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Topic 26 of 64: Silicon Hills vs. Silicon Valley

Mon, Dec 29, 1997 (13:50) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Is Austin the next major computer/semiconductor software center?

How does it stack up next to Silicon Valley and Route 128?

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 Topic 26 of 64 [austin]: Silicon Hills vs. Silicon Valley
 Response 1 of 3: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Dec 29, 1997 (13:50) * 28 lines 

Today's NY Times has a full-page summary of the demographics of Silicon
Valley, which they define as "a 1,500-square mile region that embraces
Santa Clara County and parts of Santa Cruz ... San Mateo and Alameda
counties." They even have a map showing among other things where Dennis
Barnhart rolled his Ferrari the day his Eagle Computer company went
public in 1983. I think some of their claims are wrong, like saying the
Winchester, named after the rifle, was "the first computer hard disk
drive", but it's a fun read. Some figures:

The Valley got 30% of US venture capital in 1997: $2.7B of $9.1 billion.
Most of it went to software companies (40.5%), then communications
(23%), biotech (14%), computers (12%), and semiconductors (6%).

Employment there is up 120,000 in four years, to 1.138 million jobs.

In 1995-1996, 9000 jobs were added in "software" but 22,100 in
"professional services"; possibly shrinks and outcall masseuses for
stressed geeks, who make $62,800 a year compared to the US employee
average of $27,800 but have to shell out $272K for a house compared to
the US average of $123K.

The "average daily hours lost by drivers in freeway delays in Santa
Clara County" was 20,500 in 1996, up from 8,800 in 1994, while the
commercial vacancy rate went down to 5% from 13% in that time.

 Topic 26 of 64 [austin]: Silicon Hills vs. Silicon Valley
 Response 2 of 3: ariana vincent  (ariana) * Thu, Jan  1, 1998 (10:14) * 125 lines 
Happy New Year!

I have recently returned to the Central Texas Area, and I'm networking for a job in the high-tech field. I'd appreciate receiving information about high tech job possibilities in the Austin, San Marcos & Wimberley areas.

My New Year's resolution is to focus on career and find my niche in the Central Texas job market, and your help would be a welcome and valuable addition to that process.

Warm regards, Ariana


Ariana Vincent
Post Office Box 1705
Wimberley, Texas 78676

Telephone: (512) 847-1408

Technical Writer
Technical Production Assistant
Technical Copy Editor


1988 - 1989 Southwest Texas State University,
San Marcos, Texas
Graduate studies, psychology

1985 - 1986 John F. Kennedy University,
Orinda, California
Graduate studies, psychology

1975 - 1980 The University of Texas, Austin, Texas,
B. A. & B.F. A. (Major: Fine Art, Minor: Psychology)


1996 - 1997 Laure-Conan School and Durocher School - Quebec - French language courses

1990 Austin Writers’ League, Austin, Texas - Seminars for Authors and Journalists

1992 Austin Community College, Austin, Texas - Seminars for Technical Writers


Optimum Translations, Inc., New Brunswick
Technical Copy Editor, 1997

Municipality of St-Ambroise, Quebec
Teacher (English as a Second Language), 1996

Ariana Vincent, Photographer
Professional Photographer, (contractual), 1980 - Present

Whitehurst, Harkness & Watson, Austin, Texas
Legal Secretary, 1991 - 1993

Griggs & Harrison, Attorneys, Austin, Texas
Legal Secretary, 1990

Ticor Title Insurance Company,
San Francisco, California
Administrative Secretary 1988 - 1989

Provided administrative support for attorneys and executives and utilized a wide variety of word processing systems including IBM and Macintosh. Interacted with attorneys, clients, doctors, and court personnel. Scheduled meetings & conferences. Trained and supervised other employees.
(1988 - 1993)

Teacher of English as a Second Language in Quebec
Founder and Administrator of Le Centre de Langue Anglais
(1996 - 1997)

Photographic specialization include photographs of conferences, workshops and sports events, portraits, weddings, landscapes, works of art, photography for cinematographers, photojournalism. Experience as a free-lance photographer, photojournalist, darkroom technician, and as an assistant to a photohistorian.
(1980 to Present)

Photographs Published

Inside Iowa State University, Austin American Statesman, Daily Texan, Arriba, Para La Gente, Austin Skiers, Images, and State of the Arts, The Ford Foundation Brochure of the School of Art of the University of Texas at Austin, Southwest Athletics, Networking Magazine, and Inside Texas Running


50th Exhibition of Photography of the Club Photo JAK, Quebec
30th Annual Exhibition of the Club Photo Chicoutimi, Quebec
Texas Photographic Society Exhibition, Wunderlich Gallery, Austin
Personal Retrospective, The Purple Plum, Austin
Sacred Sites and Sanctuaries, Martin Brothers, Austin
Hot Air Balloons - Austin to Albuquerque, Wylie's, Austin
Waterscapes, Whole Foods, Austin
Ariana’s Madonnas, Cafezino, Austin
University Art Students Exhibition, Huntington Gallery, Austin
San Antonio Is..., The Witte Museum, San Antonio
Third Sunday Show, Allen St. Gallery, Dallas
An Exhibition of Friends, Bois d'Arc Gallery, Austin
First Annual Color Photography Exhibit, North Texas University, Denton
Austin Contemporary Artists Exhibition, St. Edward's University, Austin
The Faces of France, University of Texas, Austin

Articles have been published in the ASMP News, the American Society of Media Photographers Journal, The Contact Sheet, and the Journal of the Texas Photographic Society
(1977 - present)

Hispanic Magazine, Austin, Texas
Journal, The Autobiography of Dennis Hill, by Dennis Hill, Austin, Texas
John F. Kennedy University Course Catalogue (First Edition), California
Flying Boy, Healing the Wounded Man by John Lee, Austin, Texas
Agatha Christie Trivia Book by Kathleen Kaska, Austin, Texas
Formation and Development Organization, Inc. (FDO), Quebec
Optimum Translation, Inc., Fredericton, New Brunswick
(editing of technical, scientific, and educational documents)
(1985 - present)

 Topic 26 of 64 [austin]: Silicon Hills vs. Silicon Valley
 Response 3 of 3: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Jul 28, 1999 (09:33) * 15 lines 

It's Official: Silicon Valley Overpriced

A report by consultants A T Kearney for a sort of Silicon Valley Chamber
of Commerce called Joint Venture is available at
It says the very success of Valley firms is fostering growth in seven
other areas: San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Austin (Texas, not Powers), Boston,
New York, and even Washington DC. The Valley itself is said to suffer from
an acute shortage of skilled people (~160,000, a third of the regional
demand) plus a deteriorating quality of life and rapidly rising home prices.
Another determinant sited is that outside of hardware manufacturing, much of the
work can be done just about anywhere with electricity and a phone link.


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