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Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (09:29) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
This morning it has been reported that JFK Jr's plane has been missing
between New Jersey and Martha's Vineyeard on the East Coast of the US.
This is a breaking news story. JFK Jr. and his wife are missing after
taking off in a small Piper propeller aircraft. America's royal family,
if there can be such a thing, is missing.

Let's pray.

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 Response 1 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (09:33) * 1 lines 

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 Response 2 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (09:47) * 5 lines 
This is so sad, the Kennedy family has been "cursed" as some say, I am
watching Dan Rather now, tears are welling up in his eyes. An all out
search is under way. President Kennedy was killed in 63, Robert Kennedy
was shot in 68. What a hammer to the heart of the Amerian public. Wham.

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 Response 3 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (11:01) * 1 lines 
CNN is carrying live coverage. I know that part of the world and the Atlantic around there. I can also think of a thousand people who deserved this more than he. I am stunned. Poor Caroline. Poorer America! You are right, Terry...Wham!

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 Response 4 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (11:20) * 2 lines 
...those whom the gods would destroy they first endow with outrageous gifts...
It is the story of the entire much-gifted Kennedy family! How very sad...

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 Response 5 of 50: kd5aad  (kd5aad) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (15:54) * 1 lines 
Oh man, too many questions. Conspiracy nuts will have a field day. Any foul play involved? Very sad and tragic.

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 Response 6 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (16:04) * 8 lines 
It looks like they've found bits of lugage and debris from the plane.
They found Lauren Bisset's luggage with her business card tag on it. This
is looking more dismal as the day goes on. All regular tv programming has
been canceled and the media is pursuing this with the fervor of Lady Di's
death, it is the same scale of thing and is arising in what normally is a
slow news month.

A potential future president is still missing and it's now looking good.

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 Response 7 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (21:20) * 1 lines 
are there any updates? i've been out all day but did know about the luggage...there were four people on the plane, jfk jr, caroline, lauren, and the instructor, right?

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 Response 8 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (21:27) * 1 lines 
Only 3, Wolf. No instructor. Lauren's luggage and a little zipper wallet-like thing with her business card inside of it, and a headrest. It is dark now, so they are just searching the shoreline tonight. Tomorrow divers go down to retrieve the enevitable.

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 Response 9 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (21:37) * 1 lines 
my God.....

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 Response 10 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sat, Jul 17, 1999 (21:52) * 1 lines 
......very difficult to comprehend. Very sad...

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 Response 11 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (10:16) * 1 lines 
and there's really no new news this morning on this tragedy...

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 Response 12 of 50: Remembrance from Seth Itzkin  (moulton) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (11:20) * 94 lines 
From: (Seth Itzkan)
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 10:29:52 +0100
Subject: John John, Martha's Vineyard, and Innocence Lost

John John, Martha's Vineyard, and Innocence Lost

He is my peer.

We are the same age. We grew up through the same times. Dare I say, we
even look alike.

When I see the photo of him peeping out from under his father's oval office
desk, the same desk Clinton has now made infamous, it's myself I see there.
We are classmates.

And his father is symbolically my father. JFK was the father of our
generation, he was all our fathers. Just as FDR was my grandfather. John
John and I were more than classmates, we were brothers.

The connection to Martha's Vineyard is now that much more poignant.

I lost my innocence on the Gay Head beaches of Martha's Vineyard. The same
beaches where debris from John John's plane is now washing ashore. For me,
Martha's Vineyard has always been a magical place of passage. I have written
poems about the spot. Some of my most memorable moments have occurred right
where State Police are know combing the sands. I know the area well.

Gay Head beach is one of the few places in the Eastern United States where
you can watch the sun go down over the Atlantic. Countless times I have
watched the sun set from there and countless times I have watched the haze
and fog come ashore, just as it apparently was doing last night during the
fateful flight.

Although you may not know Gay Head by name, you've no doubt seen its photo;
it is the obligatory image that always accompanies any Martha's Vineyard
story, the lighthouse on top of the huge cliffs, surrounded by wild flowers
and long white beaches - English Isle-esque.

The lighthouse is legendary. It's guided whalers and other mariners for
centuries. The cliffs are equally legendary, steeped in Native American
history. Their composition is predominantly red and black clay, and at
their base are large natural clay pools which beach goers often bathe
themselves in. The liquid clay quickly dries on one's skin, allowing
bathers to give themselves complete body clay treatments for free that a
salon would charge hundreds of dollars for, and not only that, they have
their choice of colors. In fact, it's common to see bathers use the clay to
paint their bodies in colorful patterns, some even taking on warrier-like
displays of stripes and spirals.

The Philbin Beach area, mentioned frequently in the news, is a southern
extension of Gay Head. There is no natural boundary.

There is only one road that goes out this way, and it is here that for
decades Jacqueline Kennedy had her personal compound retreat. Part of our
Martha's Vineyard fun was to walk along the beach in front of her property,
moving but not stopping. As Massachusetts law allows citizens to own beach
front property up to the surf but not beyond, so as long as you were
walking with your ankles in the water you could pass by.

Another favorite was to try to guess which unmarked dirt road off the Gay
Head main drag was the entrance to her compound. Of course there are so
many secluded luminaries on Martha's Vineyard. Most of the roads aren't
named and most aren't paved. That's just the way the locals want it. If
you don't know people from the Island, you will unfortunately never get to
see most of its beauty. Hidden from most tourists by an intentional
labyrinth are incredible vistas of rolling fields, silver lakes, soft hills,
private homes with unimaginable views, and even working farms with horses,
goats, cows, and swans.

