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General web search engines:
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Alta Vista
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Northern Light
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Excite Netsearch
Open Text
Savvy Search

Web directories:
Open Directory Project
Excite Reviews
Internet Yellow Pages

Netnews search engines: author profile
Alta Vista netnews
Excite netnews netnews
Forum One webconf searcher

Yahoo! News
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last two weeks of the Washington Post
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last two weeks of the Associated Press
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IMDB movie title
IMDB actor name
IMDB movie quotes
IMDB movie plots
IMDB On This Day movie title actor name
TV Guide movie title

Infoseek FAQs
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Merriam Webster
Webster's Dictionary
The Hacker's Dictionary
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
whatis?com jargon files
Roget's Thesaurus
LOGOS universal translator
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Rhyming dictionary

U.S. Code @
U.S. Code @
U.S. Pending Legislation
California Code
California Statutes
California Constitution
California Pending Legislation

Stock quotes:
Security APL Quote Server
Money Magazine Quick Quotes
DBC Quotes

On-line Medical Dictionary
The Merck Manual
NEJM recent issues
HouseCall Network
Virtual Hospital
Dictionary of Cell Biology
RxList drug names

Phones and addresses:
FN: LN: AnyWho name search
AnyWho business search
FN: LN: name search business search
FN: LN: Yahoo name search
FN: LN: Database America name search
AnyWho reverse phone number lookup
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Yahoo reverse phone number lookup
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Database America reverse phone number lookup
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Who's Where email search
toll-free numbers
AT&T toll-free numbers area code lookup
National Address Server
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Street: City State: USPS Address Server
Internet Address Finder

Barnes & Noble title search
Barnes & Noble author search title search author search

International Lyrics Server
UWP song lyrics search
UWP artist/title search
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Other stuff:
Liszt mailing list names
Electronic Newsstand
Corbis photography collection
RFC index
PGP key server
HTML 2.0 spec
bar-code translator
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Britannica's Lives
Today in History
Scope Systems' Historic Events
CIA World Factbook
Patent Abstract from Number
IBM Full-Text Patent Search
IBM Patent from Number
UPS Package Tracking
FedEx Airbill Tracking
Prime-Factor Numbers
Webtender drink recipies
Virtual card punch
Bible search
Census Bureau names file
Laureate text to speech airport information

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