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Topic 54 of 100: Rolling Stones

Sat, Aug 22, 1998 (19:39) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Rolling Stones. Pleased to meet you, don't you know my name? What's
puzzlin' you is the nature of my game?

They roll on and on and on.
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 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 1 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Aug 22, 1998 (19:42) * 4 lines 
Saw the Stones live at an outdoor concert eones ago, Tim Leary was in
the audience near me, a Hells Angel killed someone with a poolcue, too
bad, could have been a great concert.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 2 of 30: Riette Walton  (riette) * Sun, Aug 23, 1998 (00:26) * 2 lines 
Good God!
I have no CD's by the RS's, but I love the songs that I've heard, and the videos that I've seen by them so far. Mick is just so wonderfully camp!!!

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 3 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Aug 24, 1998 (09:58) * 7 lines 
The pledge drive guy on our local PBS affiliate was practically having an
orgasm the other night, they had a concert lineup of the Rolling Stones,
Peter, Paul and Mary, Credence, and Fleetwood Mac. Do I smell "boomer"?

Maybe the Spring needs a live webcast benefit concert? We need to setup
as a nonprofit with a Board of Directors and all.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 4 of 30: Riette Walton  (riette) * Mon, Aug 24, 1998 (12:08) * 1 lines 

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 5 of 30: Autumn Moore  (autumn) * Sun, Sep  6, 1998 (22:29) * 1 lines 
AHA! I've just come over to this conference for the first time and at the bottom of the topics list found my favorite band! Long live the Stones!

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 6 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Sep  7, 1998 (07:32) * 3 lines 
It's about time we got a Stones topic, isn't it Autumn. Do you have any
autumnal musings on the Stones songs or gigs that you may have attended?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 7 of 30: Autumn Moore  (autumn) * Fri, Sep 11, 1998 (11:34) * 1 lines 
The closest I ever came to attending a Stones concert was their in-concert IMAX movie! The "Some Girls" album was always my favorite--I still sing "Shattered" at the top of my lungs when it comes on the car radio.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 8 of 30: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Wed, Oct 21, 1998 (16:07) * 2 lines 
yeah shattered is my fav stone's tune...
beast of burden is very close, though

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 9 of 30: Autumn Moore  (autumn) * Thu, Oct 22, 1998 (23:05) * 1 lines 
I heard "Miss You" on the radio today--love that disco influence!

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 10 of 30: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Fri, Oct 23, 1998 (07:09) * 2 lines 
the stones were unique (in their ability to make disco
sound GOOD)... 'miss you' is a damn decent tune...

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 11 of 30: Autumn Moore  (autumn) * Fri, Oct 23, 1998 (08:53) * 1 lines 
Interesting word choice: "were"--how come when one thinks of them, they think of their older stuff, as if they weren't still making music? What was their last real hit, maybe "Start Me Up" from the early 80s?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 12 of 30: George Klos  (osceola) * Fri, Oct 23, 1998 (11:38) * 1 lines 
Most people I talk with about the Stones identify either "Some Girls" or "Tatoo You" as their last great album. "Start Me Up" is from the latter. I tend to agree with them. Saw the Stones during their Tatoo You tour. I like "Hang Fire" because one line ("nobody ever works and nothing gets done") perfectly describes the life my roomies and I were living then.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 13 of 30: Tim Guenther  (TIM) * Tue, Nov 17, 1998 (08:50) * 1 lines 
Probably, the next time the Stones tour, they'll be senior citizens. At least they are still making music. They may just set a record for longest duration by a rock group. Been going for 30 years now and still banging away.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 14 of 30: Autumn Moore  (autumn) * Tue, Nov 17, 1998 (15:59) * 1 lines 
They just announced they're touring next year! They definitely deserve some kind of award for still playing to sell-outs all over the world.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 15 of 30: Tim Guenther  (TIM) * Tue, Nov 17, 1998 (17:03) * 1 lines 
I'm glad that they are going to get another tour in before the walker tour.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 16 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Nov 18, 1998 (06:11) * 2 lines 
They'll be performing with walkers and wheelchairs someday.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 17 of 30: Autumn Moore  (autumn) * Thu, Nov 19, 1998 (21:56) * 2 lines 
You betcha, baby! And I'll be in the front row to watch!

