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Topic 23 of 100: Save the Austin Music Network

Sun, Jul 13, 1997 (09:52) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Hi everybody,

Sorry to bother with this, but as an Austin music lover I have to bug you
with the information I just got.

Have a great day,

AMN may not be all it could be, but at least they sometimes show local

AMN may not be all it could be, but at least they sometimes show local
music videos and cool national acts that aren't anywhere else. At least
they show a lot of music videos, unlike MTV. I enjoy it...

Subject: Help SAVE the Austin Music Network
Date: 7 Jul 97 15:30:24 GMT
From: (AABA)
Organization: AJW
Newsgroups:, austin.general
References: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

I just received the news that the Austin Music Network was COMPLETELY CUT
OUT of the budget to be presented to the Austin City Council for approval
between now and August. This means that, unless it is put back in, the
Austin Music Network will cease broadcasting within four months.

If you care at all about keeping Austin's own 24-hr music channel on the
air, NOW IS THE TIME to call, write, or email the City Council members and
let them know. Please take the time to help us save this unique
complement to Austin's music scene. If you think the Austin Music Network
could be improved--guess what. So do I. So do they. But if it gets cut
from the city budget, it won't be around to improve.

Musicians, please announce this from the stage of every public performance
for the next six weeks, and urge people to call. The Council needs to
hear this loud and clear!
hear this loud and clear!

Call or email the Council:

Kirk Watson, Mayor 499-2250
Daryl Slusher 499-2260
Gus Garcia 499-2264
Jackie Goodman 499-2255
Beverly Griffith 499-2258
Bill Spelman 499-2256
Willie Lewis 499-2266

Please feel free to forward this message to as many interested parties as
possible. Thank you!

Michael Melinger, President
Austin Jazz Workshop, Inc.
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 Topic 23 of 100 [music]: Save the Austin Music Network
 Response 1 of 2: Sharon Jones  (sjones) * Mon, Jul 14, 1997 (00:04) * 14 lines 

Glad to see the interest with the posting of this conference. This is a very dear subject to my heart. I have spoken to Ingrid Weigand at the AMN and spent the afternoon crunching statistics on the video production industry in Austin and in the state. I am currently drafting a summation of AMN's rich history, balanced with some hard numbers that demonstrate the importance the AMN plays in the local video industry. Once it is complete, we will be faxing and e-mailing the information of all the radio, news
media and industry professionals we can reach. We shall be urging a grass roots campaign of letters, faxes and phone calls to demonstrate to the new counsel (and Time Warner Communications), how precious and unique this venue has become.

A friend of mine, Patty David, performed last week for the Council. On this day, her proclaimed "Patty David Day," she also spoke to the Council in support of the AMN and she reports they were kind and interested in what she had to say. She has picked up some petitions we will be circulating amongst radio stations, clubs, recording studios, rehearsal halls, etc., to obtain as many signatures as possible in the next 30 days. While recognizing these petitions will not be "official" and have no binding autho
ity, as a symbol of our goodwill, we hope to demonstrate to the council the number of concerned individuals who will miss their AMN. (Let's not forget the infamous lyric "I want my MTV...")

Let's Get Involved! You can't hear American music without hearing Texas music.

Sharon Jones
Music Editor
Capitol City A&E Magazine
Mike's Feedback Media

 Topic 23 of 100 [music]: Save the Austin Music Network
 Response 2 of 2: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Jul 14, 1997 (08:59) * 2 lines 
That's good, Sharon, it sounds like the City Council is sympathetic. I
sent an email about this topic to the City Council members.

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