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Topic 59 of 64: Austin smoking ordinance

Tue, May 6, 2003 (08:21) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
The Austin smoking ordinance is Gus Garcia's final stroke of genius for Austin. It would ban smoking from all restaurants totally. What a brou ha ha. The small business people are hot, spearheaded by Sam and Bob. And has a special page devoted to the differing views at

You can learn a lot of the details there.
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 Topic 59 of 64 [austin]: Austin smoking ordinance
 Response 1 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Tue, May  6, 2003 (08:28) * 5 lines 
This is about choice and business owners right to choose what they do with their business. They can choose to have a smoking (under the current somewhat strict ordinance) or nonsmoking ordinance.

Right now, we have a 4-3 vote for the ordinance. Going in to Thursdays vote.

A bunch of folks are meeting at Councilman Darryl Slusher's office at 5:00 pm tonight at Colorado and 8th to express their views on this issue. Bob Cole, KVET morning talk show host, will be there.

 Topic 59 of 64 [austin]: Austin smoking ordinance
 Response 2 of 4: Stacey   (stacey) * Tue, Jul 15, 2003 (22:55) * 2 lines 
Hot topic in the Denver area as well...
Boulder has sucessfully implemented a smoking ban in all facilities but things aren't going so well here...

 Topic 59 of 64 [austin]: Austin smoking ordinance
 Response 3 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Jul 16, 2003 (08:40) * 4 lines 
They're backing down already on the Austin ban since Will Wynn got in to
office. He's asked for a postponement so they can reconsider and possibly
put a revote to the McCrackin Council.

 Topic 59 of 64 [austin]: Austin smoking ordinance
 Response 4 of 4: Admin Guy 2004 (admin) * Thu, Feb 12, 2004 (13:21) * 1 lines 
Anyone know the status of this?

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