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Topic 67 of 100: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate

Tue, Nov 2, 1999 (11:09) | Alexander (aschuth)
Since I frequent the SPRING, somehow the mail-address behind my login-name has become very popular... Seems on my shoulders lies the responsibility to save the world's entrepreneurs but throwing out my funds for decoders I have to solder myself and sure-to-work-guides on how to earn big-time by sending out spam mails (sic!). -

Ok, I had the idea for this topic for quite a while, but the latest spam-mail did it:


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 07:12:59 +0100 (NFT)
From: fhr55y*** | Block address
To: kg***
Subject: Prosperous Future


Obtain a prosperous future, money earning power,
and the admiration of all.

Diplomas from prestigious non-accredited
universities based on your present knowledge
and life experience.

No required tests, classes, books, or interviews.

Bachelors, masters, MBA, and doctorate (PhD)
diplomas available in the field of your choice.

No one is turned down.

Confidentiality assured.

CALL NOW to receive your diploma
within days!!!


Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including
Sundays and holidays.

rem- ***

66 responses total.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 1 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:12) * 37 lines 
From: capitale*** | Block address
To: cama***
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 99 18:38:40 EST
Subject: Leverage Time and capital..

This opportunity requires a considerable financial commitment
and is directed only to the serious business person.

Explore a truly unique turnkey business that allows you to
your valuable time to produce a multiple six figure income in
your first

Embrace all that technology has to offer the entrepreneur.
Using the latest technology available, your new business can
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Leverage your valuable time and capital to produce a multiple
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This does not involve MLM or franchising in any way.

To learn more via our online information request form
click on or cut and paste the following website
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To be removed from our list send an email
to zipmai*** requesting removal.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 2 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:16) * 58 lines 
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 10:54:14 +0200
To: tuce***
From: tuce*** (dh8746eg) | Block address

This list is opt-in only. We are linked
to many web sites that offer free subscriptions
to our opt-in list. You will be removed from this
list at any time by following the simple instructions
that can be found at the end of this email. THIS
IS NOT SPAM! You are on our mailing list because
you subscribed or someone you know subscribed
for you at one of our associate web sites.
Cyber Investigator



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This message has been delivered by a third party
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You may rcmove your name from our opt-in list by
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word rcmove in the subj.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 3 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:18) * 42 lines 
From: Nicklaus | Block address
Subject: Unique Yuletide book looks at Santa's real history

We thought you would like to know about a unique, exciting, book for
"Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men."
Santa Claus is not only the Last of the Wild Men, he's the last,
and oldest, of the
great pagan gods.
"Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men" is the first book about the
Jolly Old Elf's
real,surprisingly ancient history, a history that goes back more than
50,000 years.
You'll witness his transformations, from lusty fertility god to
shaman to Village
Fool, and, finally, the symbol of Christmas cheer.
"Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men" is the result of 20 years of
research and
weaves together the threads of history to show how this ancient god
developed into
Robin Hood, the Pied Piper, Robin Goodfellow, and Harlequin, to name
just a few
of our best known folk figures.
Santa Claus is definitely more ancient, and more interesting, than
you ever
Visit the book's Web page at to find
out more.
To order, you can jump to the publisher's web site from there.
Or, go to the publisher's secure site directly to order the book: or call the publisher's toll-free number
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You also can go to http:/// to read some reviews of
the book.
This book will deepen the enchantment that surrounds Yuletide,
when the most
ancient magic of all touches our lives.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 4 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:20) * 149 lines 
From: | Block address
Subject: We Need Homeworkers!!
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 16:52:59

Dear Future Associate,

You Can Work At Home & Set Your Own Hours. Start earning Big
Money in a short time

NO Newspaper Advertising!

Your job will be to stuff and mail envelopes for our company. You
will receive $.25 for each and every envelope you stuff and mail

Just follow our simple instructions and you will be making money
as easy as
1… 2… 3

For example stuff and mail 200 envelopes and you will receive
$50.00. Stuff and mail 1000 and you will receive $250.00. Stuff
and mail 2000 and you will receive $500.00 and more

Never before has there been an easier way to make money from

Our Company's Home Mailing Program is designed for people with
little or no experience and provides simple, step by step

There is no prior experience or special skills necessary on your
part, Just stuffing envelopes.