The proximity, however, between Jacquie's waterfront compound and the plane
debris is a bit too much to stomach. Bits of plane wreckage and personal
belongings belonging to her son and daughter-in-law are literally washing up
on her former beach property, or just a few hundred yards from it. How sick
is that? As if the Kennedys needed another cosmic twist of fate, the ocean
which for decades helped Jacqueline to forget her tragedies, is now
returning them to her door step.

I've already lost my innocence once on Marthas Vineyard beaches, now it
appears, I've lost it again.

Seth J. Itzkan
Planet-TECH Associates
2 Washington St.
Haverhill MA 01832-5524 | 978-556-5044 |

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 Response 13 of 50: Nan Williams  (moonbeam) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (12:13) * 3 lines 
* sitting sadly and waiting with the rest of the world, for news *

(Thanks, Barry, for sharing those words.)

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 Response 14 of 50: Autumn   (autumn) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (12:43) * 1 lines 
The saddest part of all is that the Bessette family has just lost two of their three children; a tragedy no parent should have to endure. I suppose their loss will be eclipsed much like the family of Ron Goldman's was.

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 Response 15 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (13:48) * 1 lines 

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 Response 16 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (14:10) * 1 lines 
Wolf, if you lived closer, I'd go out on a deserted beach with you and just sit down and hug you and is most difficult alone...!

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 Response 17 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (14:43) * 14 lines 
Tragedies seem to come in multiples. My ex sent me the following this morning with a photo attached (from Pennsylvania). This memorial was planned way in advance, but how achingly appropriate on this day.

This is a photo from the front page of today's newspaper.
It is at the memorial service in Montoursville for the students
and their chaperones who died in the TWA flight 800 airliner
crash three years ago.

A memorial garden was dedicated by the service. The garden
has 21 sugar-maple trees for the 16 students and 5 chaperones
who died. There is also an 8 ft. bronze statue and a brick walkway.
The bell-ringer tolled the bell for each of the lost people.

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 Response 18 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (14:55) * 6 lines 
They're still looking but the chances are almost nonexistent that they're
alive. President Clinton's coming on the tv in a few minutes. And a big
storm is doing up on the Cape Monday night. If there's the tiniest sliver
of hope, it would have to pan out in the next 24 hours before the big
storm comes in. Stress tiny sliver.

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 Response 19 of 50: Nan Williams  (moonbeam) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (17:54) * 1 lines 
I'm glad the coverage of this is expanding to include the loss to the Bessette family, who had two daughters on that plane...

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 Response 20 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (18:14) * 1 lines 
me too...we can't give up hope, because to do that would mean calling the search off. maybe there's a chance they broke the curse....both of them were athletic and healthy (maybe lauren was too), maybe they found something to float on.....

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 Response 21 of 50: Barry Kort  (moulton) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (18:47) * 2 lines 
JFK Jr, like other members of his family, played leadership roles in mapping out and promoting the advance of civilization. JFK Jr launched George, a magazine of politics and culture, to enliven the national dialogue and to present ideas leading to better practices within the culture and the body politic. Like Lady Di, the press played up his celebrity status and his love life more than his efforts to leave the planet better off than he found it. I hope we are able to honor his memory by celebrating th
important work that his vision called him to dedicate his public life to.

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 Response 22 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (19:33) * 10 lines 
I was touched by the discussion with Arthur Schlesinger Jr. who said that
JFK Jr. had a "secret life of good works". And Christianne Amanpour, who
was his roommate for two years in college, said nothing but marvelous
things about him being an unpretentious and loving human being. These two
interviews convinced me that a great future was nipped in the bud. Which
makes this all even more tragic. John John wasn't just a superficial pop
culture idol, at the end of the day he realized there was much more than
all this fame. And he, like his father, cared deeply about humanity.

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 Response 23 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (20:09) * 9 lines 
A ship called the Rude, at this hour, has stopped over where an electronic
beacon was detected. It's a highly specialized sonar ship. It's about 4
to 4.5 miles south/southwest of Gay's Head. This may be vital new
information. NBC News is reporting this. A 9:30 pm EST will have an
annoucment 28 minutes from now. Reuters is also reporting this. Dusk is
giving way to darkness, it's still light here in Austin. The massive
search is still continuing.

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 Response 24 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (20:18) * 3 lines 
i liked the commentary on jfk jr's giving lifestyle and his wish to keep it private.

a navy ship out of norfolk va is on it's way out (unless that was the rude, in which case, it's there already).

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 Response 25 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (21:27) * 6 lines 
The misson has been switched from a search and rescue to a search and
recovery mission. The most they could have survived in the 68 degree
water would have been 12-18 hours and it's been 48 hours now. There is no
definite location of a plane under water.

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 Response 26 of 50: anne hale  (ommin) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (21:41) * 0 lines 

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 27 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sun, Jul 18, 1999 (22:05) * 9 lines 
I received the following by Email (I told her response 26 had not posted)

Unfortunately I could not get through again. Our electricity is restricted
today and perhaps it has some effect. What I did say was:
All I could think of was that little boy standing beside the grave of his
father and saluting. Our commiserations to you all from Australia -
perhaps you would post my comments for me. Anne Hale

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 Response 28 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Mon, Jul 19, 1999 (08:26) * 1 lines 
the emergency beacon turned out to be a false alarm....

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 29 of 50: Eileen G  (EileenG) * Mon, Jul 19, 1999 (10:45) * 10 lines 
(Terry)And Christianne Amanpour, who was his roommate for two years in college, said nothing but marvelous things about him being an unpretentious and loving human being.
I saw this, too (flipping back and forth between 60 Mins and Dateline). This was the best interview yet. She was forthright and honest but didn't gush. You could tell she *really* knew him, 20 years ago through last weekend when they were together on the Cape.

