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Topic 9 of 52: Jane Hirshfield

Sun, Sep 28, 1997 (13:16) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
Jane Hirshfield is featured in the Atlantic Monthly
website this month.

Jane Hirshfield is the author of two new books, The
Lives of the Heart, in which the poem in this issue
will appear, and Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of
Poetry, a volume of essays. Both will be published by
HarperCollins this month.

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 Topic 9 of 52 [poetry]: Jane Hirshfield
 Response 1 of 2: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Sun, Sep 28, 1997 (13:18) * 25 lines 
The Poet
by Jane Hirshfield
(reprinted with permission)

She is working now, in a room
not unlike this one,
the one where I write, or you read.
Her table is covered with paper.
The light of the lamp would be
tempered by a shade, where the bulb's
single harshness might dissolve,
but it is not; she has taken it off.
Her poems? I will never know them,
though they are the ones I most need.
Even the alphabet she writes in
I cannot decipher. Her chair --
let us imagine whether it is leather
or canvas, vinyl or wicker. Let her
have a chair, her shadeless lamp,
the table. Let one or two she loves
be in the next room. Let the door
be closed, the sleeping ones healthy.
Let her have time, and silence,
enough paper to make mistakes and go on.

 Topic 9 of 52 [poetry]: Jane Hirshfield
 Response 2 of 2: TED HOLMES  (HOTDOG) * Fri, Feb 13, 1998 (21:52) * 7 lines 

Let there be light.



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