We need the help of honest and reliable home workers like you.
Because we are overloaded with work and have more than our staff
can handle. We have now expanded our mailing program and are
expecting to reach millions more with our offers throughout the
US and Canada.

Our system of stuffing and mailing envelopes is very simple and
easy to do!
You will not be required to buy envelopes or postage stamps.

We will gladly furnish all circulars at no cost to you. We assure
you that as a participant in our program you will never have to
mail anything objective or offensive.

There are no quotas to meet, and there no contracts to sign. You
can work as much, or as little as you want. Payment for each
envelope you send out is Guaranteed!

Here is what you will receive when you get your first Package.
Inside you will find 100 envelopes, 100 labels and 100 sales
letters ready to stuff and mail

As soon as you are done with stuffing and mailing these first
letters, your payment will arrive shortly, thereafter. All you
have to do is to order more free supplies and stuff and mail more
envelopes to make more money.

Our sales literature which you will be stuffing and mailing will
information outlining our highly informative manuals that we are
advertising nationwide. As a free gift you will receive a
special manual valued at $24.95, absolutely free, just for
joining our Home Mailers Program.

Plus you will get your own special code number, so that we will
know how much you are to get paid. And to make re-ordering of
more envelopes, that our company supplies very simple for you.

We are giving you this free bonus because we want you to be
confident in our company and to ensure that we will be doing
business with you for a long time.

Benefits Of This Job:

1. You do not have to quit your present job, to earn more money
at home
2. You can make between $2,500 to $4,500 a month depending on the
amount of time you are willing to spend stuffing and mailing
3. This is a great opportunity for the students, mothers,
disabled persons or those who are home bodies.

To secure your position and to show us that you are serious about
earning extra income at home we require a one-time registration
fee of $35.00.
This fee covers the cost of your initial start up package, which
includes 100 envelopes, 100 labels and 100 sales letters and a
manual, your registration fee will be refunded back to you
shortly thereafter.

Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee that as soon as you stuff and mail your first 300
envelopes You will be paid $75.00 and your registration fee will
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Many of you wonder why it is necessary to pay a deposit to get a
job. It is because we are looking for people that seriously want
to work from home.

* If 3.000 people told us they wanted to start working from home
and we sent out 3.000 packages free to every one. And then half
of the people decided not to work, this would be a potential loss
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We have instituted this policy to make sure that you really want
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To Get Started Today Please Enclose Your Registration Fee of $35
Check, Money Order and fill out the application below and
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11054 Ventura Blvd PMB #126
***, CA 91***


City____________________________________ State______________

Zip Code________________

Telephone Number(s)_________________________________________

E-mail Address______________________________________________

For all orders, please allow seven (7) days for delivery and up
to 10 days. Money Orders will result in faster shipping of your

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 5 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:22) * 45 lines 
From: | Block address
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 99 21:03:52 EST
Subject: 4 BLASTS for ONE!

We will Submit YOUR Website to Over 17,000 Search Engines,
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If you have tried all of the "free" web site promotion
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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 6 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:28) * 98 lines 
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 22:56:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: mikerobbins2000@*** | Block address
To: mikerobbins2000@***
Subject: GUARANTEED way to quickly have EXCELLENT CREDIT!!

Dear Friend,

Give yourself the ADVANTAGE of a new, legal, unblemished credit file in
less than 30 days, allowing you to enter this Holiday Season and the
Millennium with excellent credit!

Over the past 8 years I have perfected a system called the Proven
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excellent credit rating almost instantly. Here's how.

You will simply go through my easy 5 step program to quickly get a new,
legal, unblemished credit file and establish Excellent Credit.

Step 1 -
Because no two people in the United States have the same Social
Security Number, Banks and Creditors access your credit file almost entirely by
your SS#.

You will not want to change your Social Security Number because it is
extremely difficult to do so and you need it for your Employment, Taxes and
Social Security Benefits. The FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 clearly states that
only the Government and your employer can force you to use your SS#. Because
of this law you are allowed to legally use another 9 digit number to use in
place of your Social Security # on credit applications.

