 13, 1997 (16:49) * 6 lines 
When are your winter holidays? Between Christmas and New Years.
Keeping trying for a better rate, that's way too high, maybe you
can do some clever routing and go through somewhere else, or get
a stopover to somewhere else and skip the somewhere else.

There are creative ways to finance travel!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 9 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Wed, Oct 15, 1997 (09:58) * 2 lines 
How creative are we talking here?!?!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 10 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Oct 15, 1997 (13:21) * 1 lines 
Well, maybe not *that* creative.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 11 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Wed, Oct 15, 1997 (22:41) * 3 lines 
And then again...


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 12 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Thu, Oct 16, 1997 (12:34) * 2 lines 
and a residual smile... the afterglow if you will!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 13 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Thu, Oct 16, 1997 (23:56) * 4 lines 
Apparently we did whether I was will-ing or not!
Did ya film it?


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 14 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Fri, Oct 17, 1997 (12:49) * 8 lines 
oh man, you guys crack me up!!!

Off the subject (whatever it was) I saw Circe de Soleil's presentation of
Quidam last night. If it comes to town, YOU MUST GO!!! The show was the most
amazing I have ever seen and I will not even attempt to explain it.
Amazing, beautiful, and subjectivly FULL of meaning. I LOVED it.
Plus it was the first time I've been in a huge tent that didn't smell like
elephant dung!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 15 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Sat, Oct 18, 1997 (00:27) * 6 lines 
All the huge tents that I've been in
smell like smoke, and mildew, and man sweat.

Oh, well...


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 16 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Mon, Oct 20, 1997 (09:48) * 1 lines 
Wow, maybe elephant dung isn't so bad afterall...

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 17 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Oct 20, 1997 (18:08) * 1 lines 
Come on Stacey, try and explain it.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 18 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Mon, Oct 20, 1997 (23:37) * 3 lines 
Dare ya!


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 19 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Tue, Oct 21, 1997 (10:54) * 1 lines 
Now, now boys... I am above that type of tempting. (For all you know anyway!)

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 20 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Wed, Oct 22, 1997 (00:53) * 4 lines 
So, what type of tempting
are you far, far below?


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 21 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Oct 22, 1997 (01:10) * 2 lines 
Good question, the envelope please.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 22 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Wed, Oct 22, 1997 (01:13) * 1 lines 
(Drum roll...)

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 23 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Wed, Oct 22, 1997 (12:20) * 1 lines 
Tempting of the senses. Taste and touch would be among my weakest areas of resistance. Ohh, but visually I can certainly be swayed. Specific, low frequency sounds can be tempting...

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 24 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Oct 22, 1997 (19:37) * 2 lines 
So, dinner at Jeffrey's followed by a full body massage with the
sounds of a soft summer breeze would blow your fuses?

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 25 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (09:33) * 1 lines 
spicier than Jeffrey's... full body massage is right on... and torrential rainstorm are more my style (on the balcony...)

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 26 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (11:13) * 2 lines 
Now we're talkin' major event.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 27 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (13:06) * 1 lines 
Woo! I got a little outta hand there. Apologies all around.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 28 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (13:15) * 3 lines 
No need, s'far I concerned.


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 29 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (13:18) * 3 lines 
I thought the two of you might be forgiving.
Wouldn't want to get a spankin' or anything...
Damn, I've got to work on this. My mind keeps dropping back down into that proverbial gutter. Really, I'm a nice girl...

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 30 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (13:27) * 6 lines 
That's what I'm hoping for...
Hey, maybe we should have a topic
in the Sex conference called Inuendo,
and behave everywhere but there?


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 31 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (20:41) * 1 lines 
It's ok with me.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 32 of 73: KitchenManager  (KitchenManager) * Fri, Oct 24, 1997 (00:44) * 82 lines 
The wife found this at school today, not sure to post or
not, or where so here goes...

[Front Page]

Who is David Cabral?

David Cabral is the beloved brother of Amanda and Mikey and also
the beloved son of Michael and Cynthia Cabral. My name is Michael
Angelo Cabral and the correct question is who was he? For in fact,
David is dead!! At only two years of age, his precious life was ripped
violently away from him and us on October 21, 1995. Not only was he
the victim of a violent, negligent crime; not only was he killed in public,
but the person responsible for his death remains "at large". This
person whose name is David Rudisill is not only "at large" but living
and working happily in Sugarland (Houston), Texas. He is suffering no
true repercussions for his negligence in the death of our son and
brother. The police know where he is. The courts know where he is.
The problem is the San Antonio Police Department have determined
with insubstantial reasons, that no crime was committed. That his
violent death was merely an accident. The fact is that David
Rudisill's full size pick-up truck completely left the paved road and
struck David Cabral killing him instantly. There were other injuries
incurred by the crime to me. The driver tried to avoid detection by lying
to the police and no alcohol blood, urine, or breath tests were given
to the responsible party, David Rudisill, not even a ticket.

Was it because the driver was White and my son was Chicano? Was it
because the criminal is rich and my family is poor? I really don't know.
I do know that we miss David every day. But if this could happen to my
son and my family, it could happen to you!!

Our case is currently on-going. The San Antonio Police Department
have yet to even attempt to charge anyone with this crime. Justice is
what I am after.

Please help!! Attention is what we need!!

Michael and Cynthia Cabral
12106 Robin Ridge Lane
Austin, Texas 78750
phone: (512) 346-0163
pager: (512) 373-9952

[Second Page]

Who is David Rudisill?

David Rudisill is an electrician/contractor of considerable means. He
lives in a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar home in Sugarland
Houston. He is a father, a husband, a hunter and as far as I know, he is
a regular citizen of the state. I do know something about David
Rudisill that you may not. David Rudisill is responsible for the
negligible death of my son David Antonio Cabral. Not only is he
responsible for his death, but also numerous injuries to me and my
family. This man has done his best to hide, side-step and buy his way out
of owning up to this crime. He has claimed bankruptcy, hidden assets,
and has acted as if this death has never happened. He knows that he
did and he is trying to get away with it without cost. If you think you
know him or if you thought you knew him, look at him again. Is he a man,
has he a conscience? I don't think so!