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 18 of 30: Tim Guenther  (TIM) * Fri, Nov 20, 1998 (01:47) * 1 lines 
Me too

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 19 of 30: Caryn MacFadyen  (caryn) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (00:16) * 2 lines 
Stones! Stones! Stones! Hello I am Caryn Mac fadyen A.K.A. Carolyne Mas Vocalist, musician, songwriter, producer. My association with the Stones is long. My ex-husband Cliff played with Ian Stuart and Brian Jones back in 1961 and 1962. I met up with Cliff in 1963 when my band was doing a gig in Leeds. As I was getting familiar with Cliff he introduced me to Brian and Ian. Later in my success on my second and last world tour "Modern Dreams Alive" tour we played one show with the Stones in Los Angeles
at the Forum. It was certainly a great experience. By the way my favorite will always be Bill Wyman a.k.a william George Perks as some of us know him. Ruggedly good looking and a charmer. How about that for the Stones. No offense Beatles, The Stones always had a muce better bass-rythmn section. Any comments! Terry, theres one for you! Caryn.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 20 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (07:58) * 12 lines 
I saw the Stones once at a live, outdoor concert but it was broken up by violence.
It seems they hired the Hells Angels gang for security but they ended up being the
wrong gang . . . one guy died, the band barely got through it's set. But the
amazing thing is that they're still touring. I think they'll be using walkers and
wheelchairs some day and still be touring. These guys have amazing staying power.
Boy arguing the Stones vs. the Beatles could get controversial, I'd have to favor
the Beatles in the comparision because they had so many timeless songs. Musically,
maybe the Stones rhythm was better, I'm not a very good judge in this regard. The
Stones seem to make it to Texas pretty often, but not to Austin very much. Do you
have any idea when they'll be touring again, Caryn? And are they coming out with
any new songs/albums?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 21 of 30: Caryn MacFadyen  (caryn) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (16:07) * 4 lines 
Why! yes they have announced a whole new concert tour for 2000 as well as a new album. It has been made to the public recently! In a London broadcast! When I was back in London last christmas, there was rumour that they would hit the road for another time. Speeking of walkers and wheelchairs! They ain't the only ones whom would be still popping in senior citizen garb! There would be plenty of us leftovers from the sixties following them up! Like your obsession for computers Terry, it's in your bloo
! Do you know how difficult it is to remove such stubborness! Its this very stubborness that has brought all of you great fans and listeners such fantastic music! Where would we be without each other! That is a scary thought. Both Stones and Beatles are supreme in my book, our dear George "Georgie" Harrison, has been my fondness since playing with him my ex and Collins Blundstone a.k.a. Richard Ross "Zombies" back in 1963. We collaberated a bit back in the middle eighties. George Helped fund our Hun
er Relief World Tour, which was launched in conjunction with Live Aid. Bruce Springsteen, as well that crazy guy from The Boom Town Rats, whom lead up this great cause. There were so many of us who pitched in for humanity big time! Enough of that now! Keep rockin' Caryn