The first day you become my client, you will receive your own number
through the Employer Identification Number Program. You will need us for this
because 95% of all Employer Identification Numbers, although 9 digits, do not look anything like Social Security Numbers and cannot be used on credit applications.
We will legally get you an Employer Identification Number that fits in
the same range of Social Numbers in use today. Because the Federal Laws do not
require you to give your SS# to anyone besides your Employer and the
Government, you can now legally use this number in place of your SS# on credit
Remember, your new number will only be used for new credit.

Step 2 -
No two people with the same name have the same mailing address, so you
will need to obtain a new mailing address for use on your new credit file. A
friend, relative or mailbox address in your area will be perfect.

Step 3 -
No two people with the same name have the same telephone numbers, so
you will also need a new telephone number for use on your new credit file. A
friend, relative, voice mail or pager will again work perfectly.

Step 4 -
With your new Social Security number, new address and new telephone
number we will open your new credit file. It will now be totally impossible for
any creditor to know anything about your past credit history.

Step 5-
To guarantee that you will quickly qualify for credit again, we will
assist you in instantly adding positive information to your new credit file. This is an unknown way of adding real accounts to your new credit file to give you an Excellent Credit Rating in less than 30 days. As you know, the more
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Many of our clients have credit lines over $100,000 because of our
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When we are finished you will have a copy of your new, legal,
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To order your Proven Credit Advantage Program simply send me your name,
complete mailing address including zip code and telephone number (optional)
along with a check or money order payable to American Financial Services Inc. for $39.00.

Send to:

***ican ***ancial Services Inc.
Attn: Mike Robbins
311 N. ***ertson Blvd.
Suite ***
***, CA 90***

All necessary paperwork along with a telephone number to contact us for

assistance will be priority mailed to you within 48 hours.


My Proven Credit Advantage Program unconditionally guarantees you will
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If you are not able to qualify for credit after using my program,
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I make this guarantee to you because the Proven Credit Advantage
Program has already helped thousands of people just like you. I KNOW it works - all you need to do is order! I truly look forward to making you another satisfied client.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 7 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:34) * 29 lines 
From: | Block address
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 05:59:28


Please accept our invitation to visit us for details!

This is a one time mailing. You will not receive any further mail from us.

Thank you for your interest.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 8 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:38) * 40 lines 
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 05:02:59 +0200
To: soduala***
From: soduala*** (Market Enterprise) | Block address
Subject: Merchant Accounts APPROVED in 1 DAY!

You Read it Right! 1 DAY! NO ONE ELSE Offers THIS!

Accept Credit Cards With Your Own Merchant Account!


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Call us Toll Free (US) 800 838-6*** ext 311


Call 800 838 6*** ext 311

***ket Enterprise, 25 N. ***eohe Bay Dr., ***lua, HI 96***

Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this
letter can not be considered spam as long as we include Contact
information & a remove link. If you wish to be removed from this
promotion or any future mailings from us , just send an email to with 'remove' in the subject.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 9 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:39) * 10 lines 
yes, yes, yes!!!

Is there anything where I could possibly gain zillions $$$$$$$ AND loose weight and look like a supermodel (new teeth included)?

I must have this Santa book! Do they have explicit pictures in there?

I always wanted to know everything about everyone! Have you tried this adress? Maybe we would get to know something about YOU? (Just jokin'....)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 10 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:42) * 118 lines 
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 23:22:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: IntConsul*** | Block address
To: IntConsul***
Subject: Become an INTERNET Business Consultant- FREE Info

Make money at home as an INTERNET BUSINESS CONSULTANT!

YOU now have the opportunity to become a valuable and successful
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Perfect Web is a fully integrated internet company specializing in web
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Imagine a business that requires 8-10 hours per week and has
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Where could you be in 30 days?
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We are looking for a LIMITED AMOUNT of area affiliates in the U.S. and
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This is NOT an MLM! Our unique marketing program provides you with a
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By becoming an INTERNET BUSINESS CONSULTANT, you get the opportunity
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Before you are locked out of this ground floor opportunity contact
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This is a one-time offer limited to U.S. and Canadian residents only!

