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Topic 9 of 64: politics, Austin style

Thu, Nov 14, 1996 (21:59) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Austin's City Council is always the eye of a swirling tornado of controversy,
usually about the environment.

Max may run for Mayor someday. For those who don't know, Max Nofziger was a street corner flower
salesman who became one of Austin's most popular city councilmen ever.

The Capitol is partly my beat. Congress is my street.
Poltics are my heat. I love to watch politics on tv,
read about them and talk about politics.

How do you feel about Austin politics?
4 responses total.

 Topic 9 of 64 [austin]: politics, Austin style
 Response 1 of 4: aubrey  (aubrey) * Tue, Apr  8, 1997 (14:23) * 1 lines 
As with all my responses, I'm basing everything on my last stint in my beloved Austin, 89-93--I thought that allowing the rape of Barton Springs was about the lowest I've ever seen politics stoop. I almost couldn't breathe when I realized that MacMoRan was going to get away with it. That's about all I know, since (sadly) I'm NOT much of a politico.

 Topic 9 of 64 [austin]: politics, Austin style
 Response 2 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Apr  8, 1997 (22:54) * 3 lines 
SOS ( ) is a good place to get caught up on the
Barton Springs scene. The endangered salamander was just ordered back on
the endangered species list by Judge Bunton.

 Topic 9 of 64 [austin]: politics, Austin style
 Response 3 of 4: aubrey  (aubrey) * Thu, Apr 10, 1997 (13:33) * 1 lines 
Thanks! I appreciate it, since Austin politics is the LAST thing anyone talks about here (we have a pretty nutty scene going on in Big D).

 Topic 9 of 64 [austin]: politics, Austin style
 Response 4 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Apr 10, 1997 (22:00) * 77 lines 
I'm talking Kircher for Mayor! He's the cyberspace nerd's best friend!
I'm hoping he'll make it down to talk to KVET's Sammy and Bob. Just
got off the phone with him.

His website is

Why Vote for Ted for Mayor?

First, I offer my sincere thanks to you for taking the time and effort to visit my web site and give
consideration to the serious issues facing Austin, its citizens and those chosen to be trusted with
leadership and decisions. Remember, it is still government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I decided to become a candidate for Mayor for several simple and obvious reasons. First, anyone paying
the least bit of attention to the City Council and Channel 6 can easily conclude that this city is not a
group of people, rather, it has changed into a people of groups. Recall the issues: East Austin feeling
like a separate city and possibly wanting to be one, the helmet law, closure of Southwest Parkway,
changing citizen participation rules at city council meetings, the telecommunications ordinance,
traffic, capitol metro, the list goes on. The point being: Why is it when town hall meetings are held,
90% of the time 90% of the people are against City Council decisions?

We need someone to bring the city back together again, and that is me, Ted Kircher. If we fail at this
single point now, then as Austin grows, we will continue to splinter into self-interested geographic
areas or groups. This is not a way for a successful American city to grow in the 21th century.

Another reason I decided to run for Mayor of Austin is my background. I have a proven hi-tech record as a
successful business person with over thirty years experience in the computer industry. I also belong to
numerous hi-tech citizen organizations. Since a significant population of Austin's citizens are in this
industry and contribute a significant amount to Austin's tax and fee revenue, and, since none of the
existing City Council Members or Mayor have business and technical leadership skills to represent Austin
in this global industry, we need someone who can, and I want to be this person.

I believe Austin needs and deserves a Mayor who is in fully in tune with information age technologies, not
only to encourage growth in that business sector by representing the city, but is able to apply this
to raise the skill levels of all deserving and motivated citizens in the city.

We need a leader who understands the new jobs emerging related to Internet, web, multimedia and
telecommunications and how these jobs are the environment friendly and telecommuting based jobs that
Austin must attract. Austin is ideally poised at the threshold of the information age to be a leader in this
rapidly expanding marketplace.

If fact, I expect to be the first of a line of Mayors with the capability of not only guiding Austin to
fully exploit the latest technology base, but also with the capability of promoting our city in the rapidly
expanding global marketplace.

As a resident of Austin, I too pay taxes while experiencing the cost of living rapidly increasing. We simply
do not need to grow Austin into another San Francisco or Boston where urban and sub-urban housing
prices continue to skyrocket, not to mention that taxes and fees including sales, property and government
imposed are too high.

Austin's clock is ticking and we have goals to achieve, strategies to form, plans to execute and results to
measure, but we have to do it together. It is time to act now!

I am not left and I am not right, rather, I am what is correct for Austin. No other Mayoral candidate
has the abilities I possess to provide the leadership to achieve these goals. In short, Austin is not
just a little city any more, and it will need strong and knowledgable leadership to achieve the
economic, quality of life and environmental goals outlined at this site.

Have an open and creative mindset as you read these pages and understand that this is the Austin '97
Election Central - you will rarely see these hard issues addressed by other candidates or in the media.
Austin's problems are more than fixing potholes!

In closing, I challenge each and every one of us make these issues visible by asking other candidates their
positions. Thanks for visiting, understanding and sharing my views. And I ask you for your support, vote
Ted Kircher for Austin's '97 Mayor.

PS: My message will also be communicated via other electronic means - on TV (Channel 6, ACAC
Channel 16, ..) and voice radio. See my Campaign Events section for the latest schedule.


Ted Kircher

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