(Seth) He is my peer.
That's the way I feel (for different reasons!). Caroline and I are just a few weeks apart in age. John and Caroline have been around my whole life. He lost his mother to cancer, as did I. John was a New Yorker, and from what I hear, a regular neighborhood guy. They took off on this ill-fated journey from an airport not far from where I live. This is so unbelievable. My heart goes out to Caroline and the Bessette family.

I'm getting annoyed with the reports from other pilots who jump to the conclusion he was "in over his head" and never should have flown that night. I think those who know his flying ability best will attest that he had more flight hours and knowledge of instrument flying (though not the certification) than what's being said. Even if it turns out he did lose the horizon in the haze and darkness and the plane went into a death spin as is the current conjecture, I don't think he took a foolish, careless ri
k (no more so than anyone who flies a single engine plane).

I hope they find the remains of the plane soon.

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 Response 30 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Mon, Jul 19, 1999 (13:18) * 1 lines 
on the news at lunchtime, they had an obituary only for jfk jr. let's not forget the two other people, caroline and lauren, who also went down with the plane. my heart goes out to all the families involved.

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 Response 31 of 50: Autumn   (autumn) * Tue, Jul 20, 1999 (11:09) * 1 lines 
My fervent wish at this point is that they find the bodies and put this story to rest.

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 Response 32 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Tue, Jul 20, 1999 (16:10) * 55 lines 
See if you can spot a couple of remarkable revelations in the MSNBC story:

A SOURCE close to the investigation said the signal was picked up
by the Rude, a U.S. government ship equipped with high-tech sonar.
The “target” could be the fuselage of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane,
Hager reported, adding that a similar breakthrough happened when sonar
uncovered the first big pieces of TWA 800 in 1996.
Hager added that the target is much more significant than any
other object spotted underwater so far.
How much will ever be found was still a big question mark, though.
Ned Clark was among the aviation experts who doubted much wreckage — or
even the bodies of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette — would ever be found.
"The destruction of the airframe is extreme” in a plunge like the
one apparently experienced by Kennedy’s plane, Clark told the “Today”
show. “And I think you can extrapolate to that the same for the
Investigators late Monday said radar data indicated the plane
plunged 1,400 feet in 14 seconds before crashing into the Atlantic Ocean
on Friday night. That’s a rate of 4,700 feet per minute, up to 10 times

The investigators refused to characterize the descent as abnormal, but
other experts said the drop was so fast it indicates a plane out of
control and about at the limit of what the plane could take without
breaking up.
Experts said the high-performance Piper Saratoga 32 generally
cannot handle a descent faster than 1,500 feet per minute. The plane’s
gauge shows a maximum of 2,000 feet per minute.
“That airplane would not come down that fast in any normal
configuration,” said Warren Morningstar, a spokesman for the Aircraft
Owners and Pilots Association. “The normal rate of descent you’re shooting
for as a pilot is 500-700 feet per minute for passenger comfort.”

Also Tuesday, the Cape Cod Times reported that registration papers
for JFK Jr.’s plane washed up Saturday on Martha’s Vineyard property owned
by Kennedy and his sister Caroline.

The soggy papers, turned over to state police that day, did not include
Kennedy’s name but did have the plane’s tail number, the newspaper said,
quoting unidentified sources close to the investigation.
State police would not confirm the papers had been found.

As the search continued, a source who had been close to Kennedy and
his wife told MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy feared
riding in the plane and told her sister Lauren she didn’t want to make the
flight to Martha’s Vineyard and Hyannisport.
Lauren Bessette was to have been dropped off on Martha’s Vineyard
and then the Kennedys were to continue on to their family compound at
Hyannisport for the wedding of Rory Kennedy, daughter of the late Sen.
Robert F. Kennedy.
The source said Bessette Kennedy was “near tears” on Friday
morning. “She was saying, ‘He's crazy. He’s a Kennedy and he's flying,’”
the source said.

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 Response 33 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Wed, Jul 21, 1999 (07:54) * 1 lines 
I just heard on the radio that they found the plane with jfk jr inside but not the bodies of carolyn or lauren....i'll have to verify it for you.

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 Response 34 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Jul 21, 1999 (08:10) * 3 lines 
It's true, the body of JFK Jr. has been found.

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 Response 35 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Jul 21, 1999 (08:23) * 25 lines 
The AP wire story:

Kennedy, Airplane Wreckage Located

WASHINGTON (AP)--The wreckage of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s airplane was
located today, with Kennedy's body still aboard, off the coast of Martha's
Vineyard, Mass., The Associated Press was told.

``They've got the fuselage and John Kennedy's in it,'' a high-level
government source said.

Jim Hall, the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, and
Coast Guard Rear Adm. Richard Larrabee, who was overseeing the search,
canceled a round of morning TV appearances and went to the USS Grasp, the
ship where the wreckage was to be deposited after being raised from the
ocean floor.

The heightened activity took place after ships from the Navy, Coast Guard
and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration spent Tuesday
night scouring a site 7 1/2 miles southwest of the Martha's Vineyard
coast, a spot that investigators had speculated was the likely splash
point for the plane.

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 Response 36 of 50: Stacey Vura  (stacey) * Wed, Jul 21, 1999 (15:50) * 1 lines 
and now all three bodies are accounted for...

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 37 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Wed, Jul 21, 1999 (16:19) * 1 lines 
really? haven't heard that yet.

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 38 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Wed, Jul 21, 1999 (16:26) * 6 lines 
according to

Kennedy's body was found inside a large section of the fuselage found in 100-foot-deep water, less than a half mile from the spot the agency had identified as the most likely crash site based on analysis of radar images. The bodies of his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, were not discovered until divers examined the wreckage Wednesday. The National Transportation and Safety Board issued a statement saying a second dive aimed at recovering the bodies
as under way.

very sad, indeed.