If you wish to receive additional information,



Due to the overwhelming response to this offer we can only respond to
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You may experience long wait times or difficulty accessing our Web
If this happens simply print out this page, complete the form, and fax
it in to: (603) - 719 - 3***. We will contact you directly to answer
all of your questions. Again, this offer is open to all U.S. and
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*First Name:
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Faxing in this form does not obligate you in any way.
We will not divulge any information provided by you to others.
We will contact you by telephone with further information before

Before faxing ensure all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are
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If you wish to be removed from this advertiser's future mailings,
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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 11 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:43) * 1 lines 
Hey, he seems to be REALLY Pi$$ed about this stuff....

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 12 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:44) * 64 lines 
To: hopej***
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 99 20:48:36 EST
From: easiestdiet*** | Block address
Subject: LOSE 20 POUNDS.. IN 20 DAYS!! (The Holidays are coming..)


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This ad is sent in compliance with Senate Bill
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For removal from this list simply call,
FREE. 1 800 409 8*** ext 1273 and leave your
email address OR go to: http://3629860***/
You will not receive any more mailing.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 13 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:45) * 1 lines 
"Seems" ain't quite the word, hon...

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 14 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:47) * 1 lines 
Danke! Anyway the adresses don't work....

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 15 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:48) * 1 lines 
There "SEEMS" to be somebody REALLY funny around doing all this stuff!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 16 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:52) * 5 lines 
Well, of course I destroyed the adresses and phone numbers.

Some of these things are written in a way that nearly is a very imaginative art-form, others are just dumb and blunt. I want to present these example of economic-literature, but not throw a sales pitch for them.

After all, I didn't ask for it, and I don't want to promote their wares or services.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 17 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (11:58) * 1 lines 
Oooh, but you're detroying all the fun! Just think what we might have learned about you! (he he)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 18 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (12:04) * 1 lines 
....and I will never get to see Santa's naked arsee, do you think this is fair? :-(

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 19 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (12:23) * 57 lines 
From: | Block address
To: mer3***
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 99 02:44:20 EST
Subject: New Computer? - Credit for you NOW!
Reply-to: ma2er***

If past credit is keeping you from owning the computer you want...


If your new HOME BASED BUSINESS is on hold until you can afford
a new computer - this offer is for YOU!





Our company offers Computer Leasing and Finance Programs for
businesses -AND- people who have had credit problems in the past.

There are also Special Value Options for those with good credit!

-Enhanced performance & power with lightening speed processors.
-Surf the Internet instantly with the touch of a button!



No Cost or obligation!

This ad is being sent in compliance with Senate
Bill H.R.1910 of the 106th Congress May 24,1999.
To be removed from this list simply call, TOLL
FREE 1-800-409-8*** ext.1273 and request removal
OR simply go to: http://2546586***/
and request removal. You will receive NO further mailings.
Thank You

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 20 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (12:28) * 8 lines 
Isabell: Just think what we might have learned about you!

Well, I didn't write these things. I get them unsolicited. They do not tell anything about me. I get them, I believe, because my mail address is available on the Spring. Until I started to come here, I never got ANY spam mails. NEVER.

And if you must see Santa naked, check out Amazon - they claim to be in there.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 21 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (12:30) * 49 lines 
From: | Block address
Subject: Fire the Boss and break the Alarm Clock!
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 10:25:08 -0700

This is a 1 time mailing
Your email was recieved as someone looking
to make more income.

