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Create a Virtual Community

A virtual community is a group of people with a common interest who are connected through the Internet. People with a common interest can create their own virtual community, and it can all be done using the ICQ tools and services. The easiest way you can form a virtual community is by creating an ICQ Interest Groups. The ICQ Interest Groups are located on the ICQ server.

 Create a Virtual Community in One Step

Go to our ICQ Interest Groups site and click the Create button. All you have to do is select a category of interest, insert your ICQ# and password and give your group a name. That's all!
View an ICQ Interest Group here.

Congratulations: You have launched your Virtual Community!

 Expand and Promote Your Community

Encourage users on your contact list to join your Community Members list:

You can invite users in your contact list to join you group by sending them the URL of your group:
  1. Click a User's name in your contact list.
  2. Select Web Page Address (URL).
  3. Your Group's url is automatically inserted. Write a short description to the url.
  4. Click More and a lower section opens in the Send URL Message box.
  5. Choose Multiple Recipients (bottom right) and your contact list appears in the window on the right.
  6. Check the names of the other users you wish to send the url to.
  7. Hit Send.

Learn how to organize a tour on the web for your friends.

If you would like to encourage others who do not have ICQ to join you, do the following steps:
  1. Click on System in your ICQ Client.
  2. Select the Send ICQ Program to tab.
  3. Insert your friend's email address and send them your personal invitation to download ICQ.
OR Encourage your friends to download and install the ICQ client so they can communicate with each other.

Download ICQ    What you Can do with ICQ

 Organize your Community

At the top of the ICQ window there is a button, giving you the option to present your list in a group format. Next to each group name/title you can see how many members are online/offline.
To organize a list into groups:
  1. Click the Group button at the top of the ICQ window.
  2. Click the user's name.
  3. Choose Move to Group and choose the group you wish the user to be in.

After the members of your ICQ community are organized into a group, you can send them multiple events (for example, a message):
  1. Click on a user's name.
  2. Select Message from the User Menu.
  3. After writing the message click the More button the then the Multiple Recipients button.
  4. To send the message to all members of your ICQ interest Group, click the Group's Name. A check mark will appear next to all member of your group.
    (You can also click on the Group's Name in your contact list, choose the option Send Message To and Entire Group).
  5. Click Send.

Another way is to send multiple message to certain members of the community by using the Multiple Recipient feature:

1. Click on a user's name.
2. Select Message from the User Menu.
3. After writing the message click the More button the then the Multiple Recipients button.
The following dialog appears:
4. Check the names of the recipients that you wish to send your message to.
5. Click Send.

 Communicate with Your Members

There are various ways to communicate within your Community.
ICQ provides an array of tools for broadcasting information to the community members:

Send Contacts:
You may enable your community members to update their contact lists with additional members.
  1. Click on a name in your community contact list.
  2. Choose Contacts in the User Menu.
  3. A dialog appears as shown below:
    Your Contact List appears on the left.
  4. Select those contacts on your list that you either want to send to your friends, or to update on their list and click Select.
    The contacts you've selected will appear in the right window.
  5. If you wish to send the update to many recipients, click More.
    Another part of the dialog appears on the right with your Contact List in it.
  6. Check the users on the list you wish to send your message to.
  7. Click Send.

You can send your contacts either online or offline.

 Enhance Your Community

You can create a homepage for your community and submit it as a Special ICQ Site.

The ICQ Interest Group is a base for a virtual community. Use the ICQ tools to simplify the way your members communicate with you and with each other. Here are some suggestions and communication tools to enhance your contact:
See our ICQ Tools Catalog for tools to enhance your communication between your community members: ICQ Panels, templates, ICQ Graphics and email signature.

Chat Rooms: Open one or more ICQ Chat Rooms according to specific topics. Your members will be able to locate each other, communicate in a one-to-one session or in a multi-user chat session.

Create your own Chat Room     Directory of Chat Rooms
ICQ Chat Server: Run an ICQ Chat Server and simplify the way the members of your network communicate with you and with each other.

ICQ Chat Server
ICQ Communication Panel: Install the ICQ Communication Panel on your Web site so your members will be able to communicate with you easily: They can either leave you short messages through the ICQ Pager, or connect directly to the Chat Room.


ICQ Groups Panel: Install the ICQ Groups Panel on your Web site and give your site visitors a direct link to your ICQ Interest Group, which can also be your Community:

The ICQ Online-Message Panel: Create and install the ICQ Online-Message Panel on your page so your community members and visitors can leave you messages.

ICQ Personal Communication Center: Use your ICQ Personal Communication Center. Every ICQ User has one. Add it to your E-mail and Newsgroup signatures to allow people to contact you easily.

 Create a Home Page For Your Virtual Community

You can create a homepage for your virtual community and link it to your original ICQ Group page. To create a homepage see our step-by-step guide. On your community's web site you can create and install a list of the members. You may also use the various tools we've collected for you. See Bells & Whistles below.

 Bells And Whistles

Add other tools to add more functionality to your community. See our collection of Useful Resources To Empower Your Site:
Forums and message boards, counters, HTML and web design resources, graphics resources, banners, web hosting services, tracking and statistics, feedback forms, creating an ICQ Mailing List, Send a Greeting from your site, enable your site visitors to send greetings from your site, publicize your site and more.

 Publicize Your Community And Members

White Pages: Post your Virtual Community on the ICQ White Pages. Define your Community's name and ask all the members to add it in their Personal Details in the White Pages.
ICQ Whitepages

ICQ and Web Directories: Encourage your members to publicize their details on the various ICQ and Web Directories.

Publicize your ICQ Details

ICQ Services: View our Guide of Services and see the many services you can enjoy with ICQ.
Guide of Services


View our Site Developer's Zone for Web-Authoring and ICQ-related resources.

Site Developer'S Zone

All you have to do is select a category of interest, enter your ICQ# and password and give your group a name.
It's as easy as ABC!

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