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Topic 13 of 52: poetry events - real and virtual

Mon, Nov 24, 1997 (17:32) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
List your poetry events, flesh based and virtual, here.

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 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 1 of 14: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Mon, Nov 24, 1997 (17:33) * 63 lines 
from Lenadams Dorris mailto://

(I would have sent this to the poets and authors I know on the WELL via
email, but didn't want to get put on the spam list...)


Coming to Las Vegas? *Want* to come to Las Vegas? Can't imagine turning
your Vegas vacation into an artistic experience?

Well, Enigma Garden Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada (owned by Lenadams Dorris, is sponsoring the second WordBridge Series of readings by
artists from all over the world. The series exists because it is a better
way to promote the readings by various authors than doing it on a
per-event basis, and gives word-lovers a chance to plan their attendance
well in advance.

The series, which ran occasionally during 1997, has hosted such authors
as Justin Chang, Beth Lisick, Jeff McDaniel, Carl Hanni, Peter Marin,
Tarin Towers, Bruce Isaacson, and group readings by the contributors to
the Red Rock Review. Enigma also hosted the Allen Ginsberg Memorial
Flower Power Pow Wow, a reading and remembrance in honor of the late poet.

Readings occur on Fridays, twice a month, at 8 pm. There is the
possibility of grant funding for airfare for interested authors, although
it has not yet be procured. Unfortunately, there is no honorarium
involved, but it is a fine chance to share your art with a hungry and
appreciative audience.

This is a great opportunity for authors on book tours or general reading
tours, to add Las Vegas to their agenda. Readings are held in the garden
courtyard of the Enigma (in the unlikely event of inclement weather,
readings will beheld inside the gallery.) Recent events have been
standing-room only, with as many as 175 attendees.

The Enigma is a coffeehouse/cafe/gallery/performance space that opened
in 1993 in downtown Las Vegas' Gateway District, the emerging arts and
cultural center of the city. It is a complex of three historic buildings
and a garden filled with art and flowers, and is open 24 hours a day from
March to November, and 7 am to midnight seven days during the winter.

Deadline for booking slots for the first quarter of 1998 is the end of
December 1997. Deadline for the second quarter is Feb. 15, 1998.

For more information, send email to Lenadams Dorris at, or write him at Enigma Garden Cafe, 918 South
Fourth Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. The phone number is 702.386.0999.

***WordBridge Schedule (as of 11/20/97)***
First Quarter
Jan 30 Red Rock Review group reading
Feb 13 open
Feb 27 Poet Claudia Keelan
Mar 13 open
Apr 3 Poet Dayvid Figler & Friends
Apr 17 open
Second Quarter
May 1 Novelist Michael Ventura
May 15, 29 open
Jun 12, 26 open
Jul 10, 31 open

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 2 of 14: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Wed, Dec 10, 1997 (10:17) * 1 lines 
Found a Wammo CD in San Diego! Brought back memories of the Electric Lounge

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 3 of 14: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Wed, Dec 10, 1997 (10:47) * 1 lines 
What is Wammo?

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 4 of 14: Stacey Vura (stacey) * Fri, Jan  9, 1998 (18:37) * 1 lines 
Whammo is a spoken word (sorta poet) from Austin. He also plays with the Asylum Street Spankers (Guy Forsythe's OTHER band). Funny guy. Saw him a gazillion times with the Spankers and twice or thrice at the Electric Lounge for a couple poetry slams.

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 5 of 14: stazja mcfadyen  (stazja) * Sat, Jan 31, 1998 (08:49) * 6 lines 
Hello, poets. Austin International Poetry Festival '98 is still registratering poets for the festival, April 1-5. Register by Feb. 15 to guarantee a scheduled programming spot. You can register online at

Venues include Austin Community College Rio Grande Campus, Book People, Waterloo Ice House, Quackenbush's (midnight to dawn open mic Sat. April 4),
DiverseArts Little Gallery and two slams at the Electric Lounge.

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 6 of 14: paula mendoza  (paula) * Wed, Jul  3, 2002 (17:58) * 41 lines 
The Austin Poetry scene is very much alive. There are lots of other semi-regular events and readings but here is a list of ongoing weekly open mics.

