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Interactive -  March 12-16     Film - March 12-20
Music -  March 17-21    Austin Convention Ctr

1/30/2004 7:51 am - Austin, Texas -  It's almost March again and the video crew is forming for another round of SXSW.  I'm heading off to NYC to meet with Academy Award winning film maker Jerry Panzer where I'll be picking up that new VX.  Damon is one of the crew chiefs again this year and maybe the crew could have another potluck barbecue out in Cedar Creek.  I may just evite this.

My SXSW Journal 2003 - Paul Terry Walhus

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SXSW Softball Championship 2003
SXSW Softball Championship 2003 movie SXSW Softball Championship 2003 movie 2 SXSW Panel on Weblogs SXSW Panel on Why Regions Flourish SXSW Scandanavian Music Showcase

March 16 - We won! We won!  My team, the Print Media, won the SXSW softball tournament.  We were coached by Chronicle Publisher Nick Barbaro, who had the honor of getting toused with 5 gallons of ice cold water by yours truly.  I was just having too much fun at SXSW to make any journal entries here!  I got lot's of great video at SXSW which I'll have to look for on their http://www.sxsw.com site..

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003

The date is set for our little dv touchup session.

You can come and go at any time during the all day schedule or come for 
the entire session.

Bring your own food, beverages, dv tapes, CDR blanks, DVD blanks and 
computers and laptops, especially Macs.  We'll be able to network them 

Here are the RSVPs so far:

Let's do this. My Mac G4 is a screamin' demon w/RAM upgrade & mondo moby 
hd.- Michael Foster mfoster1@austin.rr.com

I do have a G4 PowerMac with Final Cut Pro and would be willing to get 
with others to practice edit. - Sylvia Hall sylsprite@yahoo.com

I would like to attend the editing session.(March 5th 10-1pm, 7th all day, 
and 10th 10-1:00, is out.) I did a documentary (and learned editing as I 
went), took a final cut pro class but haven't yet put that to use as my 
new computer has yet to be ordered. So- maybe you can just use my taping 
skills- or maybe I can brush up the editing after a class...marie marshall 

Let me know when the session is and I will try to make it. My sch. is a 
mess now because of the weather, but you guys set a time let me know and I 
will see if I can make it. I am an expert in tape to tape editing. 
Intermediate in AVID, and Final Cut Express. I use a Mac desktop Ryan 

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are best for me. Happily, Sandra Sandra 

sounds cool to me. I know premiere, but have only seen final cut pro once. 
Thomas Hall thomaseshall@hotmail.com 

Sure I would be interested. Soon as the roads clear up a bit I would not 
mind meeting with you David P Griffin David@griffincomm.com 

Bob Nagy bob@bobnagy.com  is a maybe.

Paul Terry Walhus will be the host.  I have a SXSW video from last year of 
Harry Knowles, the web awards, etc we can practice on.  Sixteen PCs, no 
Macs.  Lots of them equipped with firewire. 

The location is 182 Clover Road, Cedar Creek TX 78612. 
581-9617 or 699-4000 cell

Directions - Take Hwy 71 east about 14 miles past the Airport.
Take a right on 1209 and keep going across Hwy 21 to N Gaines Rd (County 81)
Right on Shiloh Road (County 82)
Left on Clover Road, go to the very end of the road till 
you set about 5 mailboxes including a big blue one. You're there!



Monday, Feb 24, 2003 - I guess the first gig for a volunteer will be the bag stuffing and the tour of the dv editing room on March 6th?  Is that the right date?  I'm looking to find some folks on the dv crew who might want to get together for some touch up sessions on video editing software before things get hot and heavy at SXSW.  I think it rocks that I got on this crew, what a stroke of genius!  What fun! We have some rooms where we can put up out of towners and I have a friend coming from NY who will be staying with us from the 5th throught the 14th but will be needing a hotel room to share around March 14th since Dot's relatives will be using our guest rooms then.  Who was the person at the DV meeting at the SXSW headquarters who was looking for folks to share a hotel room with?  

Feb 21, 2003

I met with the dv crew and got a lot better idea of what to expect at SXSW and what I'll be doing.  Now, just waiting for my assignment and waiting for the gig to start.  

Feb 10, 2003

This is my SXSW weblog.  I paid to go last year.  This year I'm a volunteer on the Digital Video Crew.  So, here starts my daily log.  You can read the introduction here, then you'll have to go to my Spring Weblog topic to continue reading and add your own comments if you like.

What is SXSW?

"Austin's eclectic melting pot boils during the South by Southwest entertainment industry summit. Record-company executives, producers, dot-commers... and other movers and shakers descend on the city looking to discover the next hot musical act or independent filmmaker." -New York Times, February 17, 2002

In March 2003, over fifteen thousand participants from the music, film and internet industries will converge at the Austin Convention Center over ten days to participate in three distinct yet related festivals, conferences and trade shows. Since its debut in 1987, SXSW has evolved into a unique global event focused on the creative side of the entertainment business. Designed to function on many levels, SXSW is a place to showcase work, market products, foster relationships, discuss the future, learn and teach.

Daniel Lanois has been confirmed as the SXSW Music Keynote Speaker.

Some of the notables:

Beck, Jeff Beck, Tony Bennett, Peter Bogdonavich, Billy Bragg, Stewart Brand, Sandra Bullock, David Byrne, Shawn Colvin, George Clinton, Johnny Cash, John Carpenter, Chuck D, Ray Davies, Josh Davis, Jonathan Demme, Mark Dery, Atom Egoyan, Robert Fripp, Janeane Garofalo, Philip Glass, Peter Guralnick, Larry Harvey, Ethan Hawke, Dennis Hopper, Ron Howard, Herbert Huncke, Elizabeth Hurley, Wyclef Jean, Martin Landau, Lawrence Lessig, Courtney Love, Nick Lowe, Marilyn Manson, Roger McGuinn, Moby, Willie Nelson, Randy Newman, DA Pennebaker, Iggy Pop, Amy Ray, Robert Rodriguez, Todd Rundgren, John Sayles, Nathan Shedroff, Kevin Smith, Patti Smith, Steven Soderbergh, Bruce Sterling, Quentin Tarantino, Billy Bob Thornton, Guillermo del Toro, Allen Toussaint, Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam, and Neil Young.


The Interactive Schedule, which is what mostly interests me.

Friday, March 7

Registration Opens
Linux Top Gun

Saturday, March 8

Interactive Festival Panels
Interactive Opening Party
Dewey Winburne Community Service Award
Evening Networking Events

Sunday, March 9

Doug Lenat Keynote Speech
Independents Day (ID) Programming
Texas Interactive Media (TIM) Awards
Trade Show
Web Awards
Fray Cafe
Evening Networking Events

Monday, March 10

Joshua Davis Keynote Speech
Trade Show
20 x 2
GeekAustin Live Journal Party
AIR Interactive for the Arts
Evening Networking Events

Tuesday, March 11

Richard Florida Keynote Speech
Trade Show
Closing Party
Evening Networking Events

All speakers and events subject to change