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Topic 30 of 100: Nanci Griffith

Mon, Nov 17, 1997 (16:41) | Karl Stippick (Smiling)
I am in love with nanci Griffith. I can state my case no more simply nor plainly. I love this woman passionately and I have never been closer to her than maybe 200 feet across a crowded theatre. She speaks directly to my heart, sings to my soul, gives melodious wings to my spirit. She is a woman of heart and mind, a compellingly attractive combination to one like me. Her songs are evocative, stir the deepest parts of me and touch me in the most tender places. I think part of my attraction to her music is
hat it is Texas music also, it is Texas music like I wish I could write, Texas music I would write for people who know the world is far more vast and wonder-filled than what can be found in the average Lone Star longneck. Nanci is one of the wondrous few people in this world that started out in our relationship from "inside" my heart. My best defenses were useless because she never even had to go past them. I love her, I love her music. I can't be at all objective where she is concerned. I am a true belie

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 Topic 30 of 100 [music]: Nanci Griffith
 Response 1 of 2: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Wed, Nov 19, 1997 (14:13) * 2 lines 
That was really cool, Karl...Stated with grace, style, and passion.
(and she is, after all, a great Irish-woman...)

 Topic 30 of 100 [music]: Nanci Griffith
 Response 2 of 2: Alexander Schuth  (aschuth) * Sun, May  9, 1999 (12:39) * 1 lines 
So, what's with Nanci these days? And with Karl?

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