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Topic 96 of 96: Presidential Debates

Fri, Oct 1, 2004 (07:26) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Presidential Debate One - 2004 Edition - was at least an overnight win for Kerry. It wasn't a big loss for Bush, because he probably held on to his base. But Kerry helped himself, he looked Presidential, he stayed consistent and didn't get lost in convuluted sentences and reasoning. To the hard core debate watcher who paid attention, it must have been a clear win for Kerry. For the typical viewer, with the phone ringing and running in an out of the living room, he may have just picked up on Bush's soundbytes which he repeated over and over.

What is your view?
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 Topic 96 of 96 [news]: Presidential Debates
 Response 1 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Oct  1, 2004 (07:32) * 1 lines 
Tuesday at 7, the Vice Presidential Debate. On all the major networks. Cheney and Edwards square off.

 Topic 96 of 96 [news]: Presidential Debates
 Response 2 of 4: Yvette Faulkner  (bayouvetty) * Fri, Oct  1, 2004 (08:09) * 6 lines 
I agree that Bush didn't really lose any of his base last night. I was very interested in seeing Kerry's demeanor for myself. I thought that he seemed very presidential. He did a good job of explaining away the whole "flip flopping" issue IMO.
It is plain that Kerry is a much better debator than Bush. I think that quality is important in a president. It will be a vital part of bringing the other world powers into a dialogue about stabilizing the volatilty in Iraq.

(Terry)Bush's soundbytes which he repeated over and over.
No kidding!!! Finally, at about 9:45 on his 3rd or 4th 30 sec Re-rebutal that he wasted with "wrong, war, wrong place, wrong time" I started yelling at the TV. I suppose that if you're someone like him, who can't think on their feet, your best defense would be to repeat that crap ad nauseum. That way he avoids more new topics that could trip him up

 Topic 96 of 96 [news]: Presidential Debates
 Response 3 of 4: Dorine  (gomezdo) * Fri, Oct  1, 2004 (08:22) * 3 lines 
As the night wore on, Bush was obviously running out of gas.....stumbling over the same 4 sentences he says repeatedly everywhere, having to obviously and not very confidently refer to his notes more often at the beginning of his answers/rebuttals, leaning all over that podium more and more. And occasionally he looked frustrated in the split screens when Kerry was talking. Glad the networks didn't follow that crap in that contract made up by both sides of not showing the other candidate while one is speaking. Maybe the media is finally finding a few cojones when it comes to this President. Maybe too little, too late, though.

Anticipating the Edwards/Cheney debate. *What* a contrast in styles!

 Topic 96 of 96 [news]: Presidential Debates
 Response 4 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Oct  1, 2004 (11:04) * 7 lines 
Bush may have been playing to the short attention span crowd. Someone who isn't paying attention and just walks by the tv would probably hear Bush saying this catchphrase, or one of the other ones ("he can't make up his mind" etc.). The man Bush was criticizing just wasn't the man on the other podium. Bush got thrown off his game. He was hunched over, looked fidgety, you were wondering if he was thinking "please go on red light, do I have to say more".

Bush does better in front of partisan crowds where he's getting a lot of positive feedback. The next debate with the town hall meeting format should favor hime more with undecided voters asking questions.

It was a good "debate" last night in spite of the 32 pages of silly rules. The rules actually helped Kerry. Lehrer's questions seemed right on and appropos. Lehrer did an excellent job.

Though Kerry "won" the "debate" there wasn't much movement in the polls. Both went up by 1% in the poll I saw. But even the Republicans were agreeing Kerry pulled this off. If nothing else, he kept his chances alive.

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