THE HIDEOUT, 617 Congress
Mondays, 7-10pm
Open Mic, hosted by Sarah Durfor
the backdrop to the stage are large open windows that let in the random noise/chaos of the city. on any given visit, you just may happen into one of those truly inspired nights. no sign-up sheet, just get up when the mood strikes. It's a "Poet's Pantry" venue, meaning, it collects canned goods for the needy, so bring in a couple if you can.

Sacred Cup, 1809 Manor Rd.
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30(ish?)
Open Mic, hosted by Tracey.
Technically not an open "mic" but a group, or 'round robin' format. Just been once, but will definitely go again. Very intimate, cozy and low-key. I believe July 16th is erotica night, but I'm not sure. Either way, all poets, writers, musicians (acoustic pref.), and curious strangers welcome.

Taco Xpress (Taco Maria's) S.Lamar
Thursdays, Open Mic Poetry 6:30 - 7:00
Open Mic Music 7:00- 10:00
Hosted by P.J. the Cowboy Poet and his band Steel Beam.
An outdoor venue, (the stage is outside) family restaurant kind of place. Great Poetry, Music, and Food. (What more can you ask for, eh?) A really fun place to go, the atmosphere is just... great, laid back.... I believe P.J. is one of the founders of the Poet's Pantry Program. Also, any tips goes to buy shoes for the homeless ($5 buys a pair of shoes- 100 pairs last week, P.J. said Monday at the Hideout).

Ego's 510 S. Congress
Slam Poetry
Thursdays, 7:30- ?
Hosted by Mike Henry
Can't say too much about it, slams aren't really our thing, but we've seen a lot of the slam poets around at other venues and they're always great. Big Poppa E. is seriously funny.

World Beat Cafe 600 W. MLK
Open Mic, Saturdays, 8-10pm
Host: Whomever will...
One of Austin's finest ethnic restaurants. (African Cuisine). No sign-up sheets, just free for all. The issue of a consistent host is still being resolved, but if you pass by and see the naked light bulb, and the mic, then someone's there to host/listen/read. So drop in. Have some plantain.

Ruta Maya 218 W. Fourth
Open Mic, 2-? Sundays
Hosted by George Leake
Newly renovated, and looking swank (they feng shui'd the bathroom!!!). They gots uppity and switched our prime time Tuesday open-mics at 7pm, to Sundays at 2 in the afternoon (when all the yuppies are still in bed reading the NY times). Yeah, a few of us are a little bitter, but Thom says to stay positive. George, the host, is a good friend and a great poet, so regulars and newbies alike should give it a chance.

Odyssey 1108 Koenig
Open Mic, Sundays, 7-10pm
Hosted by Kathy
It's a vintage clothing store with some really neat stuff. The reading is held outside, on the porch and lawn. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a good place to feel immediately at home. Kathy is warm, encouraging and a fine poet herself. She has plans in the future to make this venue 'the' place to launch/plug and promote anyone's new literary projects, chapbooks, and events.

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 7 of 14: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Wed, Jul  3, 2002 (18:29) * 9 lines 
this saturday, july 6, at 7pm, Thom the World Poet is hosting a poetry recital at the bahai center (2215 e.m.franklin, 512-416-7435)... the event is called Expressions, and it's theme this month is "Men Are Good"... (stated affirmatively, no question mark or anything)... featured will be peter nevland, joe conklin, john berry, herman nelson, ben rapstine, stephen baley, bill jeffers, ivanhoe, phillip abbott, eric williams and... SURPRISE GUESTS!!!
afterward will be an open-mic...(no dead poets, please)...
admission by cans of food for poet's pantry... children's area provided... bring a dish for the pot-luck buffet at the interval...
additional info, write thom directly at
paula jane and i will unfortunately not be able to attend (my mom's 60th birthday)... but it will be terrific, i'm sure, and if you care about poetry, and live in the austin area, this event needs your support...

also on saturday-
ivanho, reading from and signing his newly published book, 'Nightdreams and Daymares: Introspection From the Inner City'... 8pm, at barnes and noble in round rock, I-35 and 1325... (he'll also be reading at thom's event, later that evening, and will almost surely have books available there, too)...

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 8 of 14: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Thu, Jul  4, 2002 (09:49) * 1 lines 
Great Paul and Nick, please keep on posting this stuff. I'll try to make some of these events. Are you going to these Paula?