My name is Michael Angelo Cabral and David Cabral was my son. He
would be 3 years old, but instead he is dead. We are trying to bring as
much closure as possible to this tragedy. My family and I are asking
for justice and our best chance for this is through the people of this
state and the media. Please call or notify your local TV stations,
politicians or neighborhood affiliations. If you are a parent this
could happen to you and without change these words could be yours. If you
think you can help, please call me.

The State Capitol
Attorney General Dan Morales - 463-2191
Senator Gonzalo Barrientos - 463-0114
Representative Glen Maxey - 463-0552


 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 33 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Fri, Oct 24, 1997 (11:30) * 1 lines 
sobering. angering. saddening. frightening.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 34 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Oct 24, 1997 (14:41) * 2 lines 
All of the above. This is bad news and the media haven't really picked it up.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 35 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Fri, Oct 24, 1997 (15:36) * 1 lines 
Hard to get the media to expose someone who may be directly responsible for some of their publication dollars (directly or indirectly)

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 36 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Oct 24, 1997 (17:12) * 5 lines 
This is something that would be good to talk about on Bob and Sammy
some morning, these guys are pretty good at uncovering scandal and laying
out unpleasant realities that the newspapers overlook sometime. And they've
got a pretty good audience.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 37 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jan 10, 1998 (22:36) * 9 lines 
heard from

18th Annual Institute on Computer Law: February 23-24 in Austin TX,

I'm going to try to get into this one. It has sessions on licensing,
content control, partnering, domain names, the Year 2000 (Y2K if you're hip)
Problem, product launching, privacy in cyberspace, electronic payments, and

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 38 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jan 10, 1998 (23:20) * 2 lines 
And they'll have a party too.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 39 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Jan 15, 1998 (08:27) * 145 lines 

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:32:06 -0400
From: "Shabbir J. Safdar"
Subject: Conference on Computers, Freedom, & Privacy 1998

The Eighth Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy - CFP98

It's been called a lot of things over the years, but it still remains the
one place where anyone, who is anyone, goes to immerse themselves in the
issues surrounding the health and viability of the Internet. Dubbed the
"Woodstock of online activism" by veteran attendee Simona Nass, it has been
the nexus of discussions of online privacy, free speech, and human rights.

If you work for a company in today's economy, these issues have relevance
to you. For three days, you can learn about the pressing, cutting-edge
issues that are developing today and will affect your future.

CFP is an intimate setting with the conference lasting throughout the
entire time you're not sleeping. With only a few hundred attendees every
years, the conference becomes more of a retreat where law enforcement
agents socialize with hackers. Last year saw advocates on both sides of
the Internet free speech debate socializing with each other during one of
the many spontaneous after-hours parties in the hotel.

Below you'll find stories from several members of our community who
continue to support and attend CFP. We hope to see you there! This year
promises to be just as much fun, with the panels touching on lots of great
topics, including privacy implications of biometrics, the Internet in
schools, the sale of government records, cryptography, medical records
privacy, link licenses, universal access, and library filtering.

In addition, there will be a moot court about suing spammers, and a mock
wiretap. You can't afford to miss it!

To register, simply go to the website at Also, the
program is there, and you can check out the issues that will be under



Shabbir J. Safdar

*** Stories from CFP veterans ***

Todd Lappin, Editor, Wired Magazine

While the panels at CFP '97 were very useful, the most worthwhile part of
the conference took place outside the meeting room -- and in the hot tub.
Each night during CFP 97, the hot tub at the Burlingame Hyatt became a
gathering place for cyberliberties advocates of all stripes -- from authors
Paulina Borsook and Ellen Ullman to Joseph Reagle from W3C and Jon
Lebkowsky from EF-Austin. The water was hot, the conversation was intense,
but the atmosphere was relaxed.

A. Michael Froomkin, Associate Professor of Law

CFP has great speakers. It has even better audience. The audience
congregates in the hallway; this makes for agonizing choices -- do you go
see that great debate in the ballroom, or say out here and pick up stuff
you would never hear anywhere else. I've tried it both ways, and still
can't make up my mind.

It's my one "won't miss" conference of the year.

Jon Lebkowsky, EF-Austin

My favorite story is from CFP '93, when an FBI agent pretending to be
a PC Week reporter asked Emmanuel Goldstein and I our opinion of the FBI

CFP '93 was a great one for much was coming together that
year. It
was the social aspect that I found most stimulating, the conference in the
hallways. That was the year that I interviewed Phil Zimmermann and Tom
Jennings...interviews that are still alive online.

Diana Jarvis, Counsel for VTW Center for Internet Education

Aside from the fact that CFP collects together the most wonderful and
interesting people I've ever met (and aside from the fact that the gagetry
on display is better than Comdex) and great thing about CFP is the way in
which the conference cuts through the hype. Take Information War -- only
at CFP did I hear people seriously and intelligently criticize the
military's hype about how the terrorists of the future will disable our
industrial infrastruture by pointing out that networks, powerlines,
broadcast communications etc. are much more robust and redundant than they
were in the 50's, 60's, and 70's and that those eras saw the multi-hour
blackouts, network outages during broadcast, etc. Everyone else merely
dutifully reports that our military tells us we must be prepared for this
great threat they've dreamed up to stop cutting military budgets.

Shabbir J. Safdar, Voters Telecommunications Watch

I remember first being introduced to the debate over "Who Owns The Law?",
about the issue of the ownership of legal decisions. Currently, West
Publishing holds the copyright on most of them, and there aren't really
any public domains sources for them. The moderator introduced the panel,
which included advocates from both sides, and then stepped out of the way.

I never realized debate was a full contact sport. About 45 minutes and a
whole lot of screaming later, it suddenly hit me that I had just had the
perfect crash course in the topic, and had gotten it from both sides.
I'd been able to watch advocates poke holes in each others' arguments,
then rebut them. Afterwards at one of the room parties that night, I was
able to sit and talk to one of the advocates at length.