Would You Take Out 15 Seconds To Read Something
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Work part time or work up to full time
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It's your business!
No Selling

877 857-6***


 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 22 of 66: Isabel  (Isabel) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (12:38) * 1 lines 
(Mmh, he seems to be in a very bad mood today, maybe I shouldn't disturb him in his rage....)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 23 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (13:00) * 3 lines 
Alexander, All I can add to your comments is my own *&*&@(T@#%$#%^%$#@# !!!
I did not get any spam, till this year - actually a few monts ago was the first, and the "remove me from the list" email addresses on mine do not work - they come back to haunt me, as well. I also get some porno ones...Yippee for me...from women tho think I am a man or seriously gender warped. I will try to put a spam filter on my email, but they are clever and can seem to get around it easily enough. I am sure I have at least one of each of your messages, besides several companies who will help me get
the inside scoop in anybody (did they know to email me because their nefarious methods were used on me by someone else?!) Humbug!!!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 24 of 66: Amy Keene  (Irishprincess) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (20:21) * 2 lines 
How come I don't get cool spam like that? All I get are frivolous forwards from people who are too dumb to know what email is really for--they flood my school email account, which I generally reserve for school-related things, and it makes me furious! (Who let the country bumpkins have email, anyway?) I always get those ridiculous chain-letters ("Hey Maw, we can send chain letters an' it don't cost so much! We's gonna be rich!") that say that if I don't send it to 20 people, I'm going to be hit by a b
s, or my true love is going to killed by a tribe of indigenous Amazons, or I'm going to miss out on an opportunity to get a check for $500 from Microsoft because they're doing an email track. What a bunch of garbage!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 25 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (20:52) * 2 lines 
Amy sweetie, you want me to forward it to you when I get it? Got a bunch waiting for final destruction in my trash bin - just ask and it will be yours!
Got those chain mails too. Pox on both their houses!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 26 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (20:55) * 1 lines 
You know, those return this to xvx@$%#@$ and we will remove you from the mailing list never works - even that comes back to me as undeliverable!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 27 of 66: Amy Keene  (Irishprincess) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (21:11) * 1 lines 
I know--the same thing has happened to me. What a racket!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 28 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (21:21) * 1 lines 
Ya sure you don't want me to spam your inbox? (Sounds lewd!) Last vchance before I send them to cyber-oblivion...!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 29 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (21:24) * 1 lines 
Sorry, m'dear...too late. Did not want to chance leaving them overnight to multiply on their own...*grin*

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 30 of 66: Amy Keene  (Irishprincess) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (22:51) * 1 lines 
Alas; I guess I'll just have to get some meat by-product on my own. *grin*

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 31 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:06) * 1 lines 
...and some seaweed and rice and make Musubi - the best way to deal with Spam.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 32 of 66: Amy Keene  (Irishprincess) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:10) * 1 lines 
Ech! I think I'd eat Spam before I'd eat seaweed--I'll bet it tastes like the algae that used to grow on the bottom of my wading pool when I was little! (Or the stuff out of the aquarium.)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 33 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:13) * 1 lines 
Yack!!! You ate that?! Sheesh! There are lots of different flavors to seaweed. Most edible are tender and slightly iodine-flavored...but tasty and nice and yummy with rice and Spam...

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 34 of 66: Amy Keene  (Irishprincess) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:17) * 1 lines 
No, I didn't eat it! But my sister and I didn't care how grimy and bacteria-infested our pool was--we were going to swim as long as the sun was shining. So we ended up swimming in some pretty nasty greenish water, and of course the taste of that fills up your nose and mouth--ugh, it gives me the willies and makes my stomach turn over just thinking about it!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 35 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:21) * 1 lines 
Little kids!!! (...where were your parents, she asked as she know full well the fish tank was not part of the menu...) I can still taste the lead white paint on my crib in which I slept till I was four years old. Maybe that is why I am like this *lol*

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 36 of 66: Amy Keene  (Irishprincess) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:30) * 1 lines 
My dad was asleep because he worked nights, and my mom had a houseful of kids that she babysat. It was always very hectic in the summers, and I think she was happy to have us out of the house, even though it meant putting a lot of Noxema on my sunburns and listening to me moan about them!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 37 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov  2, 1999 (23:39) * 1 lines 
You turned out OK, so they did something right - and so did you *smile*

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 38 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Thu, Nov  4, 1999 (11:14) * 42 lines 
Canned Spam Is On House's Plate

(11/ 3/99; 6:00 PM EST)
By Mary Mosquera, TechWeb

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Unsolicited commercial bulk e-mail has mushroomed beyond being a nuisance and threatens to bog down the usefulness of Internet communications, experts told lawmakers on Wednesday.