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 Response 39 of 50: Autumn   (autumn) * Thu, Jul 22, 1999 (22:37) * 3 lines 
Now, this is where people start booing and hissing at me. They (Coast Guard, etc.) went to all that effort and expense to recover JFK Jr.'s body, and now the family is having a burial at sea? Hellooo? Isn't that what he already had?

I don't mean to sound insensitive, I just don't understand. No word yet on what the Bessette family will have done with their daughters' remains.

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 Response 40 of 50: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (09:43) * 1 lines 
all three were scattered were they not?

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 41 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (10:08) * 1 lines 
i don't know, but i have the same sentiments as autumn....i found it to be tragically ironic, really....

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 Response 42 of 50: Autumn   (autumn) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (11:03) * 1 lines 
Actually, I think the newspaper made a distinction between "burial at sea" and "scattered." Like their cremains (new word I learned thru this) might have been encapsulated in something and thrown to the depths of the sea. Apparently, the Catholic faith prohibits scattering of ashes; they have to be kept together and buried (or whatever). Although I think the Bessettes were Episcopal; either way, they got the same treatment.

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 Response 43 of 50: Alexander Schuth  (aschuth) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (12:47) * 1 lines 
I thought catholics were pretty much against cremation at all?

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 44 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (13:01) * 1 lines 
I watched part of the funeral yesterday and in the homily the church's thoughts on cremation were mentioned as all right providing it was not to hide the body nor to destroy it in some other less than innocent way. Most confusing and convoluted explanation...Alexander, I still think the RC church would still prefer inhumation intact - but I rather think this was a done deed before the church knew about it.

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 Response 45 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (19:37) * 45 lines 
Autumn, if they didn't recover the bodies wouldn't the National Inquirer
sub be collecting bodies in a matter of days? He was in only 100' or so
of water, so they would have selling the body parts on ebay.

I think that had to happen to preserve the dignity of these people. The
Coast Guard and Navy do this stuff as a matter of course, especially for
Presidents' families. It really didn't take that much time and effort,
it's as good an exercise for the Navy and Coast Guard as anything.

John's dad and uncle gave their lives for the country, and his dad was a
Navy war hero. I think they did the right think by recovering the bodies
and burying them at sea.

On the other hand, Rush Limbaugh is making an asshole of himself by trying
to diminish JFK Jr.'s importance, the point of criticising the famous John
John salute during JFK Sr's funeral procession. Rush said that his mom
trained him to do this and that it wasn't sincere. What actually happened
is that little John got antsy during the procession and his mom, well,
I'll quote the person who told this story, Dave Hughes:

"Some cynical talk show host (Rush) complained that the 3 year old
John John salute to his father's casket was 'staged' by his mother.
Of course is was - she asked him to salute.

But there was a little story behind that. During the church service
just before the pass by, he became figity up front, so Jacqueline
asked a Secret Service man to carry him to the rear of the church.
where a uniformed Army lieutant colonel told him stories. Young John
saluted the officer - but with the left hand. The officer showed him
how to do it correctly with the right hand. A few minutes later
he was standing out where the pass by, and the picture of him
saluting was taken.

That Secret Service man told this in one of the interview sessions
last week.

I must say, except for the slight curl of his little fingers, his
salute was militarily fine. Considerably better than Clinton does it.

I am sure the Secret Service, and lots of the aides around the family
dealt with the children a lot." - Dave Hughes (the wireless king)

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 Response 46 of 50: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Fri, Jul 23, 1999 (22:02) * 1 lines 
Terry, for part of the time we watched the navy ship heading out to sea there was a little white boat around the bow. I immediately thought as you did about the National Inquirer. I hoped they had the security of the ashes in mind when they planned to scatter them at sea...that little boat with a dip net would be on eBay today. I just hope they were somehow secure for all time from the predacious.

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 47 of 50: Wolf  (wolf) * Sat, Jul 24, 1999 (16:53) * 3 lines 
autumn, they mentioned that the catholic church had only recently changed their views on cremation....

i think it would we would be a sick bunch of folks if anybody went deep sea diving to retrieve a box of ashes....let them lay in peace...

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 48 of 50: Autumn   (autumn) * Wed, Jul 28, 1999 (11:15) * 1 lines 

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 49 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jul 30, 1999 (10:42) * 5 lines 
Warning, this next post is long.

It's John Perry Barlow's account of his friendship with JFK Jr.

 Topic 30 of 96 [news]: JFK Jr.
 Response 50 of 50: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jul 30, 1999 (10:46) * 707 lines 
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 06:00:31 +0100
From: John Perry Barlow
Subject: BarlowFriendz 5.5: Johnny, They Hardly Knew Ye...
To: (eff-friends mailing list)
X-Proccessed-By: mail2list



/_ _ ---------> B a R L o W F R i e N D Z

Please let me know if you wish to be removed from this list. But you'll
miss some great parties if you do...

Also, if this broadcast feels as spammish to you as it obviously is, I
you will remember that individual responses to it generally elicit
replies from me. And I do hope to hear from you!>

------------------------------> -------------------> -------->

Somewhere Over Mississippi

Thursday, July 22, 1999

It is dawn.

I am flying from Atlanta to New Orleans and I know that the haze below,
while gray, is probably not cold. Still it seems so. The universe - or
least that part of it that passes through the filters of my own heart -
seems cold and gray.

This is because later this morning someone will pour the powdered bones
my long-dear friend and hero John Kennedy into the sea. They will also
scatter the horribly reduced beauty of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the
godmother of my three teen-aged daughters. That gray powder is all that
remains of two people from whose spirits sparkled a large part of the
in my life.