That sort of intimacy is what makes CFP great for me, and I'll continue to
return every year for it.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 40 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jan 16, 1998 (21:18) * 4 lines 

CFP'98 will be held in Austin, TX. CFP'98 chair is Prof. Mark Lemley. He
may be reached at:

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 41 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Mar  2, 1998 (09:53) * 77 lines 
And another event we'll run as a Spring webcam event:

To: Friends of the CyberOpera
Subject: Award-winning Cyberspace Opera to Perform in Austin, Texas

High brow, high tech, high Texas

CYBERSPACE and Austin, Texas -- The world's first tele-collaborative
Internet opera will burst into song on March 21st, 8:00 p.m. from the
McCullough Theater on The University of Texas at Austin campus. honoria in
ciberspazio, is the cyberopera recently selected as a semi-finalist by the
Global Information Infrastructure (GII) Arts and Entertainment Awards along
with, ESPN SportsZone, and the Museum of Contemporary Art

Under the artistic direction of Bryan Green, virtual and sensually real
dancers tell the operatic story of hope-filled humans passionately attracted
to their digital lovers. The cyberopera is a tale of Internet love
incorporating high-tech stage sets and advanced Internet-based information
delivery systems driven by the opera's cyberspatial plot.

As a GII Semi-finalist, honoria in ciberspazio has been distinguished for
innovation, producing real and valuable results, and for powerfully
demonstrating the potential of the Internet that we hear so much about.
Vice president Al Gore has cited the GII Awards program "An innovation that
is vital to our country's future."

The cyberopera's original libretto integrates common and not-so-common
experiences of people who send their electronic avatars out onto the
Infobahn. The opera's content reflects the chaotic and emotional situations
that one finds in electronic social exchanges in virtual communities,
mailing lists, and chat rooms. Cyberopera impresaria, Madelyn Starbuck, also
known as honoria, tells us that operatic themes are all over cyberspace.
"There's deceit, transgender, mythmaking, drama, tragedy, and comedy," she

"The opera's plot is a product of the highest and purest form of
collaboration" says the cyberopera's director of operations, Richard
MacKinnon, "by using electronic communication, it is blind to contributors'
location, appearance, politics, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference,
religion, or other lifestyle choices."

As an important high-technology hub, Austin is the perfect incubator for
this particular opera because the cyberopera is designed to celebrate the
social impact of rapidly evolving technologies. "We have brought opera to
the Internet," says Starbuck, "Now we are going to bring the Internet to the

MacKinnon and Starbuck are seeking to infuse the cyberopera's development
with venture capital and corporate sponsorship as each production showcases
high-tech information delivery in the service of high art.

The honoria in ciberspazio "Come to Me" aria, featuring soprano Janet
Davidson in the role of honoria, will be performed in conjunction with
Austin Dance Ensemble's collage of performative works. Tickets are available
through UTTM by calling 477-6060.

Since 1995, honoria in ciberspazio has benefited from The University of
Texas at Austin infrastructure to develop the cyberopera's design in which
electronic communication theory and high operatic standards are woven
together in an artistically innovative showcase for the rapidly changing
technological delivery of information. honoria in ciberspazio is currently
a non-profit project under the umbrella of Women and Their Work in Austin,
Texas. The target audience of honoria in ciberspazio encompasses anyone who
has ever fallen in love.


honoria in ciberspazio
The first cyberspace opera

Media Contact:

Richard MacKinnon, 512-469-9553

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 Response 42 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Apr 22, 1998 (22:43) * 27 lines 
The Big Stinkin' International Improv and Sketch Comedy Festival is the
largest of its kind in the known universe. BS3, the third annual
incarnation of the festival, will take place in Austin, TX with improv
and sketch troupes from all over the world converging on Austin to dazzle
their fellow performers, industry reps, and Central Texans with feats of
wit, leaps of faith, hilarious sketch comedy, and their courageous
exploits in the art of improvisational theatre.

Here is the list of performers scheduled at this time:
The Second City
The Groundlings
ACME Theatre
Monks' Night Out
The Railbirds
Only 90% Effective
Big Lon Chaney
LA Theatre Sports
Dad's Garage
Oui Be Negroes
Houseful of Honkeys
Lester McFwap
The Screw Puppies
and more!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 43 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, May  6, 1998 (22:17) * 86 lines 
Dear Friends:

We are writing to you about our friend Jan Reid. If you haven't already
heard about the tragedy in Mexico, Jan and three friends were in a cab in
Mexico City that was hijacked by gunmen. They were taken to a remote
suburb and, in a scuffle, Jan was shot. The bullet shattered his wrist
and penetrated his torso, lodging against his spine. Amazingly, no organs
were damaged, only a portion of his small intestine. We still don't know
how much, if any, spinal damage there may be. Jan has feeling in his
legs, which is a good sign, and he can move his toes. So we hope and pray
that the early forecast of partial paralysis will prove to be wrong. But
we just don't know.

What we do know, however, is that Jan is facing months of physical
rehabilitation, even under the most optimistic forecast. Fortunately, Jan
has medical insurance through his wife, Dorothy Browne, which has covered
most of the medical costs so far. But it will be a long time before Jan
gets back to writing full time. In the meantime, he and Dorothy need our
support during this difficult time.

We are seeking to raise enough money to tide Jan and Dorothy over for the
next six months. In May, we are planning two benefits, which you will be
hearing about soon. But Jan and Dorothy have immediate needs to attend,
and we are asking through this letter for our friends to help them out.

Please consider sending a check or money order to the Jan Reid Rescue
Fund for any amount. Every bit of this money will be going directly to
Jan and Dorothy. Even small contributions can make a great difference.
The address is c/o Phyllis Cartwright, P.O. Box 13151, Austin, TX

A few of Jan's many friends




Invite you and your friends
to dinner &
a very special evening of readings




A Spectacular Silent Auction

7:00 pm, Saturday, May 9, 1998
Four Seasons Hotel, Austin

Reserved Tables - $1000
Individual Tickets - $100 at the door


By phone: 512 472-2149
By fax: 512 472-4313
By e-mail:

Dress - Austin Casual

Funds will go to the Jan Reid Rescue Fund


We'll have the webcam at this event.
Look for a *live* feed on our website.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 44 of 73: wer  (KitchenManager) * Wed, May 20, 1998 (15:53) * 10 lines

The Pork Information Bureau kicks
off its five-city Pork Chop Stop,
bringing grilling fans around the
country a taste of pork chops with
regional twists. The tour will stop
in Providence, R.I., Birmingham, Ala.,
St. Louis, Austin, Texas (June 9th),
and Portland, Ore.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 45 of 73: Stacey Vura  (stacey) * Wed, May 20, 1998 (18:35) * 2 lines 
oh yummy!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 46 of 73: wer  (KitchenManager) * Wed, May 20, 1998 (19:14) * 2 lines 
to borrow from Emeril Lagasse,
Pork fat rules!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 47 of 73: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Thu, May 21, 1998 (09:01) * 1 lines 
how about, pork fat makes me vomit?

