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Topic 13 of 100: John Hiatt

Wed, Dec 11, 1996 (11:31) | Josh Daniel (joshd)
Any other fans out there? For my money, he's among the best songwriters working today, and he's vastly underappreciated.
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 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 1 of 8: Josh Daniel  (joshd) * Wed, Dec 11, 1996 (11:34) * 3 lines 
I made a Hiatt mix tape for my fiancee's father for Christmas. It's a 90-minute tape, and it was really hard to winnow my faves down to 90 minutes. So many great tunes, so little time!

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 2 of 8: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Dec 11, 1996 (19:39) * 2 lines 
What are the names of some of the better tunes?

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 3 of 8: Josh Daniel  (joshd) * Thu, Dec 12, 1996 (13:12) * 9 lines 
Funny you should ask--I was going to include a list but for some reason decided not to.

Hiatt is best known for writing songs that become hits for other people. He wrote one of Bonnie Raitt's big one, "Thing Called Love." Buddy Guy did pretty well with "Feels Like Rain," and Don Henley just released a version of "Through Your Hands."

Those are all on the tape. Plus, not in this order: Buffalo River Home, Stolen Moments, Tennessee Plates (I think someone covered this one for the Thelma and Louise soundtrack), Angel, Is Anybody There, Lipstick Sunset, Perfectly Good Guitar, Blue Telescope, Slow Turning, Memphis in the Meantime, and a few others that escape me at the moment.

In other words, I can't name just a few good ones of his.

Also, Hootie and the Blowfish stole a line from one of his songs for the title of their first major-label album, Cracked Rear View. Don't hold this against him.

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 4 of 8: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Thu, Dec 12, 1996 (20:23) * 1 lines 
I'm pretty sure I saw him at a concert in Austin, but it was a while back.

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 5 of 8: Katy Kendall  (kendall) * Fri, Dec 27, 1996 (10:22) * 3 lines 
I love John Hiatt's music. My favorite is "Like Something Wild".

My albums have long since dissapeared into my teen-age daughter's mania for CD's, but I bought the first for a song named (something like) "Smashing a Perfectly Good Guitar"

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 6 of 8: Josh Daniel  (joshd) * Thu, Jan  9, 1997 (22:06) * 20 lines 
Yeah, that'd be "Perfectly Good Guitar":

He threw one down from the top of the stairs,
Beautiful women were standing everywhere.
They all got wet when smashed that thing,
But off in the dark you could hear somebody sing

"Oh, it breaks my heart
To see those stars
Smashing a perfectly good guitar
I dont' know who
They think they are
Smashing a perfectly good guitar."

It started back in 1963
His momma wouldn't buy him that new red Harmony
He settled for a Sunburst with a crack
But he's still trying to break his momma's back...

and so on.

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 7 of 8: Katy Kendall  (kendall) * Mon, Jan 20, 1997 (15:48) * 1 lines 
Have you ever heard him in concert?

 Topic 13 of 100 [music]: John Hiatt
 Response 8 of 8: Josh Daniel  (joshd) * Wed, Jan 22, 1997 (07:55) * 1 lines 
No, sadly. But I do have an *excellent* live record of his, *Live at the Budokhan?* And he has done at least one performance on Austin City Limits, which gets replayed every once in a while. Looks like a great show.

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