With these two merciless deaths, the whole world has become less alive to
meI less adventuresome, less vital, less funny, less loving. I'm tempted,
my fatigue and sorrow, to just say "fuck it," but, three daughters that's
option. And besides, it would hardly serve their memory well to make
hurt as much as I do now.
I met John 22 years ago this month. His mother - whose maternal
were the least renowned and most extraordinary of her manifestations -
decided that it was time to toss John from her 5th Avenue nest. With
characteristic - though astonishing - faith in the essential safety of
world, she'd sent him off to a Youth Conservation Corps camp in
Park. However appropriate to her politics, this option wasn't working out
well. Green John, who had never been alone and unprotected before, was
to the press and being mercilessly hit on by his fellow corpsmen. He was
miserable and wanted to come home.

But Jackie wasn't ready to bring him in from the cold. So she called a
Congressman from Wyoming from Teno Roncalio to ask him if he might know a
rancher who would be both willing to hire John for the summer and
enough to his peculiar condition to extend him something like normality.

Teno had been a special actor in both her life and mine. When John F.
Kennedy, Sr. sought the Democratic nomination in 1960, the vote was tied
between him and Lyndon Johnson all the way down through the alphabet of
states to Wyoming. Teno, the leader of the Wyoming delegation, knew that
three of his six delegates were for Johnson. Their votes would have led
to a
tie and thus a second ballot. And it was generally assumed that Johnson,
ultimate backroom operator, would out-maneuver the upstart if it came to
that. So Teno stood up and declared all Wyoming's votes for Kennedy,
that in the ensuing hullabaloo, his Johnson delegates would find it
expedient to keep quiet. They did and history found its present shape.

I knew Teno because he'd helped raise me. In Wyoming, ideology is less a
part of the political process than personal chemistry. So, despite the
that Teno was a union Democrat and my father was a Republican state
of such troglodyte views that he suspected Barry Goldwater of communism
leanings, they were such close friends that had entrusted me to Teno at
early age. Teno took me off to Aspen and taught me to ski. He also taught
a lot about political reality. He was and remains my hero.

When Jackie called him, Teno recommended sending John to the Bar Cross,
large family cattle ranch that I operated for 17 years. By odd
this suggestion that was seconded by Tom Carney, a good friend of mine
was dating Caroline Kennedy at the time and who happened to be at dinner
that night.

Next thing I knew there, was a breathy voice on my phone saying, "Hello,
this is Jacqueline Onassis."

"Well," I replied, "in the unlikely event that this isn't a joke, what
can I
do for you?"

Two days later, John rode the bus from Jackson Hole into my life. (I
imagined my father turning about 2500 rpm in his grave.) John was not
what I
had expected. Goofy and self-effacing, he was a gangly quasar of random
energy. Fifteen minutes into it, I think we both knew we'd be friends for
life. I never would have guessed that that the terminated life would be
and not mine.

When he showed up on the Bar Cross, he was so wide-eyed and energetic
he was like a giant Labrador puppy. But he was amenable to being
The first thing I put him to was digging post holes, and he went at it
he was killing snakes. I was erecting a new corral fence, and he dug
glacial alluvium, all gravel and rock, with a ravenous intensity. It was
first time in his life he'd ever done anything for money, not that he was
getting paid a hell of a lot.

At least he had a job. This wasn't something that his mother was paying
It was something that he was doing on his own. He was delighted to be a
wage-earner. Even the menial nature of his employment was a boon to him.
Even his vile accommodations down in the bunkhouse where he was housed
the beautiful losers that wash up on an employer of last resort seemed
ducky to him.J

To my surprise, he wasn't a particularly stellar horseman. This might
been because he was riding a western saddle for the first time, but I'm
inclined to think that it was because riding was his mother's thing, and
avoided the obvious paths his parents had inscribed.

Still, he was plumb willin' and perfectly patient with being given the
i.e., riding on the tail end of the herd and pushing along the laggardly
cows and calves. Pretty boring work, really. Damned little romance to it.
But he did it uncomplainingly and enthusiastically, as he did everything.

He was the light in our world that summer and remained the brightest in
until last Friday. No task I put him to was beneath his germinating
He operated a shovel like a human backhoe. He was patient with both cows
cowboys. Within a day or so he ceased to be remarkable for whom he was
became remarkable for what he was. I believe that had he been born to
in particular, his personal qualities would have propelled him to

I suppose I was the first "father figure" in his life who was neither an
uncle, nor a Secret Service agent, nor some mother-imposed friend of the
father he never really knew. But, over the course of our friendship, he
became a brother and eventually something like a father to me.

That is, I found his instincts, probity, and judgement to be so
that I relied on his counsel to temper and guide my own behavior. Now
I've allowed myself to participate in the media frenzy that's currently
feeding on his corpse, I long for his guidance.

Still, despite our inversely symmetrical relationship, I did still
occasionally proffer my own. Only three weeks ago, I extended some advice
wish he'd taken. He'd broken his ankle crash-landing a flying contraption
called a Buckeye, something like a cross between a paraglider and a
snowmobile. While I'd always trusted his ability to dance on the edge of
danger, I thought the Buckeye might veer a little too close to the Abyss.

The conversation turned to piloting in general. I'm a pilot myself and I
remembered clearly the period in my flying career when I knew just enough
be dangerously confident in my abilities. "Listen, " I said, "when I had
about 150 hours, I thought I knew what I was doing. I kept flying myself
into conditions that were beyond my abilities. The Holy Who Knows
me, but please remember: if you can't see he horizon outside the plane,
don't look for it. Glue your eyes to the instrument panel."

"I'll bear that in mind," he said. It now appears that he didn't. I
understand. Shattered as I feel I don't blame him. It could have happened
me as easily.