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 48 of 73: wer  (KitchenManager) * Mon, Jun 22, 1998 (08:09) * 4 lines 
June the 29th is your last chance to get your ballots in for this year's
Best of Austin poll in The Chronicle...
vote online at

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 49 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Jun 22, 1998 (09:36) * 4 lines 
Vote for us in the Internet category and for Little Italy in the
restaurant category!

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 50 of 73: wer  (KitchenManager) * Wed, Jul 22, 1998 (11:43) * 5 lines 
August 23, 1998, is the date for the third annual Chocolate Sunday
at Barton Creek Square Mall. $10 buys you ten samples and, yes, yours
truly will be competing again this year for Little, all
you Austin types please come by, the benefits will be going to
Another Way Texas Shares.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 51 of 73: George Klos  (osceola) * Tue, Sep 22, 1998 (18:29) * 17 lines 
Saturday, Sept. 26 there will be a benefit for the travel expenses of the family of Kiersa Paul. Perhaps you remember her story. Last summer she went out on a date with a man who raped and killed her and left her body in the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Her killer goes to trial soon, and Kiersa's parents, who live in Minnesota, want to attend the trial but cannot afford it.

From 2p.m. to 10 p.m. several bands will perform a benefit for this cause. Advance tickets are $10. At the door they cost $12. All proceeds will go to the travel-related needs of the Paul family, who will be in Austin three or four weeks. If we can reach the goal of covering all the Paul family's expenses, any extra money will be donated to the Austin Rape Crisis Center.

If you would like to support this effort, but are not coming to the benefit, checks can be made payable to:

"The Paul Family"
c/o Old World Bakery
814 W. 12th St.
Austin, TX 78701

The benefit will be held at:
The Elks lodge
700 Dawson Rd. (2 blks south of Barton Springs Rd.
2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Thank you

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 52 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Nov  2, 1998 (09:04) * 85 lines 
attn: Paco Nathan

2716 Guadalupe, Austin TX 78705
+1 512 494 9273 tel/fax
open noon-midnight

Our schedule of events for Nov/Dec 1998 includes listings for film/video,
music, author signings, distinguished speakers, comedy acts, political
and corporate protest, and circus acts.


Nov 6, 1998
FringeWare, 8pm-midnight

Philip H Farber book signing and impromptu stand-up routine for
"FutureRitual", practical magick in the context of science.

Nov 13, 1998
FringeWare, 9pm-midnight

c0mm0ner e-zine release party with music by Austin pop chemists
"Made From Scratch".

Nov 14-15, 1998
State Capitol, 9am-5pm

Texas Book Festival -- post-election charity soiree with Laura Bush,
her father-in-law George and some SS agents, a booth by FringeWare,
and several controversial Waco historians.

Nov 14, 1998
700 Congress Ave, 8pm-6am

Texas Fine Arts Association Around-The-Clock Block Party, featuring a
film and video festival projected on the side of the new TFAA building
by F3 Films, music by "Futura" and other bands, and free breakfast
tacos at midnight.

Nov 16, 1998
Circus Redickulus
FringeWare (afternoon - T.B.A.)

Chicken John returns to FringeWare with Dr. Ducky DooLittle for their
circus spectacular.

Nov 20, 1998
FringeWare, 8pm-midnight

Erik Davis book signing for "TechGnosis".

Nov 23, 1998
corporate chain superstores worldwide, 12noon

"Bag Day" protest organized by Friends United in Creative Knowledge of
the Faceless Attitudes of Corporate Entities, RTMark, Negativland,
Church of the SubGenius, and other corporate saboteur groups, on the
birthday of American anti-corporate hero Billy the Kid.

Dec 4, 1998
FringeWare 8pm-midnight

Deconstructionist Jazz Ensemble performing in-store.

Dec 5, 1998

Robert Anton Wilson and the Church of the SubGenius appearing in
Austin, sponsored by FringeWare and Forbidden Books.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 53 of 73: wer  (KitchenManager) * Wed, Nov 11, 1998 (16:39) * 1 lines 
Damn but I wish I had a life so that I could make some of these...

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 54 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Nov 12, 1998 (08:42) * 106 lines 
X-UIDL: a26784dcaf1200d76414e72c945ddc3a

November 11, 1998

CONTACTS: FringeWare (venue), +1 512 494 9273

Eric Brandt (publicist) +1 415 863 5163

Erik Davis book reading/signing
TECHGNOSIS: Myth, Magic & Mysticism in the Age of Information

FringeWare Bookstore
2716 Guadalupe / Austin, Texas
Fri Nov 20, 8pm-midnight

You are cordially invited to attend a book reading and signing by Erik
Davis for his new work, TECHGNOSIS: Myth, Magic & Mysticism in the
Age of Information, published this month by Harmony Books. The event
is open to the public, and will be held at FringeWare on Friday,
November 20th, beginning at 8:00 pm, with complimentary food and
beverages for guests attending.

The oft-quoted Arthur C. Clarke once wrote: "any sufficiently advanced
technology is indistinguishable from magic." With this understanding,
Mr. Davis sets out on a wide-ranging search for the magical, mystical
roots of the technological revolution that has taken all of us by
surprise. As millennial fever approaches, there is much thought given
to a newer, better world -- a utopia where technology improves our
health, enhances our entertainment, and strengthens our Jeffersonian
liberties through the free exchange of information over the Net. Will
emerging technology help us realize this utopia, or in our obsessive
haste to exploit and commodify the world through technology, will we
reach an apocalyptic end? Can we find spiritual meaning and purpose
in a technological age? From the Dead Sea Scrolls to Timothy Leary's
dying wish to download his soul, from the Confessions of St. Augustine
to the hubris of Bill Gates, Davis's TECHGNOSIS does for our
post-modern technoculture what Weber's classic The Protestant Ethic
and the Spirit of Capitalism did for modern culture at the last turn
of the century.