A House Commerce Committee panel considered several bills to restrict spam and give consumers and ISPs more control over the junk mail that burdens their computers and networks.

Congress failed to pass spam legislation last year because of constitutional concerns over free speech. Lawmakers who introduced this year's bills say they strike a balance between business and First Amendment rights.

Spam overburdens computer networks, costs ISPs resources, invades consumer privacy, and sometimes promotes fraud, a Federal Trade Commission official told the lawmakers.

The bills -- the Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act, the Can Spam Act, and the E-mail User Protection Act -- do not ban spam, but restrict its anything goes status. Typical of the legislation, ISPs may establish privacy policies and have the right to decline to carry the bulk commercial e-mail. Businesses would have to gain the recipients' permission to solicit them or let consumers opt out of spam. And the spammer would have to list an accurate return address to the receiver.

Legislation is unnecessary as businesses, realizing that consumers must trust e-mail communications if e-commerce is to flourish, promote efforts and technology that promote consumer choice, said Jerry Cerasale, vice president of government affairs at the Direct Marketing Association, a trade association for advertisers.

The group launched an e-mail preference service, called e-MPS, last week, which lets individuals remove their e-mail addresses from marketing lists.

Well-known manufacturers and retailers seldom send unsolicited commercial e-mail, the FTC said after analyzing two million pieces of spam forwarded to it from consumers.

"Giving consumers the ability to choose the information they receive over the Internet -- known as permission-based marketing -- seems likely to create more confidence in its content and in the sender," said Eileen Harrington, associate director of marketing practices at the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

The FTC said a lot of spam is deceptive.

"Fraud operators have seized on the Internet's capacity to reach literally millions of consumers quickly and at a low cost through unsolicited commercial e-mail," Harrington said.

The FTC is monitoring spam that is forwarded to it, bringing legal action against scams, and educating the public. It found the most popular scams via bulk e-mail were get-rich-quick business opportunities, offers to sell bulk e-mail addresses, chain letters, and work-at-home opportunities.

ISPs bear the cost of unsolicited bulk e-mail, said John Brown, co-founder and president of, an Albuquerque, N.M., ISP. Spam uses transmission time and disk space, and as e-mail increases, ISPs must upgrade their servers to store and process more. IHighway processes about 350,000 e-mails monthly, with about 10 percent being spam, including messages trying to get the user to pornographic sites, he said. Customers call and complain.

"Unsolicited e-mail steals services and time from my company," Brown said.

Spam costs about $1,300 a month for the small provider.

ISPs are caught in the position of not wanting government to crimp emerging technologies, but at the same time wanting to protect themselves from those who misuse technological resources.

"If we do not work to stop this problem soon, e-mail and other forms of Internet communications may be reduced in their usefulness," Brown said.

He urged that Congress craft a law that allows consumers and businesses to recover losses incurred because of spam.

© 1998 CMP Media, Inc.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 39 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Thu, Nov  4, 1999 (11:23) * 1 lines 
Alexander, you brightened my day. The home of the biggest source of Baloney is complaining about Spam. That is amazing in itself. The only difference between the two is that they use the franking privilege and snail mail to spam my mailbox around election time, and the others use my inbox online. Neither of them is returnable! I resent the fact that it is costing me $1300 a month to deal with it (I am not so naive that I believe the ISPs are absorbing the costs.)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 40 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov 23, 1999 (03:07) * 24 lines 
DATE: 22 Nov 99 9:08:29 PM
FROM: cri***


Q. What's the shortest route between you and a 7 figure annual income?

A. This FREE video.

Learn how they are doing it!!
Call Toll-Free 1-888-378-8*** (24 hours)

This is one of those "Fixed Cost" 800#s so feel free to call back if you
don't get all of the exciting details. You WILL NOT be removed by
calling the above phone #. To be removed from future mailings,
simply follow the Remove instructions below.

