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Topic 15 of 100: MIDI

Sat, Dec 28, 1996 (15:23) | Amy (Amy)
Dry Martini wondered about MIDI in another topic so I thought I would start a new one for it.

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 Topic 15 of 100 [music]: MIDI
 Response 1 of 6: Amy  (Amy) * Sat, Dec 28, 1996 (15:24) * 1 lines 
I am afraid to get into MIDI. Play piano and am a webhead and I fear it would truly take over my life. Do you do it, Dry?

 Topic 15 of 100 [music]: MIDI
 Response 2 of 6: drymartini  (drymartini) * Sat, Dec 28, 1996 (19:39) * 8 lines 
I did MIDI for a while; right now I am not set up for it. I got into it with my Atari ST1040 and a Casio kb, using Cakewalk. I don't have the MIDI connect on my soundcard in this system, but I want to as soon as I put in another hard drive (sound files can be huge) and a JAZ.
Sometimes I wonder how large the New Testament would be, if Paul had owned a notebook computer. As active a correspondent as he was, imagine-- if the process had been less laborious--
And sometimes I wonder how much Mozart would have written, if he had been set up for MIDI, and everything could have been put on paper just by playing-- And probably Salieri couldn't have worked him to death. It's particularly depressing when I reflect that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for years...
You bet, when I get set up for MIDI again, I'll spend about a week just playing onto paper the stuff I've written and arranged in the past couple of years and never put on paper.
Errol had been playing and composing for years before he learned music notation, and then he learned because he was dissatisfied with how others put his stuff on paper. They listened, but they never quite got all the nuances.
Now, with MIDI, he wouldn't have to learn the language. But he probably would want to anyhow. There is no advantage in being musically illiterate. It's a tremendous language; do you agree?
Amy, the piano and other keyboard instruments fit right in with this technology. As I always say, KEYBOARDS IS KEYBOARDS. Keyboard musicians are generally most intuitive, and highly coordinated, and used to thinking in three dimensions or more. We trained musicians usually learn programming languages and new software quite easily, have you noticed? And I notice that adults (and children too) who play keyboard instruments learn QWERTY keyboards more readily than others.
So it takes over your life-- would you rather be fixated on food, or fashion, or politics? So you won't have time for sex, or friends-- Think of the great vibes you'll have!

 Topic 15 of 100 [music]: MIDI
 Response 3 of 6: jonathan ovalle  (drummerboy) * Thu, Oct 23, 1997 (21:35) * 2 lines 
Ahhhhhhh, the wonderful world of MIDI. I think this is an integral part of the music biz, just as computers are part of many of our everyday lives. Whether you become a MIDI "junkie" or not is up to you, but I do think it is an important area to understand and be familiar with as a performer or an educator. Put it in the ol' bag of tricks ! I know the above post is old, but what is this "Keyboard musicians are generally most intuitive, and highly coordinated " bullshit ! I don't know you Mr. "drymartini"
but I am not into instrumental superiority complexes.

 Topic 15 of 100 [music]: MIDI
 Response 4 of 6: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Oct 24, 1997 (06:30) * 3 lines 
Do you have your own midi setup? What do you use?

 Topic 15 of 100 [music]: MIDI
 Response 5 of 6: Larisa  (risa) * Sun, Dec 24, 2000 (00:51) * 1 lines 
I use a USB MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) Fastlane. I primarily use MIDI for interactive music/video/whatever. I've got a video tracking system that sends MIDI signals to a program called MAX. MAX interprets them depending on how I've programmed it to do so and creates music, plays video, controls lighting cues, etc. There's a bunch of different sensors and controllers you can use with it. This seems to be the way MIDI is heading. If you have any questions about MIDI I can probably help you.

 Topic 15 of 100 [music]: MIDI
 Response 6 of 6:  (sprin5) * Tue, Dec 26, 2000 (05:38) * 1 lines 
So, the keyboard then controls the whole show? That's interesting. Is MAX a Mac only program? Does MAX do video editing?

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