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Topic 92 of 96: Nightline with Ted Koppel

Tue, Oct 14, 1997 (14:02) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
This show is a sometimes good barometer and final word on the days major event.
It has outlived hostage crises and wars.
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 Topic 92 of 96 [news]: Nightline with Ted Koppel
 Response 1 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus  (terry) * Tue, Oct 14, 1997 (14:04) * 8 lines 
Last night I tuned in to see if they were doing something on John Denver.

They didn't but I wasn't let down.

They did an incredible Robert Krolich special on the effect of big money
on nerds like me in Silicon valley, I watched the first 10 minutes and got the rest on tape. So I'll have a lot more to say later.

It was awesome.

 Topic 92 of 96 [news]: Nightline with Ted Koppel
 Response 2 of 4: wer  (KitchenManager) * Sat, Aug 14, 1999 (15:25) * 1 lines 
Well, Terry, I think it is later...

 Topic 92 of 96 [news]: Nightline with Ted Koppel
 Response 3 of 4: Marcia  (MarciaH) * Sat, Aug 14, 1999 (15:32) * 3 lines 
I was in Denver last year and they don't even mention him or play his music in the entire state that I am aware of, as we hunted for a station carrying his music. None to be found.

Barry posted a long commentary on something on Nightline...perhaps he will add his comments here, too.

 Topic 92 of 96 [news]: Nightline with Ted Koppel
 Response 4 of 4: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Dec 18, 2003 (16:46) * 48 lines 
From the Dean Blog:

[quote]TONIGHT'S FOCUS: It's the question that has been hanging over this
country since those awful moments on September 11th. Could it have been
prevented? Now the co-chairman of the commission investigating the
says "Yes."

It's somehow easier to accept a tragedy if there was just no way to avoid
it. If you start saying things like "if only he had left two minutes
earlier" or "if only she had missed the plane," you'll go crazy in the
It's easier to accept something as an "act of God," something that we had
control over. Because to think that somehow, by acting or not acting, a
tragedy could have been averted, lives spared, is something that is
impossible to live with. That is true especially of 9/11. There have been
countless stories about people who survived because they left late for
and people who perished because they got there early, or something like
that. But could the attacks have been stopped before they started? That's
the real question.

A commission was formed to investigate. Were there structural problems in
the government that prevented the sharing of information? Yes. Did
miss crucial information? Of course. But it's hard not to ask, in spite
all of the problems, was it really possible to have stopped the attacks?

The chair of that commission, former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean,
that the attacks were preventable, and that there are those who bear
responsibility for not stopping them, some of them still in positions of
authority. Gov. Kean will be Chris Bury's sole guest tonight, and we'll
about all of those issues. If there is responsibility, if people did make
mistakes, it's hard to imagine how anyone could live with that. Every
of those buildings in flames would be a reproach. We rarely do a
that consists of just a conversation between the anchor and a guest. That
what we're going to do tonight. I hope you'll join us.

Leroy Sievers and the Nightline Staff
ABCNEWS Washington bureau

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