There was another element to that conversation. He had been through a
of dark tribulations in the past couple of years. He danced through them
with the very personification of Hemingway's definition of courage: Grace
under pressure. I told him that he had become a hero to me. Of course,
rare that one can remain a hero to his friends. It's rarer still that one
can become a hero after years of friendship.

Rather than diverting the compliment with automatic modesty, he said,
honored you feel that way." "I'm honored you're honored." I replied.

When I last heard from John, I could no longer reply. On July 10, my
mother died in my arms after 12 days of preparing to shed her mortal
As you BarlowFriendz will recall, I sent out a message describing the
of her death and the 93 year wonder of a life that preceded it. On
July 17th, We buried Mim under a violet Wyoming sky. That hard day had
early with a phone call informing me of John and Carolyn's disappearance.
Suddenly her death, which I had accepted, was permanently smeared with

I came back from the cemetery and reflexively checked my e-mail. There
was a
message from John, dated 4:05 pm Friday afternoon, not long before he
the office to fly off into the sea. It read:

I received the news of your mother. Though I'm truly sorry that I never
her, your elegiac epistle rendered her vividly. I'm happy for you that
were there at the critical moment of her passing - it was something I'll
forget when it happened to me and not something that was at all macabre.
yourself a little time to reflect now....
come visit
john k

These are the words of a true mensch. God, how I wish I could come visit
now. How much I now have to reflect on.

Nevertheless, I think he and Carolyn will always visit me. Relationships
don't necessarily die with their participants. For over two decades, John
and I were so woven into one another's lives that he will always be
in the fabric of mine. I will always have methods of being and looking at
things that I contracted from him. I will always respond to certain
situations in imitation of him.

The same applies to Carolyn. Even though she was not a part of my life as
long as he was, she swiftly became as nearly important in it. Though her,
seemed I could connect with all that was female in this world. She helped
accept that I would never understand women, despite the study of women's
being one of my current lifetime's core curricula. She also helped me
that one extended women more appropriate honor by simply appreciating
rather than trying, with endless futility, to figure them out.

Still. John and Carolyn are dead. It seems impossible, but of course I
realize that it was not only possible but likely. At the risk of sounding
like someone whose reason as been tainted with newage, I will tell you
I believe there are angels among us, appearing to be human in the bodies
they lightly wear.

My late lamented Dr. Cynthia Horner was surely one. And so were John and
Carolyn. My experience with these creatures - which has been unusually,
blessedly, and tragically extensive - indicates that they don't wear
bodies long. John's mother was the longest-lived of the angels I've
and she died younger than most expected she would.

I think angels enter our sordid midst to encourage and teach us. To
us that there is more to life than life itself. They embody love and
and humor, which are, I believe, the essential characteristics of the

The last thing Cynthia said to me was, "Nothing can keep us apart, Baby."
now understand that the only that could have been true was through what
immediately followed. The same applies to John and Carolyn. Nothing can
us apart.



Tuesday, July 27, 1999 - Wednesday, July 28, 1999

So I'm taking a little time to reflect. The last five days have been
impossibly hard, but I'm doing my best to behave, as I said earlier, as
would have had me do. I'm trying to draw on his dignity and courage.

When I arrived in New Orleans - where I was contracted to speak to a
of architects (including the man who designed John, Sr.'s grave) - I
that I had been disinvited from John's memorial service for having made
myself accessible to the media. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that, but I
wanted people to know who he and Carolyn really were and I knew that both
Clan Kennedy and all who curried their favor would observe the
embargo, leaving the world to imagine the essences of these remarkable

An ugly part of me presently suspects that there is a self-serving method
their silence. I wonder if there isn't a "myth management system" among
Kennedys that is better served by increasing mystery. This may be a
necessary expedience since their personal reality is often not so worthy
mythologizing. I suppose they reflexively extended it to John, of whom
truth would have only served to elevate, both out of reflexive habit and
because he was not really one of them. They may have been practicing a
of "capture the flag" with his memory, attempting to own in death what
could never quite claim while he lived.

But such thoughts are graceless. While I was deeply hurt that I couldn't
attend the death rituals of two of my closest friends, I understood that
anger and sorrow are often cross-wired and that no one can gainsay what
another does in grief.

In any event - since I knew John and Carolyn to be special in ways that
never shown back through the klieg light glare, and since no one else who
knew them well was uttering a word - I took it to be my hard
to eulogize them accurately and from the heart. (Not to say that Uncle
didn't, but someone else wrote the eloquent words he spoke last Friday at
St. Thomas More's Church.)

This has been a greater sacrifice than I might have made had I known what
was getting myself into. In a single week, I appeared three times on
King Live, twice on Dateline, once on 48 Hours, twice on the Today Show,
repeatedly in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and one of John's
secretly favorite rags, The New York Daily News. On last Wednesday
I found that my various voice mail boxes contained 105 unheard messages
the press.

I started to feel like the big chocolate bunny on Easter morning, nibbled
everywhere by many ravenously unconscious teeth, hollow inside.

Further, I'm sure that many beyond Clan Kennedy, perhaps even including
of you, thought that I acted as I have out of some self-aggrandizing
impusle. And, while a self-confessed egomaniac, I can assure you this was
not my motive in this instance.

Consider what's in this for me. By identifying myself as an official
of John," I will be hounded for the rest of my days for further evidence
the media autopsies. This will be a drag.

