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Topic 68 of 100: Record Labels

Sat, Jun 12, 1999 (05:09) | Alexander Schuth (aschuth)
Record labels on and off the internet. Some outfits simply are unable to produce anything like a bad record, others can't get a thing straight. Some have become synonymous with certain styles/scenes/artists.
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 Topic 68 of 100 [music]: Record Labels
 Response 1 of 1: Alexander Schuth  (aschuth) * Sat, Jun 12, 1999 (05:19) * 7 lines 
Let's kick this off with the label who put out the record of the summer for me, Epic Soundtracks (+1997) post-humous "Everything is temporary"-CD (BTW, the co-writer who reviewed this CD for superstar #13 has - probably under influence of - just proposed to an extremely charming person I met yesterday for the first time, and they'll marry on August 13th! This proves: this music can improve your live! ;=} ).

Innerstate can be found at htp:// , and at you can listen to some samples of their current releases, incl. the wonderful Epic Soundtracks.

On that page is also the Neil Young-tribute CD I mentioned somewhere else (produced in cooperation with dutch label Inbetweens Rec.).

Let me also point you to the Okra All-Stars-CD, too, which unites Dave Schramm of the Schramms and Yo La Tengo, Jeb Loy Nichols of the Fellow Travellers and Hank McCoy of the Dead Ringers (regular contributor to superstar!)!

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