"TECHGNOSIS is a tour de force of scholarship, insight, and juicy
writing... like Marshall McLuhan, Erik Davis sheds light on the
shadows in our search for the meaning of human inventions," writes
Howard Rheingold, author of The Virtual Community. "Davis marshals an
impressive amount of evidence from Eastern and Western literature,
history, philosophy, scripture and popular culture... surfing Davis's
datastream makes for an exhilarating ride," praises Publishers Weekly.
"Erik Davis has written one of the best media studies books ever
published... TECHGNOSIS is literate, accessible and funny," writes
Austin-based author Bruce Sterling. The renown techno music shaman DJ
Spooky calls TECHGNOSIS "a new Rosetta Stone for the Digerati."

Mr. Davis grew up in a well-known surf mecca, "stoking the dying
embers of the California counterculture". He left the beachside
babylon to run away with a carnival, where he smoked his first Camel
straight and got introduced to meditation, psychedelics, and the
occult. He went on to graduate from Yale University, winning awards
for his English thesis on Philip K. Dick. Mr. Davis has written for
Wired, The Village Voice, Details, Spin, Gnosis, Rolling Stone, Lingua
Franca, The Utne Reader, Mondo 2000, FringeWare Review, and The
Nation, on topics as diverse as Klingon Star Trek fans, French
philosophy, and the rave scene in India. He lectures internationally
on topics related to cyberculture and the fringes of religion. As a
contributing editor for FringeWare Review magazine, Mr. Davis
co-edited the "Chaos Spirituality" issue in 1996, along with Spiro(s)
Antonopoulos, where some of the preliminary material and themes for
TECHGNOSIS were tested. He has spoken at SXSW Interactive, and visits
Austin often from his native home in San Francisco.

Also, please mark your calendars for the Robert Anton Wilson
presentation in Austin on Saturday, December 5th, at 7:30pm at the
OFFCENTER, sponsored by Forbidden Books (Dallas) and FringeWare.
Contact either store for ticket information.

Erik Davis

FringeWare Bookstore

* * *

This event marks another spectacle in the ongoing "Beverages, Books,
Blasphemy" series held in the UT/North Drag area by FringeWare and
Mojo's Daily Grind. All events are free to the public, held at:

FringeWare Mojo's Daily Grind
2716 Guadalupe 2714 Guadalupe
Austin TX 78705 Austin TX 78705
+1 512 494 9273 +1 512 477 6656
open noon-midnight open 24 hrs Mon 8am- Sun Mid
"Fiercely Independent Books" "A True Coffee House"

# # # #

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 55 of 73: wer  (KitchenManager) * Thu, Nov 12, 1998 (17:46) * 1 lines 
The book at least sounds like an intriguing read...

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 56 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Nov 29, 1998 (19:52) * 29 lines 
Please Forward this information to any appropriate list or individual...


The Texas Community Network Conference (Austin, December 14-15) is a non-
profit project to assist local leaders interested in using Internet tools
to benefit their communities. This statewide conference will offer
1998's largest gathering of experts providing information and direct
assistance with local online project design and funding. For Details

Hosts and sponsors for this subsidized conference include state agencies
as well as major telecom companies and non-profit organizations, who feel
online networks are increasingly important for communities who want
access to all the resources and opportunities available in the
Information Age.

We would like your help getting this invitation to local leaders who
might want to attend. Since these leaders can come from any part of a
community (libraries, schools, economic organizations, almost anywhere)
there is no established communications channel to reach them.

So we are asking members of the Texas "telecommunity" to please forward
this invitation to any list or individual where it would be appropriate.
thank you very much. 512/303-MAIN

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 57 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Nov 29, 1998 (20:08) * 254 lines 

Tue - Dec 1, 1998

Wed - Dec

Thu - Dec

Fri - Dec 4, 1998

Sat - Dec 5, 1998

Tue - Dec 8, 1998

Wed - Dec 9, 1998

Thu - Dec 10, 1998

Fri - Dec 11, 1998

Sat - Dec 12, 1998

Mon - Dec 14, 1998

Tue - Dec 15, 1998

Wed - Dec 16, 1998

Thu - Dec 17, 1998

Fri - Dec 18, 1998

Sat - Dec 19, 1998

Mon - Dec 21, 1998

Wed - Dec 23, 1998

Thu - Dec 24, 1998

Sat - Dec 26, 1998

Mon - Dec 28, 1998

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 58 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Feb 22, 1999 (08:11) * 24 lines 
Here's one from Jon Lebkowsky:

Jon Lebkowsky :-) (jonl) Tue Feb 16 '99 (17:46) 19 lines

Doug Block will be screening his documentary, "Home Page" during South
by Southwest. (Your humble correspondent jonl interviewed Doug for the
Austin Chronicle

The screening times are: Sun, Mar 14 at 10am (at the Alamo
drafthouse),Mon, Mar 15 at 5:45pm (Alamo) and Sat the 20th at 10pm
(Dobie 3).

doug'll be there with justin hall for sure, and probably jaime levy
and carl steadman, for a sure-to-be-lively q&a after the screenings on
the 14th and 15th.

justin and doug are also on a fun panel (along with speed levitch, the
subject of the doc "The Cruise" and annabel chong, subject of the
151-man gang bang as seen in "Sex: The Annabel Chong Story") about the
art of the interview in docs, called "Real Life to Reel Documentaries,"
on Saturday at 1:30 pm.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 59 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Oct 31, 1999 (11:26) * 7 lines 
Is this years series kind of bombing out, or am I just delusional. Now
they're promising the sexiest, steamiest scenes ever in the coming
episode. Is this what it takes to keep the emaciated show alive. What's
up with David E. Kelley, is he putting all his creative juice in to all
these other new shows like Snoops?