But I felt what I was doing was right, and I still do. The flood of
and phone calls I received from all over the world assured this
Most said that they were grateful to have more human flesh placed on
glowing bones. Most seemed to think that, through mine, their own grief
been somehow "de-virtualized." And some were simply glad that I had
publicly what they had privately experienced. All these hundreds of
were moving and re-affirming, but there was one that eulogized Carolyn
accurately that I have (or probably could) which I will quote:

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 18:24:17 -0400
Subject: rachel feinstein
From: Anthony James

First off, let me tell you how I know you. I am a friend of Rachel
Feinstein's. I have had several opportunities to meet and converse with
over the years, most recently at Rachel's wedding in Miami. I was the guy
producing television shows in Spain (if that helps). Anyway, the reason
writing you is to thank you for going on television recently and being
of the first people to humanize Carolyn in the press. I was lucky enough
be her friend. I met Carolyn years ago when she first started to date
just weeks after first meeting you at a party you where throwing at your
Chelsea Apartment. She and I met at Barneys and instantly became friends.
that time I really needed a friend but Rachel was going through her Ethan
Hawk debacle so consequently was M.I.A.
I was without direction (professionally and personally), lonely,
and suffering from very low self-esteem. It was the worst time of my life
and Carolyn was there for me every step of the way. She was solely
responsible for raising my spirits and getting me out of my depression.
wanted me to quit my job and go to work with her at Calvin Klein. She
set me up with an interview with her boss and Calvin. She would talk
endlessly on the phone with me about everything from her situation with
to what movies to go see. One of my favorite things about her was that
would go out shopping with me and introduce me to the most beautiful
on earth and tell them really great things about me. She was so good at
boosting someone's ego and she had a talent for making people feel
I miss talking to her on the phone, having lunches with her and shopping
with her, but most importantly, and this is the first time I can bring
myself to say this (which, to me is accepting that she is gone)...I'm going
to miss her terribly. She forever changed me, she confided in me, she
encouraged me, she trusted me, she saw me as being more than I could have
ever imagined for myself. She is and always will be a beautiful, beautiful
person, and I thank God I now have a friend in heaven. I never had a chance
to thank her for what she did for me, so I thank you John for letting the
world know a little bit of what I always knew. Thanks again.

Anthony James

Thank you, Anthony James. That was Carolyn alright Always touching your
sleeve lightly at the elbow, always fixing you like a pinned bug in her pale
blue stare, and making you believe that you were utterly extraordinary,
because she genuinely believed you were. There was no artifice in this. She
believed it, because it is true. Each of us is extraordinary. She could see

And so could John. But more of him directly.

I first heard of Carolyn well before I met her. He told me about her one
night at Tramps in early '94. He was still very attached to Daryl Hannah.
But he said that there was a woman he'd met who was having a heavy and not
entirely welcome effect on him. He wasn't going to pursue it, he declared,
because he was loyal to Daryl. (Loyalty was one of his many virtues.) But it
was hard for him, because he couldn't get his mind off her. "Who is she?" I

He said, "Ah, she's not really anybody. She's some kind of functionary at
Calvin Klein. She's an ordinary person." Which of course she manifestly was
not. She was anything but an ordinary person, but as far as the rest of the
world knew at that point - or even today - she was.

He maintained a platonic relationship with her until after he and Daryl had
broken up. In fact, he even passed what I would consider to be a decent
waiting period before engaging that relationship.

An aside: John was not, as was commonly believed, a dog with the ladies. (I
admit that some might think this assessment descends from my own liberal
standards in this regard, but I believe that far less Casanovian observers
than myself would have reached the same conclusion.) There were not so many
women in his life that he took seriously. I think I knew them all. And there
were even fewer that he took casually. In this regard, as in most others, he
was anything but a Kennedy.

Furthermore, once John came to love someone, he never quit loving her, even
if circumstance, his own fragile heart, and the asymmetries that inevitably
developed between "The Sexiest Man in the World" and most mortal woman
conspired to separate them. Years after he and Daryl broke up, he was always
asking me about how she was doing, hoping that I was being the friend to her
that he could no longer be.

In any event, I didn't meet Carolyn until the fall of '94. At once, I found
her to be as charismatic as he was. "Charisma," you may know, was once a
theological term meaning "grace." She had that. She was utterly compelling

I was also impressed with the fact that she was more than a little
eccentric. She was not conventional in any sense. Carolyn seemed a lot like
John's mother in her quirkiness and also in her unbelievable capacity to
engage one's attention. Jackie could be talking to six people at one time
and make each of them feel like he was the only one in the room. Carolyn had
the same ability.

But like many angels, her empathy was her enemy. She was too raw to the pain
of others. She felt it as deeply herself. And after she became the "Howard
Hughes of Brides," as I darkly put it to her, she found that she couldn't go
out in public without reducing practically all whom she encountered.

I remember one occasion when she emerged from the bunker for a long
nocturnal walk with me up 6th Avenue (which we agreed was as stupid a street
as 5th Avenue was smart.) At a certain point, we went into an ATM enclosure.
While she was getting cash, another smart and beautiful young New Yorker
flounced in, looking utterly self-possessed. This girl moved into the
machine next to Carolyn's and was about to get her cash when suddenly she
turned, looked at Carolyn and lost it.

"Wait," she said in a thin, clutched voice. "I know you."

"I don't think so," Carolyn softly replied.

"No, I do! Is your name Carolyn?"


Suddenly the girl lost herself. She become what Bob Dylan sang about in
Idiot Wind:

People see me all the time
And they can't remember how to act.
Their minds are filled with big ideas,
Images and distorted facts.
And it makes me feel so sorryI

What the girl then did made Carolyn feel just that sorry. She seized Carolyn
by both her delicate shoulders and insisted with hysterical intensity,
"Carolyn! You have to come with me! We have so much to talk about. Really!
My friend in the car just has to talk to talk to you too!"