If you wish to be removed from this advertiser's future mailings, please
CLICK HERE- mailto:mail_list@eastm***.com?subject=REMOVE
and this software will automatically block you from their future mailings.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 41 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov 23, 1999 (13:55) * 1 lines 
Ok Alexander. This place is for *edible* SPAM (though that is open for discussion)...*lol*

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 42 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov 23, 1999 (13:59) * 1 lines 
..or not...*grinning stupidly*

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 43 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov 23, 1999 (14:00) * 1 lines 

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 44 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Tue, Nov 23, 1999 (14:15) * 1 lines 
(head on keyboard, feeling every inch the neophyte I am...) Can't make Musubi worth shucks out of that kinda Spam!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 45 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Tue, Nov 30, 1999 (17:33) * 1 lines 

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 46 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Sun, Dec 12, 1999 (07:24) * 23 lines 
From: nowapi***
To: fastitr***
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 99 12:35:34 EST

Pan-American Securities S.A. de C.V.
Ricardo Londona Diaz, President
Castado Norte de Metrocentre
San Jose, Costa Rica
Telephone 506 284 5074



Company: American Communication Enterprises, Inc.
Symbol: A-C-E-N (OTC U.S.A)
Recent Price: 2 1/2
Initial Rating: Strong Buy Accumulate
Price 0bjective: $15 USD

Please write or call for research reports of
our "Select List", including FILM, ACOM & PERL

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 47 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Sun, Dec 12, 1999 (07:28) * 402 lines 
From: z3s***
Subject: Special Report: Jump-Start Your Business
Sensitivity: Personal
Importance: Medium
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 17:31:40

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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 48 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sun, Dec 12, 1999 (10:34) * 2 lines 
Oh No! Alexdander Spammed the Spring. They do use the most words they can muster for their cause and leave me way short of the last sentence. I hit the trash button on my email and they are never seen again.
Froeliche Weinachten, Herr Schuth!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 49 of 66: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Dec 15, 1999 (00:39) * 5 lines 
I think I owned a tiny bit of ACEN for a while if it's a NASDAQ stock,
went nowhere as I recall. Man, I missed the big one: Linux Systems or VA
Systems or whatever, went up 10 times. In a day or two.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 50 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Wed, Dec 15, 1999 (13:27) * 1 lines 
You and a lot of other people including me. Of course, You could have had a huge block of Xerox which plummeted yesterday...but I did not have that, either.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 51 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Thu, Dec 23, 1999 (05:59) * 1 lines 
Neither did I... Merry Holiday season, folks!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 52 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Thu, Dec 23, 1999 (05:59) * 25 lines 
Subject: Do you like the net?
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 99 02:24:21 GMT

Don't Be Left Behind!

Become an Internet Consultant.
Work from home in your own business!
Fun, and easy to start!

You will be representing one of the
largest malls on the net!
Complete Training.
Unlimited income.
1999 is the year of explosive growth
on the Internet.
Be a part of it!

Must be at least 18 years of age.

For details,(click reply) with your
name, address, day and evening phone
number and the best time to contact

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 53 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Thu, Dec 23, 1999 (11:38) * 1 lines 
Mele Kalikimaka, Alexander. And big seasonal holiday *Hugs*...

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 54 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Thu, Dec 23, 1999 (11:42) * 1 lines 
Yeah! Rockin' cool holidays for you, Marcia! The boy coming over?

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 55 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Thu, Dec 23, 1999 (11:46) * 1 lines 
No...his prospective Mother-in-law is arriving and he is in a panic over this. He speaks no German and she speaks no English. This should be funny for his fianceé. We are working on my visiting them after the first of the year.

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 56 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Wed, Dec 29, 1999 (10:28) * 3 lines 
Good! Enjoy!

Following is especially devious, if you're named Pat, and know some Joe...

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 57 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Wed, Dec 29, 1999 (10:29) * 22 lines 
From: "Erik Labe***"
Subject: Hey, Joe
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 10:00:47 -0600

Hey Joe,

How's it going? Its been awhile since we talked, but I found this web site
today and I
immediately thought of you. You should check it out; I think its something
you would be
interested in. It is the latest and greatest in new technology. Go to
it'll be worth your time.