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
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Message 2/21 From APJC Calendar Jun 18, 0 10:12:38 pm -0700

Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 22:12:38 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: APJC Community Calendar 6/19/00
Precedence: bulk

***** Austin Area Activities Calendar *****

Sponsored by the Austin Peace and Justice Coalition (updated 6/18/00)

June 19 Mon. 4:00PM
A protest is planned to draw attention to President Clinton's
pro-corporate policies during his visit to Austin. The Longhorn
Pipeline's threat to Austin neighborhoods will be a focus. He may
just be the most corporate friendly president in history! Come
and let him and his rich donors know not everyone is at the party!
403 Lakecliff Trail (see for directions)

June 19 Mon. 5:30PM
Formerly known as Gary Graham, he is scheduled to be killed by the
state on Thursday. Shaka has fought a 19 year battle to prove his
innocence. Evidence that should exonerate him has never been heard
in court. Tell Bush to stop the killing machine this Juneteenth!
Gather at the Capitol (11th and Congress)
Sponsored by Campaign to End the Death Penalty
More info: (512) 507-7700 or

June 20 Tues. 7:00PM
Speakers will discuss issues central to the whole Movement for
Global Justice which has sprung up in the wake of the Seattle
and Washington,DC actions. The IMF, World Bank and the effect of
trade "liberalization" on the Third World will be discussed along
with the battle over Permanent Normal Trading Relations with China.
This is a crucial time for the Movement to link up and maintain
the momentum. This will be the first of Peace Action Austin's
monthly forums (see meeting notices below, for future dates).
Trinity United Methodist Church (600 E. 50th. Street)
Sponsored by Peace Action Austin
For info: Rahul Mahajan at or call 477-5902

June 21 Wed. Noon - 1:00PM
Join citizens from across the state to take back the Texas
Natural Resources Conservation Commission from the big
polluters. Eat a free lunch, speakers MC'd by Ester's
Follies' Dubbya Bush himself. Testify afterwards at the
Once-In-12-Years hearing on our state environmental agency.
Make an impact in what could be the most important environmental
opportunity we'll have in years.
Capital South steps.
Info: or
or call 454-3050

June 22 Thur. 7:00PM
Thousands of Colombians have been killed in a complex battle involving
the army, cocaine traffickers, paramilitary death squads and guerrilla
forces. The violence has been used to justify U.S. military aid. This
program shows how the "war on drugs" actually increases the Columbian
army's human rights abuses against peasants. Focuses on the regions
where nonviolent movements of peasents seeks to create a peace process.
Examines the alliance between the army, big landowners and narco-
traffickers. The "war on communism" is now the "war on drugs".
Texas Drug Policy Forum
For info and directions: Karen at 462-1486

Month of June
Vigils will be held each day of a scheduled execution
Time: 5:30 - 6:30PM
Scheduled executions: June 22, June 29
A large demonstration is expected on June 22 if Gary Graham
is executed as many believe he is innocent.
Governors Mansion, Lavaca St.
Sponsored by Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

July 1 Sat. Noon
Join this nationwide monthly action protesting the GAP's refusal to
join with other clothing manufacturers to settle the law suit on
behalf of foreign workers on the US territory of Saipan. This action
speaks to the mounting international solidarity for worker rights
and a living wage. This street action needs YOU!
Corner Guadalupe and 24th.
Sponsored by United Students Against Sweatshops, the Austin Peace and
Justice Coalition and the Austin Living Wage Campaign.
For info: APJC at 452-7140

******************** Regular Meetings ********************

freight terminal in Pflugerville (IH-35 exit on 247 East).
Your support of this nationwide Teamster organizing drive
helps all working people struggling for representation. Come by!
For more info:

HOUSE THE HOMELESS - First Tuesday of each month - 4:00pm.
701 W. 5th St. For info:

Third Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM at the Terrazas Branch
Library, 1105 E. Cesar Chavez St.
For info: call J. D. Porter at 708.9872

10:30 am at the Green Party Campaign Headquarters , 1817 east 6th St.
Our Lady's Family Center.
For info: call party headquarters 499-8776.

AUSTIN ALLIANCE FOR DEMOCRACY - First Sunday of each month.
6:30 pm at the AFL-CIO Building, 11th & Lavaca.
The AfD is a progressive populist organization dedicated to ending
corporate domination and working for true democracy.
For Info. call 491-5210

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL GROUP 500 - Two regular monthly meetings:
Second Sunday of each month from 4 to 6 pm at Central Market Cafe
(upstairs), 40th. and Lamar. Letter writing sessions.
Fourth Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the First Unitarian
Universalist Church, 4700 Grover. Organizational meeting.
For info: 444-2399

month from 4:30-6:30pm
Governor's Mansion, 1010 Lavaca.
Call 441-4099 or

at 7:00PM, Friends Meeting House, 31st. and Washington Square
Call 494-0667 for more information

ACLU - CENTRAL TEXAS CHAPTER -Public Forum last Friday of
every month. Noon. Furrs Cafeteria Banquet room, Northcross Mall
Presentation is video taped for later broadcast on Taking Liberties,
Channel 10 every Wednesday 7-8PM,
For info: 459-5829 or

IWW Lucy Parsons General Membership Branch meetings
Third Wednesdays 6:30pm @ Gaby & Moe's on Manor
for more info,

First Wednesdays, 7:15pm Ran Moran's house, 5214 Duval
To contribute or subscribe, email the WSJ at

Monthly meetings first Monday 7:00PM.
June 5 meeting: Texas Union (Guadalupe between 23rd and 24th)
Asian Culture Room.
For info: Rahul Mahajan

RESULTS Austin meets at 1:00 p.m. on the 2nd Saturday of
each month at 2026 Guadalupe, Newman Hall, St. Austin's.
We participate in a national strategy conference call and
then plan our local actions. All interested in ending
the worst aspects of hunger and poverty are invited to
attend. For info: Mark at 823-7321,

ZAPATISTA COUNCIL meets at 6:30om the first and third Monday
of each month at the American Friends Service Committee office,
1304 E. 6th. St. Suite #3. For info: Elaine Cohen at
or 302-4789

PEACE ACTION MONTHLY FORUMS held the third Tuesday of each
month (June 20, July 18, August 15). Stimulating discussions
and information on a broad range of subjects.