I ended up having to literally tear this formerly poised young lady away
from Carolyn. I had to drag her to the door of her waiting car, shove her
inside, and tell the driver to get the hell out of there before slamming the
door against her imploring hands.

Carolyn never wanted to turn anyone into the mess this girl had
instantaneously become in the intersection between the media hallucination
of familiarity and the actual presence of the weirdly "known." It hurt her
so much she hid from it.

Otherwise, she was better at being a fully developed beautiful smart woman
than any of the many I've studied. Since all of my daughters seem destined
to become something like her, I gave them over to her instruction. It was
the greatest compliment I could pay her. I can't imagine who will assume
that role in her absence. I'm grateful that Daryl has just re-emerged from
her own exile. Perhaps shell be willing to reassume this tutelage.
Otherwise, I'll be left with what I can impart from my own entirely
vicarious appreciation of Female Mysticism.


And what was John really like? I'll try to tell you. But I know too much. I
have an embarrassment of riches in the memories I could convey here.

As I've said, the reality exceeded the myth, though over the time I knew
him, he was many different versions of his essential self. Some of his
qualities were constant. He was always gracious, decent, loving,
egalitarian, and engaged.

He was always adventuresome, energetic, and endearing.

He hated alcohol - especially when there was a lot of it in me - but he was
a was a veteran pothead and a fearless psychedelic cadet. He took refuge in
the countless and delicious ironies that surrounded him. He was a great
gossip, though never malicious. In his sly, dry, perfectly timed wit, he was
more like Noel Coward or Oscar Wilde than any of those ruddy Kennedy jocks
who imagined him one of their own.

He was also forgetful and incurably tardy. The other night Larry King asked
me if I could ascribe to him a humanizing fault - since I had been
suspiciously uncritical of John in all three episodes where I'd appeared -
and I said, "Well, you wouldn't want to set your watch by him." But even
this deficit was understandable given his utter inhabitation of whatever
moment contained him. He was easily transfixed on the here and now. The over
there and some soon time could always wait. I personally found that easy to
forgive, since it was one of many characteristics we shared.

He was a great prankster. He played more tricks on me than you'd be willing
to read about now, but a couple come to mind.

There was the time I was roller-blading through Central Park when, all of a
sudden, this apparent madman lunged out of the bushes and tackled me. I had
no idea who it was, because he emerged in such a blur. I thought, "Oh, God.
It's a wilding," as the press then had it. "I'm gonna be wilded." Cynthia,
who was skating with me, howled as already raped and beaten. I had cocked
back a desperate fist and was about to land it when the jaw that was my
target turned full-face. It was John. Grinning at the perfection of my

Or there was the last time I actually saw him, May 19 of this year. George
Magazine and Newman's Own were staging an awards banquet in Manhattan's
majestic old Customs House to honor philanthropic enterprises. John sat me
with himself at the head table near Kenneth Cole, Puff Daddy, and right next
to the dread Alfonse D'Amato (who, despite is fellow Republicanism, I'd
always abhorred.) To John's obvious across-the-table delight, I found the
actual Al D'Amato utterly likable. Sooner than I could have ever thought
possible, we had our arms around one another's shoulders, conspiring like
Borgia cardinals. Meanwhile, Kenneth Cole seemed a stick and Puff Daddy,
maintaining phony a sunglass-ed cool in the near darkness, seemed almost
without human merit.

(I recounted this bizarre episode later to Leah, my eldest daughter. The
revelation that I actually liked Al D'Amato was as baffling to me as another
encounter, earlier in the year, which I spent an afternoon with Kenneth
Starr and was even more surprisingly beguiled. After I admitted my
consternation, she said dryly, "Daddy, there's probably an explanation for
this that you haven't considered." What might that be, I wondered. "You
could be turning into a bad man," she replied.)

I don't think that was it. It was actually a lesson, imparted by John, that
returned me all the way back to my father's relationship with Teno Roncalio:
Except for true ideologues (which is to say people who have given over their
humanity to a political philosophy), ideology counts for less than heart.
John knew that. And when D'Amato, at one point that night, told John that
the funniest and most useful thing he could do at that moment would be to
run for Mayor of New York as a Republican, I honestly believe there was at
least a New York nanosecond when he seriously considered it.

It is for such heterodoxy that I will ever treasure him. He was his own man.
The most knowing innocent I ever met.

John "The Hunk Flunks" Kennedy was actually a genius. I mean that. I have
always defined genius as the ability to see that which becomes obvious to
all the moment the genius points it out. John's genius was more refined and
instructive than that. He had the ability to ask the guilelessly dumb
question the answer to which seems trivial until you realize that you don't
know it. He could ask the obvious that no one else has asked. In this way,
he taught me more about matters of my own supposed expertise than any of my
other mentors, none of whom was ever so humble in his instruction.


I can't yet imagine what my life will be like without John and Carolyn.
Without them or my old dragon mother, I feel terribly lost. I suppose that
learning how to live on in a world that lacks them will become one of the
greatest lessons of the long trudge that awaits the non-angelic likes of
myself. (There is, after all, a corollary to the world-believed notion that
"only the good die young.")

But I take some solace in the fact that they will always be as perfect as
they were as they spun down into the wine-dark sea. As "Shakespeare" had
Caesar say of Cleopatra, "Age cannot wither, nor custom stale her infinite
variety." This would have been true of them had they lived to rare
antiquity. Now it is irrevocably, horribly, and wonderfully true.

Forever and ever. Amen.

John Perry Barlow, Cognitive Dissident
Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Berkman Fellow, Harvard Law School
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In Memoriam:
Miriam Jenkins Barlow Bailey (1905-1999)
John Kennedy (1960-1999)
Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (1966-1999)

My guru is death.

-- The Buddha

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