Talk to you soon,


 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 58 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Wed, Dec 29, 1999 (12:08) * 1 lines 
I got one of those and immediately sent it to rubbish oblivion. (Mother and Daughter are cooking Saurkraut and Sausages while my son tries to stay out of their way. I am getting hungry just thinking of the fragrance of the place!.)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 59 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Thu, Dec 30, 1999 (04:39) * 1 lines 

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 60 of 66: Marcia (MarciaH) * Thu, Dec 30, 1999 (20:40) * 2 lines 
I have not heard from him since so he is happy and being fed really excellent food. With Mother and Daughter
working their way to his heart, does he stand a chance of escaping? Not that he'd want to. He is one really happy guy!

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 61 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Wed, Jan  5, 2000 (06:33) * 25 lines 
(lucky, too, methinks. Hope he's not served the "dish of the day" - SPAM!)

Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 05:21:40 -0500
From: jdint***
Subject: Are You Ready?

Hi there,

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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 62 of 66: Alexander  (aschuth) * Wed, Jan  5, 2000 (06:35) * 17 lines 
Subject: No Drugs -mwou
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 09:11:55 -0500
From: caj***

The Ultimate Sensation!

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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 63 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Wed, Jan  5, 2000 (15:05) * 3 lines 
I think I am offended. I got the lose weight spam but they did not send me one for those pills allowing me to feel energy, passion, desire and power rushing back into my "life"... gee, sounds like some knock-off artists are busy in their chemistry labs making ersatz Viagra...!

(David *knows* he is lucky and fortunate and happier than a human being should be allowed to be - he requested that I send all Christmas goodies to Iris rather than to him as she deserved them. I sent to both, but that was such a lovely thought...*sigh*)

 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 64 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Thu, Feb 24, 2000 (14:48) * 80 lines 
Need more stuff to hang on your wall? Collect bogus degrees and certificates?
This one is for you!!!

Dear IT Professional,
Do you want to know how your technical skills rate?
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you can make your certification available online if you
choose. As the world's leading skills certification
authority, Brainbench certifications are recognized by major
employers and staffing organizations throughout the world.

How does it work?
1) Register for an exam at
There are about 60 exams to choose from. You will receive
instructions on how to complete the exam when you register.
2) When it is convenient for you, enter your test code at
the Brainbench website. You will take the multiple-choice
exam online. It will take about 45 minutes. You can take
it ANYTIME from ANYPLACE using a common web browser.
(version 3.0 or later preferred).
3) As soon as you finish the exam, you can view your test
results including your skill rating
(on a scale of 1.00 - 5.00) with a list of your strengths
and weaknesses.
To certify you need a score of 2.75 or higher.
To certify as a Master, you need a score of 4.00 or
The test engine is computer-adaptive, meaning it will
adjust to your skill level so whether you are a novice or
an expert, it will ask questions that are close to your
skill level.
4) All your information is held private unless you allow it
to be released.

Who recognizes Brainbench certifications?
1) Virtually all employers recognize Brainbench
certifications- we are the leading independent
certification authority with over 500,000 exams ordered
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2) Top technology companies and top staffing companies use
Brainbench exams to screen their technical staffs,
including: Ernst & Young, EDS, CSC,
PriceWaterhouseCoopers,, JP Morgan and many
3) Due to Brainbench's secure adaptive-testing method,
employer's trust the Brainbench approach to validating
a job candidate's skills.

What does it mean to be certified?
1) It means you join the ranks of those professionals who
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2) You can pursue, with confidence, the jobs you want.
3) Whether you pass or not, every time you take the test
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Is it really FREE?
Yes. There is absolutely NO CHARGE to you. You can take the
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hidden costs. We are doing this because we want to grow the
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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 65 of 66: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Wed, Mar 22, 2000 (16:15) * 29 lines 
From: <)())&&*^&^%%$^&*%(*.com>
Subject: Your Driving credibility...
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1980 15:10:39 -0400 (EDT)

Need a new Drivers License?
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 Topic 67 of 100 [porch]: Spam: The Mails You Love To Hate
 Response 66 of 66: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, May  2, 2001 (05:54) * 1 lines 
NOt near as much spam on this new server.

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