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 22 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (20:03) * 2 lines 
Your ex was in George Harrisons band! Which albums did he play on?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 23 of 30: Caryn MacFadyen  (caryn) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (21:06) * 2 lines 
Cliff did collaborate on George's "My Lord" single and the album. There were a few others, but i don't have the names at the moment. Cliff was not in George's band, he had his own band with my elder brother John Richard Mac Fadyen called The MacFads later to become Caturious, with myself leading the band from 1960 thru 1977. Both Cliff and George, Ian, Brian, did many of a collaborated jams and assisted recordings! Many many years of music, sacrifice and loneliness through those years of uphill and hu
iliating struggles to get respect, recognition, and acceptance. Many years of people we were supposed to trust with our business, to take us for many rides. Yet they will be memories I will never forget, never regret doing, or am asshamed of! Thank you! Caryn.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 24 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (21:52) * 2 lines 
What are some of your other favorite George Harrison moments?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 25 of 30: Caryn MacFadyen  (caryn) * Mon, Jul 19, 1999 (00:42) * 5 lines 
We were together during the World Hunger Relief Tour of 1986/1988. This was a monster tour to capture the needed funds for the starving in Ethiopia which the Live-Aid funds never fullfilled properly. George Harrison, Phil Collins, Sting, myself, Bruce Springsteen, were just a few majors to take this event very seriously, Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman and the Stones also participated in this event. There were so many of us giving our all for the misfortuned. It felt damn good that they would receive their ba
ly needed goods to survive. I remember growing up in World War II Britain. It was awfull seeing many of the people you grew up with being stripped of their every bit of possesions, then left to starve and allowed to eat only when the government said you could eat, called food rations, due to food scarcity from the war. Many of the other performers with us remember that, depending on how old they were at the time. Most of them including George, Bill, myself, etc. remember bits and pieces of how it was
or us to suffer. This tour had very special signifigance to us all. George, myself, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, and many others rehearsed and prepared for our numbers for 6 weeks leading up to the opening of this monster tour which would take us into the beginning of 1988 and cover some 65 cities and 25 countries worldwide. A life only a very small percent could begin to comprehend! Sad thing about John F. Kennedy Jr. we met up with him during his days with I think Darryl Hannah, the actress whom played
in the movie Splash! I maybe spelling her first name wrong, I was back in England, doing some small performances to keep active during my time of hiding, after my shooting court trials back in the states. Anyway John and his mate then came in the pub where I was performing, I don't remember the name of the pub, but it was in Chelsea area. They were very friendly and pleasant. They both liked my music, of my then new Album "Reason Street". I hope they come out of this unharmed, but that is looking ver
grim! God help the Kennedy family, much like the characters in my book, there is a deep family curse harboring over them like a black could. Again my condolences to The Kennedy family. Thank You! Caryn

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 26 of 30: Sam Blob  (AlFor) * Sun, Apr 14, 2002 (09:42) * 5 lines 
Favourite Stones songs:

"Satisfaction" - of course
"Paint It Black" - The first two lines of the second verse suggest that this is supposed to be a song about the death of a girlfriend or wife, but otherwise it sounds like a very non-specific portrait of gloom and anger...
"Cherry Oh Baby" - Not as good as Eric Donaldson's original, but enough for a homesick Jamaican in Queretaro, Mexico to buy a copy of [i]Black & Blue[/i] on CD when his CD player is back home (and to later buy a refurbished Sony Discman...)

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 27 of 30: wassupwidat?  (whatsupwiththat) * Sat, Nov 22, 2003 (04:42) * 1 lines 
I'm new around here, and really just logged in because I was wondering...why is Caryn trying to pass herself off as Carolyne Mas? Is it a game I am not aware of? She obviously is a fan of Carolyne, but she is clearly NOT Carolyne Mas. What gives?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 28 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Nov 22, 2003 (07:52) * 1 lines 
You know her personally?

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 29 of 30: whatsupwithdat  (whatsupwiththat) * Tue, Dec  9, 2003 (22:00) * 12 lines 

Actually I'm surprised anyone responded! I stumbled across this site looking for old record reviews for the "Modern Dreams" album, wich has recently been beautifully reissued by Carolyne's fan club. I have never spoken with or met Carolyne Mas, but I have become friends with Brad D., her webmaster. I read the things that Caryn posted, claiming to be Carolyne Mas, and found so many things that could not be true, and that are NOT true. For example, Carolyne was born in 1955, and would have been 8 years old when "Caryn" was claiming to have been on tour! Carolyne Mas has no ex-husband named Cliff, and did not tour with Springsteen and Sting to "save humanity" (although that IS something she WOULD do, if asked). Anyhow, I was just wondering if it was a game you were all playing, and if not, why Caryn was so intent on passing herself off as Carolyne Mas. No harm intended, I'm sure.

If you'd like to know some REAL info on the GREAT Carolyne Mas, please visit
There is a GORGEOUS new limited edition compilation cd called "Beyond Mercury", that spans Carolyne's entire career, plus MANY unreleased tracks. And her first three albums for Mercury are available in a Fan Club only box set as well. GREAT stuff, and well worth your time. You can also hear sound clips at

It will be WELL worth your time. And BTW, I'm CRAZY about The Rolling Stones!

Best to all.

 Topic 54 of 100 [music]: Rolling Stones
 Response 30 of 30: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Dec 12, 2003 (14:46) * 8 lines 
Caryn carried around a little altar with pix of her favorite band members,
can't recall the name of the band now, it was like her little traveling
altar. She'd whip it out in the dentists office, on the bus, or wherever
she was. True groupie devotion.

What would have been the name of that group?

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