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Topic 11 of 23: Interior Decoration

Wed, May 17, 2000 (16:46) | Marcia (MarciaH)
How to change the look of your home without massive expenditures, decorate for the holidays and other fun things to do to improve our nests.
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 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 1 of 7: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Wed, May 17, 2000 (16:47) * 14 lines 
Black & White Floor
Have you admired one of those striking black and white tile
floors in a magazine or showhouse and dismissed ever having
one because you thought it was too formal? Well, think
again. This look is very easy to work with. Imagine a sleek
and shiny modern kitchen with a black and white floor. Or
perhaps you like country; that could work, too, with
smaller gingham black and white checked material at the
windows, a touch of weathered paint, and a few antiques
thrown in. Then there is the French provincial look with
pine furniture, rush seats, and fancy curtains with lots of
hanging brass pots. So you, too, can have this beautiful
look in your kitchen.

 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 2 of 7: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Thu, May 18, 2000 (01:24) * 17 lines 
Pattern Blends

Are you trying to create a cozy feel in your decorating by
adding pattern, but are afraid to mix more than three?
Don't be! You can use up to six different patterns together
by using similar colors and varied scales.
First choose a dominant pattern, one with a large scale.
Use it on one of your room's largest elements; the
draperies, perhaps. Then repeat it on articles of less
importance, such as chair seats or pillows.
Next you can use tone on tone, as in a stripe on a sofa or
Then use small scale patterns in your accents such as a
needlepoint pillow or artwork.
By using many patterns together, you can create a rich look
with style and visual interest.

 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 3 of 7: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Thu, May 18, 2000 (01:26) * 14 lines 
Community College
Feel like you're stuck in a rut, working alone in your
garage or basement? Maybe you need a refresher on basic
skills, or just want access to industrial-sized machines.
Many community colleges offer outstanding inexpensive
woodworking programs. Current or retired professionals, who
are eager to share their skills, often teach these classes.
Although some of these departments are geared mainly toward
training young people for production jobs, others will be
very receptive to students who want to learn how to do
fine, one of a kind work. Go meet the teachers at your
local schools. You may be in for a very positive

 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 4 of 7: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Mon, May 22, 2000 (14:02) * 13 lines 
Decorative Painting

Are your rooms looking drab and in need of a little
something to perk them up? Try some decorative painting.
You could paint a trellis and vine around and over an open
doorway. Continue it down the hall for a surprising touch!
Do you have a blank wall? Why not paint a mural on it? Try
a beach scene, or maybe a forest with animals. If you' re
not that artistic, you could start by painting a floor to
look like large stones or a rectangular rug pattern that
appeals to you. Experiment with it and have fun--you can
always paint over it.

 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 5 of 7: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Mon, May 22, 2000 (15:51) * 10 lines 
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Thinking of adding a hanging mirror to your home decor?
Consider using a vintage wooden window as your mirror
frame. Scout out antique or architectural salvage stores to
find the size and shape you want. Consider a multi-paned
window for an interesting effect. Then, take the window to
any home center that cuts glass. They should be able to cut
mirrors to fit the panes.

 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 6 of 7: Anon  (curious) * Mon, Aug 20, 2001 (23:21) * 1 lines 
Once again, great tips!

 Topic 11 of 23 [crafts]: Interior Decoration
 Response 7 of 7: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Aug 28, 2001 (14:58) * 3 lines 
Thanks. I need to find them again and post new ones. My inbox overfloweth if I get too many subscriptions going, and my first devotion is to Geo where I was left on my own to find things to make it fly or sink. Thus far we remain aloft.
Pop by and check it out. You ARE and inhabitant of the known Universe? If so, I have something there that should be of interest. Even if you are a little kid!
Do you have earthquakes where you live? Active volcanoes? I do!

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