The Discussion.

The scene. Any Sunday morning at the Body Choir dance space (soon to be named) on South Lamar in Austin.  Astral music.  Bodies undulating and pulsing in semi-darkness.  Bodies interpenetrating and communicating.  Alone and interlinked. Then there's a community circle with sharing and some community announcements.   And then the bodies go out into the light again. 

Body Choir is transitioning from a two person business of Terry and Carrolla's to a nonprofit community organization.  About a month ago, Body Choir moved into a gorgeous new dance facility (built solely by the "sweat equity" of it's members, notably by the pure determination of Lakshmi) which is located on South Lamar next to Big Steve's Gym.  So Body Choir is moving into a new phase which involves formalizing it's relationship with the owners (Peggy and RJ) of the space it is using, obtaining sound equipment, paying off member loans, paying off the loan for the "maumoleum" for the floor, and getting set up as a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization.   Body Choir also needs to reward Terry and Carrolla for their efforts in bring Body Choir to it's present state (they are the founders and facilitators of Body Choir).

What I gathered from the meeting I went to at Nogie Kings house was that Body Choir has a tremendous future potential as an organization.  The quiet force behind all of this transitioning may be Nogie, who may have awesome capabilities as an organizer and leader in Body Choirs future.

  BodyChoir "PreBoard" Members:

My mission statement (Board members were asked to contribute one and this is mine (in transition and under revision) -ptw):

Body Choir is a nonprofit community of folks into extending the boundaries of their consciousness by means of dance, open communication, and community gatherings.   Body Choir is the main conduit and manager for the space it created on South Lamar and provides Austin with the ultimate dance space.  Body Choir is a safe, comforting community for it's participants.

Body Choir Discussion