LIST YOUR GROUP'S MEETINGS: The Calender now has a Regular Meetings
section to list your group's meetings, time and place. Please
submit to:

To have your events listed in the calendar, please send
information about Austin area activities to:

SUBSCRIBE your friends to the weekly APJC Community Calendar!
Write an email to:
In the message write: subscribe apjc

To UNSUBSCRIBE to this calendar, send an email to:
In the message write: unsubscribe apjc

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 61 of 73: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Mon, Jun 19, 2000 (13:50) * 1 lines 
Wow, Terry, are you going to any of these things?

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 62 of 73: austin spring (sprin5) * Mon, Jun 19, 2000 (13:58) * 1 lines 
Between work, the houses, and working on the Austen University, it's tough to find time these days.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 63 of 73: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Mon, Jun 19, 2000 (19:55) * 1 lines 
Probably keep you from getting a police record too... As I recall it was a badge of honor in the 60's... That's what the big boys told me, any way *grin*

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 64 of 73: austin spring (sprin5) * Wed, Dec  6, 2000 (09:00) * 23 lines 
I went to a reading of Karen Holcombe's Tristan and Izolde movie script
night and thoroughly enjoyed not only the reading but the give and take
the cast, writer and producers talked with the audience. It was real

It was at the Ted Hideout, a nice coffeehouse down on 617 Congress Avenue.
ONe of the cast members, said he felt the characters had more substance to
them than any play or movie he had been in.

Fine performances by Chris Huston (Tristan), Andrea Osborn (Izolda), and
Henry Fitgerald (King Mark).

To add a bit to the above, "movie midwifing" was the carrier for the above
event, a screenplay and short film contest open to Texas writers and
filmmakers. It was also sponsored by, who gave away prizes
like film making software to the winning writers (sb, screenwriting

I really enjoyed Henry Fitzgeralds insights at the closing discussion,
especially. I think he made the comment about the substance of the

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 65 of 73: austin spring (sprin5) * Thu, Dec  7, 2000 (07:49) * 16 lines 
Karen has already had an inquiry for
her script from a film making outfit in Vancouver. And she's gained some
great insights in to her script for actors and an audience so she can go
back and flesh out some characters some more and clarify some issues in her

Too bad Karen's work is the tail end of this years series which started
August 1st, next year I'll be interested in seeing the whole series.
Alchemyworks is the organization that put on this series and produces

Alchemyworks will be accepting submissions for it's screenplay contest from
January through May 15 for next years series. They're also looking for
screenplays to produce low budget feature films (esp. action-adventure, sci
fi, and romantic drama). They collaborate with the Austin Digital Video
Center, a filmmaking collective and incubator for indie filmmakers.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 66 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jul 13, 2001 (19:59) * 36 lines 

(Austin, Texas) Alchemy Works presents the 2001
season of "Movie Midwifing: A Series of New Screenplay
Readings & Short Films" Tuesday evenings, September 4,
11, 18, and 25th at the Hideout Theatre & Cafe at 617
Congress Avenue in Austin. Screenplays and short
films presented in the series are selected by
statewide contest. The 2001 winners will be announced
in early August.

The primary mission of the Movie Midwifing series is
to provide an interactive experience among audience,
actors, and the writer to breathe life into and
further shape a nascent script. Its secondary mission
is to foster opportunities for new directors and
producers to experience their works in an open setting
with an audience, thus gaining valuable insights to
form significant improvements in their works.

Winning screenplays are cast with professional actors
and presented to the public as unstaged readings.
After each reading, the audience and cast are invited
to share their feedback with the writer. In addition,
each evening's reading is preceded by a screening of
one or two new short films by Texas filmmakers!
Screenings begin at 7:15 p.m; readings begin at 7:30
p.m. Admission is $6 at the door.

Current sponsors of the series include the Austin Film
Festival, the City of Austin under the auspices of the
Austin Arts Commission and by the Texas Commission on
the Arts, and CC Digital Video & Audio. For more
information, contact Lorie Marsh at 512-443-8229 or

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 67 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Sep  5, 2001 (09:36) * 41 lines 
From: Lorie Marsh
Subject: 2nd MM event next Tuesday, Sept. 11

Hello, Everyone! If you attended the first MM event
last night, you know what a great evening it was!
Thanks for coming! Just wanted to alert you all about
next week's featured short film and screenplay - see
below. Happy Wednesday! Lorie


(Austin, Texas) Join us for Alchemy Works' second
Movie Midwifing event on Tuesday, September 11th, at
The Hideout at 617 Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas!

We'll be featuring a documentary excerpt about male
strippers, "Ladies Nite," by Austinites Christine
Irons and Andrea Tucker, then our cast of fabulous
actors will present the screenplay "Contact Sports," a
lesbian romantic sports comedy by Houston
writer-filmmakers, Sharon Ferranti and Lauren Johnson.
You may have seen Sharon and Lauren's 16MM short
film, "A Thousand Miles," at the Austin Gay & Lesbian
Film Festival just last week!

Our cast for the evening includes Rhian Baker, Sue
Bilich, Dorothy Browning, Dianna Dorman, Hildreth
England, Henry Fitzgerald, Nicole Furneisen, Eleanor
Guerrero, Traci Laird, Ann Marie Mignini, Amber
Nosbich, Angela Rawna, Tana Rogers, Bronwyn Seay,
Sarah Hauck Seaton, Julie Winston-Thomas, and Jane

Social hour begins at 6:30 p.m. in the cafe. Come
early and mingle with your acting, writing, and
filmmaker/movie-lover friends! The screening begins
at 7:30 p.m., and the reading performance begins
immediately thereafter (approximately 7:45 p.m.).
Admission is $6 at the door. For more information,
call 512-443-8229 or go to

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 68 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, May 12, 2002 (06:50) * 10 lines 
Fray Day, a great storytelling event, is coming to Austin again.

Michael Brown is organizing it. If you'd like to lend a hand,
you can contact him at mailto:// .

Fray Day 6 is scheduled for September 14.

No location yet, that's what Michael Brown is working on.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 69 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Jun 18, 2002 (11:53) * 37 lines 
from Karen Kreps:

Dear Friends,

I hope that you will be able to join me for this eye-opening
discussion, tomorrow evening, Wednesday at 7 pm.

