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Guide to Hot Springs Arkansas and surrounding areas

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A day in Hot Springs Oct 11, 03
"Hot night" Hot Springs Oct 11, 03

Hot Springs Guide:

hotsprnights041.jpgHot Springs Arkansas night October 11, 2003 a night on the main drag with Bob, Karen, Paul and Dorothy.  Pictures by Paul Terry Walhus

Hot Springs Arkansas days October 11 and 12, 2003  a couple of days downtown on Bob and Karen's arrival in Hot Springs.  Pictures by Paul Terry Walhus, founder of the Spring

Hot Springs Music Festival 31 May - 13 June 2004 SEASON IX "Heroic Measures" Richard Rosenberg artistic director  634 Prospect Avenue Hot Springs National Park Arkansas 71901-3918 USA phone 501 623 4763 e-mail

Stay tuned for more movies and photo essays from the renowned videographer/photographer Robert J. "Bob" Nagy.

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The Spring Guide to Hot Springs, Arkansas  

Robert J. "Bob" Nagy and Paul Terry Walhus, builders of creative and innovative websites for the Hot Springs area.  Send us your listing for our Hot Springs Directory.  Contact us if you want a site built and hosted by the Spring.  We'll build it, pump it up, promote it, and help you learn how to maintain it yourself.

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-Hot Springs Attractions-

Hot Springs has been a favorite vacation spot since before recorded time. It's combination of natural beauty, friendly people and plentiful activities will leave you refreshed and revitalized. Click on these links for more information:

 Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce

  City of Hot Springs

Hot Springs
Documentary Film Institute



Hot Springs National Park

Sentinel-Record Newspaper


    Hot Springs Music Festival
  Hot Springs Convention and Visitor's Bureau

State of Arkansas - Info  

    The Spring Guide to Hot Springs


Bloggers Use "Day After Tomorrow" to question Bush Enviro Stance

May 12, 2004

Fox Disses Celebrity Greens; Greens Bite Back

The Means of Expression - Media, Creativity and Experience

day_after.jpg Political activism around the release of "The Day After Tomorrow" gets a big boost today: the New York Times reports that Fox—owned by avid Bush supporter Rupert Murdoch—has been caught unprepared by groups using the movie to raise awareness and highlight Bush administration inaction on climate change.

Fox uninvited 2 celebrity enviros, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Laurie David, to a Manhattan premeire screening for Worldchanging's favorite upcoming climate-change disaster flick.

Then Fox re-invited them, apparently blindsided when these media-saavy, holy-fired environmentalists told the press about it.

In a telephone news conference on Tuesday former Vice President Al Gore compared the exaggeration of the film's premise to the approach of the Bush administration to global warming.

"There are two sets of fiction to deal with," Mr. Gore said. "One is the movie, the other is the Bush administration's presentation of global warming." He accused the White House of "trying to convince people there's no real problem, no degree of certainty from scientists about the issue." The news conference was organized by, an Internet-based liberal advocacy group.

A Fox spokes man claims the studio is pleased by all the attention. "Clearly the movie is entertainment, but all of this activity creates additional interest, making it more topical," Jeffrey Godsick, the spokesman, said. "It's been wonderful." Godsick didn't know if Murdoch had yet seen the film.

comment (0) posted at 05/12/2004 20:36:15 by bush2004 | PermaLink


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