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 9 of 14: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Fri, Jul 12, 2002 (20:11) * 2 lines 
paula and i are always at the hideout (mondays), and sacred cup (tuesdays)... we try and make the others, too (especially world beat, odyssey, and the Cafe Formerly Known As Ruta Maya- saturday, sunday, and sunday respectively), and we're usually there...
(paula may actually end up co-hosting at world beat... and she's going to be a featured poet later this month at quacks... i'll post date-time later)

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 10 of 14: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Jul 12, 2002 (21:11) * 1 lines 
Keep me posted, I'll definitely try to make that featured poet event qt Quakcks, I guess they moved off their old spot on the Drag?

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 11 of 14: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Thu, Jul 18, 2002 (15:39) * 7 lines 
quacks is currently at 43rd and duval

last friday of the month george leake hosts ars notoria open mike poetry (featuring dickie lee erwin on banjo)... that's next friday (july 26th), from 8 to 10pm...

Saturday, the 27th, george is producing the First Ever Quacks Variety Show, featuring:
the poetry of Paula Mendoza-Hanna; the eclectic music of Miss Amelia, the Telephone Company, and Dizzy Spells Martian... and an adult-oriented (do NOT bring your children) puppet show, accompanied by the lively free jazz of Henry J. Anslinger's Alien Body Count...
event begins at 7:30pm, and goes on till God knows when...

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 12 of 14: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Thu, Jul 25, 2002 (16:33) * 10 lines 
Wednesday, August 7, from 8-10:30pm, Ars Notoria presents "Rebirth and Revolution: an evening of poetry"... at the Cactus Cafe (in the Texas Union at UT)... Featured will be David Jewell; Liz Belile; Michael Gilmore; Paula Mendoza-Hanna; Pasha Allsup; Ivanho; Douglas Parker; Sandra Fountain; Thom the World Poet; and special guests!
the event is free to the public, and is hosted by George Leake... as always, donations to the Poet's Pantry, feeding and clothing Austin's homeless, will be accepted and appreciated...
(this should be a terrific event... a lot of great poets- including Paula Jane- and everyone's excited about getting this venue, and about Pasha's participation... he's been trying to get out more and be involved, and it's very difficult for him... he's one of the best poets i've ever known, and anyone who loves poetry should take the opportunity to see this unique and unforgettable talent... as well, of course, as everyone on this marquee- it'll be a great night)...

Also, Saturday, August 3, at 7pm at the Bahai Center (2215 E.M. Franklin Ave.), Expressions 2002 presents- Gathering of the Poetry tribes!
Celebrating Austin's many open-mikes, this features many of their hosts, including Diane Fleming (Manchaca Writing Workshop); George Leake (The Cafe Formerly Known As Ruta Maya/Quacks/Ginger Man/Ars Notoria); Amy Allen (CC's); Sarah Durfor (the Hideout); P.J. the Cowboy Poet (Taco Maria); Kathleen Romana (Odyssey); Orion (Worldbeat Cafe); Diane York and Bob Hutch (Expressions)... with extra special guests!!! (Gladys Mae Bullock, and undoubtedly Thom the World Poet)... With Poetry as positive solutions!
Pot Luck- Open Mike- and Children's Area...
doors open at 6... show starts at 7... admission, cans of food for Poet's Pantry
(bring a dish for pot-luck buffet)
bookings and directions- (416-7435)

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 13 of 14: nick a'hannay  (pmnh) * Mon, Sep  2, 2002 (20:20) * 8 lines 
Saturday, Sept.7, at 7pm, Expressions presents:
Poets of the Future!!!
Featuring the spring's own PAULA MENDOZA-HANNA; Xenogia; Zell Miller III; Enrique Cabrera; dashademoonbeam; Shannon and etefan Baley; Joel Ortiz; and Beth Bradshaw...
admission: cans of food for Poet's Pantry to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless... Bring a dish for pot-luck at the interval... Children's area...
Bahai Center 2215 E.M. Franklin Avenue (off Manor- opposite Mueller Airport)...
Directions- 926-8880 or 416-7435 or
(paula's launching her new chapbook at this event, as is beth bradshaw)

 Topic 13 of 52 [poetry]: poetry events - real and virtual
 Response 14 of 14: Poetic Person of Power  (wolf) * Tue, Sep  3, 2002 (18:13) * 1 lines 
great news, paula!!

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