The Mystery of Love: What is love and can it involve a spiritual bond
that leads to personal transformation?

Join Good Life columnist Karen Kreps and special guest Dr. Bob Lively
for an engaging discussion debunking many of our cultural myths about
love. Dr. Lively is the popular Presbyterian minister and
award-winning author who leads workshops for singles at the Riverbend
church called “Breaking New Ground: Making Relationships Work.” For
over a decade he has contributed a regular column in the Austin

Meet Wednesday, June 19, 2002, 7 p.m. at Book People, 603 N. Lamar,
for an eye-opening discussion about exploring the mysteries of love.

No charge, just bring your sense of humor and an open mind.

The "Intimacies" discussion group, sponsored by Good Life Magazine and
Book People. To be removed from this distribution list, please reply
to that effect. Thank you for passing on the word about this fun


Karen Kreps

"Intimacies" columnist
The Good Life Magazine
512.328.4456.v 707.516.0652.x

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 70 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jul 12, 2002 (21:51) * 21 lines 
PHILLIP KAPLAN signs copies of and discusses his Fucked Companies. Amen, to
that, brother. It isn't so much that corporate America is destroying us,
it's more that a few corporate vampires are getting filthy rich and being
protected by courts and the Bush League at the expense of millions of us.
These companies are fucked or, rather, are fucking us - and we're taking it
as if free enterprise means free-to-be-screwed. Now not even those leeches
called investors are safe from these vampires: workers have long been
expendable to the needs of the investor; now the investor is just another
sucker. If I weren't unemployed, I'd almost gloat. Thursday, July 18, 7pm.
BookPeople, 603 N. Lamar. 472-4288.

from the Austin Chronsicle

And Karen Kreps is at it again, this time with a very special treat.

INTIMACIES BOOK GROUP enjoys the company of special guest Sara Hickman.
Wednesday, July 17, 7pm. BookPeople, 603 N. Lamar. 472-4288.

I highly recommend this second event.

 Topic 18 of 64 [austin]: events and happenings around Austin
 Response 71 of 73: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jul 14, 2002 (15:05) * 53 lines 
A great little guide:



El Sol y La Luna (1224 S. Congress Ave) - Enchiladas Zacatecas. Who knew
heaven had guacamole-cream sauce on it. Nice little band on Friday nights

Taqueria Arandas #5 (S. 1st St.) - "This place is so cheap and yummy I get

Chuy's (1728 Barton Springs Road)- Kind of an Austin tradition. Frat boy
central, but still yummy and appeasing to the eye as well as the palate.

Hula Hut (3825 Lake Austin Blvd) - Picture Mexican food in Hawaii. Sit out
on the dock and overlook Lake Austin.

Curras 614 E. Oltorf

I hate it when I do this. I go to a place I eat there I think it sucks and
then I hear so many people give the damn place rave reviews I convince
myself I just got the wrong thing so I go back and think it sucks again.
This was my experience with Curras. Sucks is a strong word, but not far
from the truth. The service was sub-par, they kept bringing us the wrong
orders when they came to the table at all. I had the shrimp chiplote
enchiladas which I was cautioned on y the staff was very spicy. I grow
habaneros and jalapenos in my yard, the sauce was bland and the shrimp
were tiny and of the frozen variety. I was drawn back to try their famous
avocado margaritas, again I was not impressed. Two strikes against them,
Curras is not on the highly recommended list.

Trudy's - Several locations

I had been to Trudy's early on in moving to Austin and was impressed, but
as of late have a new respect for the place. Year after year the voted
best this r that in various Austin publications. I think maybe I had the
wrong thing. However, now that I have been introduced tot heir Mexican
Green Chile Sauce I am quite fond of Trudy's. Whether I have the sauce on
soft chicken tacos or a smoked chicken burrito I am a happy camper. My
boyfriend and I both were very unimpressed with their migas, so steer
clear of those. I plan on trying their stuffed and deep fried avocado next

The person who does the website sells bracelets.

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11/7: Writers Boot Camp

Reply to:
Date: Mon Oct 28 10:58:48 2002

Writers Boot Camp is an integrated career development program created to jump-start, enhance and evolve writing careers in film and television; and it's designed to fit into the schedules of working professionals. The nationally renowned Think Tank course, helps writers identify and master the tools and traits of their writing that will lead to script development at professional levels. Whether entering as a beginning or experienced writer, graduates can achieve success in the entertainment industry. Our alumni are now writing at the top levels of the film industry and on hit shows on network television, HBO and Showtime.

Designed to fit into the schedules of working professionals, the program requires a 10-hour weekly commitment to your creative work in addition to scheduled class sessions. In return, you will learn to stimulate your creative process, increase productivity and become a confident authority on your own writing.

Writers Boot Camp is a community of writers, all benefiting from the unique instructional tools and assignments we offer, along with a program of support, discipline and feedback, and exceptional industry outreach. We're always eager to meet new writers who have similar goals: to become successful in the film or television writing industry.

For those not in the LA or New York areas, we now offer an on-line course that cover the course material from our Basic Training program.

For more information, please contact Haley Gilbert at or 310-998-1199 ext. 312.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
this is in or around anywhere

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Austin Celtic Festival

General Event Information
Event Category: Community Events
Price: $10.00 at the gate $7.00 in advance
* contact the Presenting Organization listed below for ticketing
Dates and Times: Between 11/01/2003 and 11/02/2003 on
Saturday at 12p to 10pm
Sunday at 12p to 9pm

20 musical acts with headliners
Liz Carroll
John Williams
John Doyle
The Killdares
5 dance troupes
40 Celtic Craft Vendors
A Reading of Dylan Thomas' Undermilk Wood
Full Competition Highland Games
Children's Highland Games
Music Workshops
Medieval Battle Recreation
Civil War Camp
and MORE

Venue Information
Venue: Fiesta Gardens
Address: 2101 Bergman
Address 2: Town Lake
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip Code: 78701
Country: United States

Presenting Organization
Name: Donnelle Mckaskle/Austin Celtic Assc.
Telephone: 512-431-6290
Email Address:
Designation: not-for-profit

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